Kristina sat on the couch of the recording studio, she looked over at her new best friend Rosalina, and over at Rosalina's ex Nat. She saw both of them look at each other and then away.

Thomas sat down beside her.

"Why don't they just get back together already?" Kristina asked Tom.

He replied, "Cause they are both too suborn to make the first move."

Kristina sat with a growl on her lips which suddenly turned into a smirk. "I have an idea." Then she leaned over and started whispering in Thomas's ear.

Meanwhile, the band was meeting with their new choreographer Xehanort. He had showed up a few weeks ago and replaced their old one. No one new what had happened to him he just vanished.

"No." Xehanort said. "Something about this formation just doesn't seem right. David, I want you and Qaasim to trade places."

Qaasim said, "But the ladies love me here."

Xehanort replied, "But you may get new fans on this side."

Qaasim, said, "That's true that the ladies love surprises." Then he walked over to where David had been standing.

Kristina and Thomas walked on stage after talking to each other ready to intact their plan. But before they could Xehanort went over to Kristina. "You looked flushed, are you ok?" He put his hand on her heart to feel it beat.

"Um I'm fine." Kristina said, feeing uncomfortable with him touching her.

Xehanort frowned and walked away, looking disappointed.

Kristina walked over to Rosalina. "Hey Ros."

"Hey Kris," Rosalina replied.

"We are friends right?" Kristina asked.

"The Best." Rosalina responded.

"And nothing we do could ever change that right?"

"Nothing you ever do will stop me from being your best friend." Rosalina confirmed.

"Good." Kristina then turned to Nat and asked, "Will you go out on a date with me?"