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Sonny with a Chance of Skydiving

Chapter One (Sonny's POV)

"Are you sure there is nothing you need to tell me?" Tawni swiveled around in her makeup chair to face me. I sighed heavily, ready to answer her question once more.

"For the hundredth time, I'm positive I have nothing to hide from you. We're best friends, you should know by now that I would never keep something big to myself." I gave her a smile reassuring smile, which I hoped would be enough to drop the topic.

Ever since the day we came home from camping, Tawni has been pestering and accusing me of keeping secrets. I mean, she has known me for long enough to realize I'm not good at lying about things. I don't do it… well, normally. You see, there is this one teensy tiny thing…

"Knock, knock." Said a familiar voice through the door. Tawni raised an eyebrow at me whilst putting on face powder when I went to greet the visitor. I really don't understand why she is acting so out-of-character.

I pushed all the thoughts about Tawni to the back of my head and was actually glad to see the drama king himself standing in our doorway. "Hey Chad." I smiled at my boyfriend… I mean good friend… I mean… ugh! This is so annoying; I don't know what to classify us as! At this point, our relationship has improved some, but not enough for us to be officially dating.

"Hey Sonny." The heartthrob smiled back at me, his eyes sparkling. However, his grin disappeared as soon as he noticed Tawni. "Blondie."

"Chip." She shot back, folding her arms across her chest. I couldn't do much but laugh awkwardly. If Chad and I were to go out, it sure would be quite a challenge getting our casts to break the rivalry that has been put in place for so long now.

"So… what are you doing over at our studio?" I asked him, diverting his attention from Tawni to me once more.

"Ah, you know, just checking up on how my ribbon was doing." Chad popped his imaginary collar, pushing Tawni out of the way to look in the mirror by her makeup.

"Just like camp." Tawni muttered, reminding me of how Chad had pushed her out of the way to look at himself in the mirror at the Mess Hall that day. I can't believe she still hasn't gotten over that.

"Chad, it's just a torn ribbon, you don't need to come checking on it." I said, rolling my eyes and motioning to the blue ribbon we had received the day we won the Peppergrass Games. Since it was our only real prize, Chad, of course wanted to keep it. However, in the end of the battle, I had won the privilege of having it. My puppy dog face is no match for his sparkly eyes!

"Psh, sure I do. Munroe, I'm not sure you can take care of sure a worthy thing."

"Chad, what kind of excuse is that? Plus, it didn't even make sense." I pointed out.

"Doesn't have to!" He exclaimed.

"Uh, yeah it does." I placed my hands on my hips.

"No, it doesn't." Chad stepped closer, almost so that our faces were inches apart.

Tawni coughed in a very forced manner, reminding me what I was doing. I quickly jumped back protectively, and Chad did the same.

"You two so like each other." Tawni said in between applying eye shadow. Chad and I gave her confused looks.

"Yeah right. Why would I like him?" I took a step away from the Mackenzie Falls star.

"Why wouldn't you like me?" Chad's ego was so annoying at times; I just wanted to slap him.

"You are such an arrogant jerkface." I scoffed, heading off over to my mirror and vanity on the other side of the room.

"But you still love me." Chad smirked.

"Keep telling yourself that, Cooper." I picked up a brush and watched him from my mirror.

"My point has been made." Tawni grinned at us, and for a moment I had forgotten she was still in the room.

Chad shook his head at Tawni and looked straight at me. "You can't resist the Chad, always remember that…" And without another word, the three-named jerkthrob left our dressing room.

"Sometimes he makes no sense." I turned around in my chair, facing Tawni.

I was so annoyed that I didn't catch her mumble: "But you still like him no matter what." And maybe I did, but for now, I will let it be.

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