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Sonny with a Chance of Skydiving

Chapter Fourteen (Tawni's POV)

Text From: Tawni Hart

Mission Accomplished.

That's all I had sent. Those two words were the only reason I had gone through everything I had in the last two weeks.

Text From: Portlyn Murray

Nice work my friend.

I hesitated as my fingers lingered over the buttons of my pink phone. Should I call her a friend back? I thought to myself as the motorboat pulled up to take us all back to L.A. I mean, don't get me wrong, Portlyn has been a pretty good partner in crime, but we can't be friends. We just can't. She's from Mackenzie Falls and I'm from So Random, two completely different worlds.

I groaned, kicking a rock beside my foot. All of this was causing me so much stress, and that was certainly something Tawni Hart wouldn't deal with!

We are so completely different. My mind trailed back again.

She has brown hair, I have blonde.

She is a drama snob, and I'm a comedy queen.

Then again, that stuff didn't stop Sonny and Chad from falling in love (even though we may have jump started it all a little). So why can't Portlyn and I be friends?

"Come on Tawni!" Grady called, motioning from the boat.

"Ew." Lacy remarked as she sat down next to Nico and Zora, who were trying to compete to see who could bring the most dirt with them back to the studios.

That right there is the perfect reason why we can't be friends. Not that I care what those jerks think of me and my beautiful self (I'm nobody's fool); but it would kill our ratings, and ignite the tabloids.

From Tawni Hart:

We are not friends.

My finger lingered over the "Send" button. Without a second thought, I clicked "End", erased the message, and typed a new one.

From: Tawni Hart

Thanks my friend.

Like I said, Tawni Hart is nobody's fool.

Chapter Fifteen (Sonny's POV)

I bent down slowly from the ground (still woozy from falling from the sky) to retrieve the rubber band that I had dropped. I picked it up and gathered my damp hair into my hand, then proceeded to tie it back into a messy ponytail. My clothes were still half-wet, and they were extremely uncomfortable to walk in.

"I hope this all dries before we get back to the studio." I said to no one in particular, not meaning for the person behind me to hear.

"Let's hope so." He muttered, and I didn't have to turn around to know who was standing behind me.

"Hey Chad." I greeted half-heartedly, slipping off my sandals and sticking my feet in the sand. Marshall had wanted me to stand in the sun on the beach so that I could at least try to get dry.

"How is it that we were the ones who landed in the ocean when everyone else managed to make it to the beach?" Chad asked as the sun slowly began to descend downward and set.

I shrugged. "How is it that we were the ones forced to deal with Dakota Condor? How is it that we were the ones who got tricked by Gilroy Smith? Seems like we are the ones that everything happens to."

Chad scoffed. "What did we do wrong?"

I turned to look at him, mainly because I really didn't have an answer. Why was it that we were the ones every single time? Plus, why was it always Chad and I? Not Tawni and I. Not the rest of my cast and I… just Chad and I. The small breeze made me shiver a bit and he did the same. He looked as if he was debating something in his mind, but I couldn't really tell why.

"Come on Sonny!" I heard Tawni call from a little away.

"Let's go Chad!" Portlyn echoed.

"We better go." I said, and turned on my heel to walk towards the boat when Chad grabbed my hand and did something I never would have guessed in a million years: he kissed me.

Sparks shot through my entire body, like they were built up for so long and finally let out. My heart raced as I wrapped my arms around his neck. You know how in the movies the two characters finally get their happy ending by a kiss on the beach while the sun is setting? That was like this, only 100 times better.

Chad pulled away and bit his lip, searching my eyes for something. I smiled to assure him that the kiss was everything I could have wanted and more (I know it's cheesy, give me a break)!

He grinned back and I was about to touch my lips to his again when two girly squeals cut in.

We both froze and snapped our heads up to find none other than Tawni and Portlyn standing behind a tree, their heads both poking out.

"We did it!" Portlyn exclaimed, high-fiving Tawni. Chad and I exchanged worried glances. They, uh-saw all of that?

"H-hey guys." I tried to even out my unsteady voice, but it betrayed me and went higher.

Tawni giggled. "It worked! It worked! Our plan worked!" The blonde sang, and the other brunette joined in. I let go of Chad and stepped a foot away, him copying me. This is awkward.

"What plan?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Everyone, let's go! On the boat now!" Timothy and Marshall yelled from a distance away as we heard the roar of a motor.

"We'll tell you about it on the way." Portlyn said, motioning for us to follow her and run before we are stuck here for good.

As she led the way, I slowed down a bit and gave Chad a quick peck on the cheek. He looked down blushing (I made Chad Dylan Cooper blush!) and trailed behind Portlyn.

Tawni, whom was walking a step behind me, winked. I mouthed a "thank you" to her. I'm not sure what she did, but I'm glad she did it.

The End

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