I woke quite late that morning. I stretched and smacked my head on the wall. I moaned and cool lips touched my forehead. I felt instantly better.

"Good morning." He whispered, I opened my eyes and gazed into his topaz eyes.

"Morning." I whispered.

The best thing for me about moving in with the Cullen's after me and Edward got married was waking up in his arms every day. It had only been a month since the wedding. But I felt so comfortable in this family. I belonged here, and strangely enough, I belonged to Edward and he belonged to me. Of course he used to be with me mostly every night when I was living with Charlie. But no one apart from the Cullen's knew that.

I pressed my lips to his and he stroked my back with his fingers.

There was a knock on the door, and I rolled over with a groan.

Alice stuck her head around the door and chucked a bag at me. I opened it and winced at the clothes that were inside.

"Shopping... now." She urged and left.

I threw the clothes on the floor and snuggled myself closer to Edward again.

"Bella..." Alice's warning voice came through the door.

"Fine." I muttered and I heard her knock on Rosalie on Emmet's door in the next room.

I reluctantly climbed out of bed and gathered up my clothes and bathroom stuff and headed across the landing for my human minute.

Present shopping was hard work. Purely because the only person I needed to still get a gift for was Edward, and he was the hardest one to buy for.

Me and Alice were sat in the Volvo, waiting in a queue to get a parking space. Alice's expression became glassy and she gasped.

"Alice?" I asked, shaking her shoulder, "Alice what did you see?"

She turned her whole torso around to face me. "You." She whispered, "Dying."

We both sat looking at each other in complete silence.

"How?" I whispered.

She didn't answer, she just shook her head.

We went shopping still, but we hardly spoke.

Alice halted me in front of the travel agents, she pointed with a dainty finger at a sign in the window.

Romantic trips to Paris, 26th December. Sale!

"Alice you're a genius." I marvelled and walked inside.

The trip was surprisingly easy to book. The tickets were tucked inside my purse, and I felt supremely happy. I had managed to buy a present for Edward that was nearly perfect.

"Don't tell him." I whispered to her.

She nodded knowing I didn't mean about the presents. "I'll try not to think about it either."

We arrived back at the Cullen's when it was starting to get dark, even though we left early. Edward and Jasper waited outside on the front step for us. They held our doors open for us. Edward took my hand and carried the bags into the house.

"Do I get to see what you bought?" He asked.

"Not a chance." I whispered as we walked upstairs.

He sighed "I told you not to get me anything." He persisted. I spun around.

"Did you get me something?" I asked.

He frowned, "that's different."

I raised an eyebrow, "sure it is."

He shut the door behind us as we walked into his room. I set my bag down on the side and went to look out of the window.

His cool arms wound themselves around my waist. He kissed my neck.

"I missed you." He breathed, "If I had known you would be gone this long, I would never have let you go."

I sighed, "It wasn't that bad. Beside's I wouldn't have been able to get the perfect gift for you if I hadn't gone."


"Edward will you tell me something?" I asked, turning around in his arms and hooking my arms around his neck.

"Yes."He promised.

"If I had got run over by a car today and inevitably died...."

His face became questioning and he opened his mouth to speak but I pressed my finger to his lips to silence him.

"If you had never got to say goodbye, what would you have done?"

"What brought this on?"He asked, his eyes flashing to the door.

"Edward if I die before I am changed, you need to promise me that you won't go back to Italy."


"Promise me... please." I said, grabbing his face.

He took a deep breath, "I promise." I kissed his cheek and hugged him tight.

It was Christmas Eve and fork's was in the midst of the heaviest snowfall to record in Washington State. It was already a foot deep, and it was still falling. Edward and his brothers had taken part on a snowball war. We girls and Carlisle just watched from inside the house, I couldn't be bothered to try and stay warm. Me, Alice and Rosalie flicked through various magazines, reading how celebrities were spending Christmas, but I was sure their celebrations would have nothing on what Alice was planning.

I laughed as Emmet and Jasper chucked snow on top of the Christmas tree. Edward caught my hand, an pressed a finger to his lips. He led me out of the back door. No one noticed us leave.

He carried me to the meadow and stopped just in the shade of the trees. He set me down on the ground and clamped his hands over my eyes.

"Edward..." I moaned, this meant he'd got me something.

"Don't' judge a book by its cover." He whispered and led me through the trees.

I blinked against the blinding snow. I sighed and leant back against his chest. Our meadow was covered in snow, and in the middle of which was a perfectly constructed Igloo. He kissed the top of my head and towed me by my hand across the snow. He smiled at me.

I ducked my head inside. The snow floor was covered in a thick water proof sheet. There was a hot water bottle and a thermos flask steaming in one corner, and several blankets lay across the plastic sheet. Edward pulled me into his side and wrapped the blanket around me, protecting me from his icy skin.

"Merry Christmas." He whispered.

I glanced around me, and smiled at the mistletoe that hung from one of the ice blocks above our heads.

We kissed gently but passionately. The only sound that filled the Igloo was the sound of our lips moving against each other.

We walked back to the house, swinging our arms between each other. Edward scooped me up in his arms and moved me so I was on his back.

"Close your eyes." He whispered. I did

I felt the air whoosh downwards.

His cool hand stroked the back of my head.

"It's okay Bella."

I opened my eyes. We were in his room... Our room as it was at the moment.

He set me gently on my feet, holding me close.

I felt guilty. He knew something was wrong, but I couldn't tell him. It would ruin Christmas, maybe after Christmas, but by then it might be too late. It pained me to think that I might have only a certain amount of time left.

We swayed together in a slow circle.

Alice knocked politely on the door and demanded to talk to me.

"What Alice?" I whispered when we were safe in her and Jasper's room. I gasped, "Your vision?"

She shook her head, "No... I've just thought of something else you can give Edward for Christmas."

"What?" I asked cautiously.

She beamed at me and pulled a black lingerie night dress out of a box. It was exactly like one of the ones I had worn and my honeymoon.

I gulped. She shoved me towards the bathroom. I changed quickly; I didn't want to lose confidence. Besides I had already dressed like this for him on several occasions.

I opened the bedroom door slightly; he was laid on our bed. His bare chest was gleaming in the moonlight. I walked in slowly, turning to shut the door behind me. Edwards jaw dropped open and he fought to compose himself.

I walked over and sat on his chest. Leaning down to whisper in his ear, "You like?"

He kissed my throat, "I love." He breathed and pulled me down on top of him.

I shut my eyes and sunk into heaven.

I awoke the next morning feeling strangely awake. Edward rolled me on top of his chest and carried me out of bed. I kissed him as he set me on my feet. I wrapped a dressing gown around me to protect me from his skin.

There was a loud knock at the door and Emmet charged in.

"Its chriistmasssssss!" he yelled and hurled himself at me.

"No" Edward bellowed too late.

Emmet slammed into my side and we both fell from the open window.

"Bella!" Edward yelled. My eyes closed and I drifted.

I felt the snow beneath my back, cold hard and wet. I felt cool hands on either side of my face, and calm voices by my head. One voice, Edwards, was inconsolable.

"Emmet I'll kill you." He growled.

Emmet sighed, "Edward she's fine, look she's breathing."

"And what if she wasn't, what would you have done then?" Edward demanded. My eyelids fluttered to see him glare at Emmet, who just shook his head.

"Edward." I whispered.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, his eyes sweeping me as he spoke, he was obviously trying to make up his own mind as well as getting my firsthand account.

"I'm not sure; my leg hurts a bit, and my back." I winced as I tried to sit up.

Edward looked worriedly at Carlisle.

"She'll have to go to hospital. Jasper... Emmet get some blankets or something to keep her warm, Esme can you phone for an ambulance please." Carlisle asked.

Edwards's eyes didn't leave my face.

I and Alice stared at each other.

I shook my head slightly at her and gasped when it hurt my neck.

Edward head snapped up, "No." He gasped. There was no doubt in my mind what he had seen in Alice's head. I shut my eyes. I didn't need to see his face. When I re-opened them he was staring at me.

Alice came and stood in front of me, Jasper had two hands on her shoulders, almost like he was keeping her upright.

Edward stroked my face, "you knew." He said in a strained voice.

"Yes... Edward I didn't want..."

"When?" He asked, interrupting my soothing.

I sighed and cringed as I sunk into the cold ground. "Since we went shopping last week."

Edwards face fell.

"Edward we don't know how it will happen. But the path someone is on now, will lead to her dying." Alice said, this did not help at all.

"Yes thank you Alice." He snarled,

I shut my eyes, "Jasper." I breathed.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Do your thing!" I said with a mock country accent, I heard him chuckle, and felt Edward relax beside me.

"Thank you." I whispered, I couldn't get my voice very far above this pitch.

The ambulance arrived then. The two paramedics looked relieved to see Carlisle there. I forced myself not to cry out when they lifted me onto the stretcher. Edwards face washed over with worry.

I was fitted with a neck brace, how embarrassing.

The two paramedics climbed into the cab of the ambulance. Edward climbed in the back with me. He didn't pass comment when Alice joined him.

I winced as the engine started.

Edward brushed a piece of hair out of my eyes, "you should have told me."

"I didn't want to ruin Christmas." I confessed and almost laughed. We were going to be spending Christmas in a hospital ward, great.

He almost smiled.

"You should go home... you don't want to be spending Christmas in a hospital... go and spend it with the people you love."

He shook his head, "I love you." He told me and kissed my forehead.

The ambulance shuddered to a halt. Edward had to go and fill out forms and such, which left me and Alice alone in the small room I was given. Tacky Christmas streamers hung from the ceiling, and someone had even felt the need to put a wreath on the door.

Alice sat in the chair beside my bed, flicking through a Magazine. I sat on the bed winging my legs over the edge.

"Bella you'd better lay down." Alice warned me, "You know how he worries."

"He's on his way back?" my heart fluttered.

"Ten minutes." She said tapping her temple.

I sighed.

We were both surprised when Carlisle walked in, shadowed by a nurse. He smiled at her when he reached the side of my bed.

"It's okay Doris, I've got this."

She blinked twice and walked hurriedly out, smoothing her hair as she went.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Looking after you of course." He said tapping my neck with cool fingers, I tried not to wince.

"Carlisle it's Christmas, you should be at home with your family..."

"Bella you are my family." he assured me, and checked my charts with a fleeting gaze.

"You should be able to go home this afternoon. But you'll need more x rays on your spine. You took quite a spill." His eyes focused on one part of the sheet. He read it twice and looked me up and down with a speculative gaze.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Bella... You do know don't you?"

"Know what?"

"That you're a month pregnant."

Tears welled up in my eyes and my hand flew to my throat. "What?" I gasped.

Carlisle hugged me, I sobbed hard.

"Edward's coming back." Alice said cautiously. She stood up and patted my shoulder.

"It will be fine Bella." She assured me, before leaving.

Edward walked in and his eyes zeroed in on my tear stained face.

"What's wrong?" He demanded, coming towards us.

Carlisle released me. Edward crouched down in front of me. I threw myself into his arms, a ripping noise coming from my chest.

"What's wrong?" He asked again, this time his voice was concerned.

Edward picked me up and sat me in his lap on the bed. Carlisle sighed and handed Edward the chart.

Edward looked confused as he took it from him.

I saw his face fall as he read the chart. He threw it on the floor and pulled me tighter to him.

"I'm so sorry." I sobbed his hands rubbed circles into my back.

"Carlisle it's not possible." He whispered, leaning his cheek on the top of my head.

Carlisle sighed, "It's not probable Edward, but not impossible. The foetus is developing at a normal rate, from what I can make out. The pregnancy will be all but human."

"But..." Edward prompted.

"But you are right in one way. The vampire genes will always be there, even if they are shrouded with humanity."

"Can you give us a minute?" I managed to ask. Carlisle nodded and patted my shoulder.

"Shout if you need me." He said and walked out, looking stressed.

Edward didn't speak, he just rocked me back and forth, sleeting me cry myself out.

"What are we going to do?" I asked desperately.

He sighed and lifted me off of his lap, laying me down on the sheets.

For a fleeting moment I thought he was going to leave me, my heart rate picked up.

He smiled and sat back down, brushing a piece of hair out of my eyes.

"Do you want the baby Bella?" He asked, holding my hand in is. His thumb rubbed calming circles on the back of my hand.

"It's not just about me." I reminded him.

"I'm happy if you are happy." He said.

I shut my eyes. "I know."

We sat in silence for a while, both of us considering having the baby, and carrying on as we are.

"Edward." I whispered, opening my eyes to see him staring at nothing.

"Ummm." He said turning back to look at me.
"I want the baby." I whispered.

He smiled and kissed my forehead. "So do I."

He kissed me on the lips this time.

Alice knocked on the door and strode in.

"You two don't half take your time do you!" she nearly shouted, Edward raised an eyebrow at her.

"A whole thirty minutes I have waited for you two to stop flipping between decisions, it's like having someone constantly change channel." She sighed dramatically and her face illuminated in happiness.

"Alice..." Edward said." "Can you phone the rest of the family? It appears we have something to tell them."

"Yes!" She Screamed and flew out of the room...

"Thank god for that." I whispered.

"You should sleep love." He replied.

"I'm not tired." I told him, sitting up and kneeling to look at him.

He stroked my cheek, "I love you." He whispered.

"Love you to." I said. Hooking my arms around his neck and pushing myself closer to him, his arms held my waist and began to push me back gently.

"Bella." He whispered in my ear. "You're pregnant. Do you honestly want to do this, here and now."

"Yes. Because I know that as soon as we leave here, that will be it for nine months... Well I guess eight months but.."

"Eight months?"

I shrugged, "I'm a month pregnant apparently."

He smiled and kissed my forehead. "Eight months it is then."

I frowned at him.

"Smile." Edward commanded, "My family are coming and I don't want to have to explain to them about our previous conversation."

I smirked at him.

Alice pulled everyone through. Jasper looked at Edward, tasting the feeling around the both of us.

"Edward what's going on?" Esme asked, smiling at me, obviously not wanting to seem rude.

"Tell them." I whispered, stroking his shoulder.

He smiled at his family.

"Bella's pregnant." He said.

Everyone's faces lit up.

Rosalie, Esme and Alice, hugged me tight. Jasper and Emmet punched Edwards arm.

"Way to go bro." Emmet said, "Knocking a human up, classic!" he laughed.

"Emmet." Rosalie scolded before turning back to me, "Congratulations Bella, I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks Rose." I replied.

"You'll be great parents." Esme promised me.

I glanced at Edward who was smiling at me, "I know he will." I whispered.

I was released from the confines of the hospital at lunchtime. We rode home with Emmet and Rose. Edward drove. Me and Rosalie sat in the back. Emmet was laughing hysterically.

"Ok Emmet give it up." Edward said jokingly.

"I think it's hilarious," he said.

Rosalie shook her head in disapproval. She smiled at me, "are you excited?"

I smiled back and nodded, "but I doubt anyone is as excited as you Rose." We all laughed, including Edward.

We arrived back after Alice, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle. So the house had already been adorned with balloons. I groaned. Edward shot a frantic glance at me in the mirror, but smiled.

"How bad?" I asked him as he took my hand and led me up the porch steps.

He shrugged, that meant very bad.

"I opened the door hesitantly, and we were greeted by a shower of confetti and a loud shout of congratulations.

I cringed into Edward's side but he just laughed.

"I'll protect you." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and laughed.

I was surprised that the Cullen's all drank champagne to raise a toast.

Edward took my glass from me, replacing it with water. He downed my champagne.

I smiled at how protective he was already. That was a good sign.

His arm never left my waist.

We all sat round the Christmas tree and exchanged presents.

I decided to not give Edward his present directly.

I wrote a card and put an empty traveller's cheque envelope inside. He raised an eyebrow at me but smiled and thanked me all the same.

I tried my best not to frown when I saw what he had got me.

I t was a shiny black convertible, and it had silver writing by the back number plate. I couldn't read it and didn't recognise the badge. It had a personalised licence plate,

BE11A 01.

My frown deepened, how fantastic. Now there was no way anyone was going to not guess it was mine.

He said it was just in case my truck broke.

My truck was inside the garage. I had given it to Rose so she could play with it in the garage. She had thought this was wonderful, but even if I couldn't read minds like Edward, I still knew what he was planning.

Edward led me upstairs to his room. Rosalie was in the bathroom, so Edward wasn't really surprised when I had to strip in front of him. I did like having the satisfaction of his eyes popping open slightly when I was in my under wear.

His right arm caught around my waist and pulled me down to lie on the bed.

I sighed, his cool touch was soothing. I placed his hand securely under mine on my stomach.

He kissed my hair, "goodnight."

"Night." I whispered and my breathing slowed.

I was awoken by Edward gently kissing just below my ear.

"Bella love." He breathed, his cool breath making me shiver.

"Mmmmm." I managed to say.

"Bella Alice says we have to et up or we're going to be late for my present."

That made me sit upright, "What!"

I leapt out of bed and shoved on some clothes. "Get dressed." I commanded, throwing his clothes at him.

"Bella calm down, with my driving and your new car we'll be there with plenty of time."

"You're not driving." I assured him.

He frowned, "Neither are you."

"Edward we don't have time for this, I'm the only one who knows where we are going."

"Alice and Japer will take us."

"Why it's not necessary!" I very nearly yelled, I was flinging random clothes for the both of us into two suitcases. He was already dressed.

"Bella I don't want you driving, not in your condition."


"End of discussion." He said simply, picking up our bags and walking them to the door.

"Brush your teeth." he whispered, I sighed and walked to the bathroom, I smiled at what I heard going on inside.

"That isn't funny Emmet you got tooth paste in my hair!" Rosalie yelled.

"Oh come on babe, it'll wash out... I'll help you." Emmet offered.

"Out now!" She yelled even louder.

I sighed and shoved a few mints in my mouth before putting my toothbrush in my carry-on bag; I could brush my teeth at the air port.

"Bella come on!" Alice yelled from downstairs.

"Coming!" I shouted back, grabbing my bag and mine and Edward's passports, plus thee tickets and stuffing them in my bag.

I bounced downstairs and went smack into Jasper.

"Sorry Jasper." I said rather breathlessly, I was lucky not to have winded myself.

"It's okay." He said, "Come on, Alice and Edward are already in the car."

"Alice?" I asked.

"We're driving you." He explained as we walked outside.

"You know it's not necessary." I told him a bit sourly.

He sighed, "I know you think he's being overprotective but honestly, if Alice were you, I wouldn't let her drive."

I sighed to, "I guess you're right."

He held the car door open for me, I climbed in the back beside Alice and he got in the drivers seat.

We waved a quick goodbye to Carlisle and Esme, before speeding down the drive towards the free way.

"Am I the only one who doesn't know where we're going?" Edward asked, me and Alice giggled at each other, he hated not knowing things.

"Yep." I said.

He frowned at me in the rear view mirror.

As we pulled onto the free way I started to feel hot. I leant back in my seat and shut my eyes. I gasped as a pain shot through my chest and I doubled over in my seat.

"Bella?" Alice asked.

I didn't respond.

"Jasper pull over." She very early yelled in spite of herself.

Jasper obliged.

Edward nearly took the car door off as he opened it to kneel down to look at me.

"Bella, Bella what's wrong?" He asked, stroking my forehead, his wintry touch felt nice.

I leant back in my seat.

"I don't know." I breathed, I felt so weak.

"Give her some fresh air." Jasper suggested.

Edward un-did my seat belt and lifted me from the car. He set me gently on the ground, leaning my back against the car door.

Edward shot a frantic glance at Alice.

"I don't see that anymore. I just see you her and the baby. No one dies." She told him.

I sighed with relief and my eyes closed again.

"Ring Carlisle." Edward said.

I opened my eyes to see jasper dial hurriedly.

He handed the phone to Edward who put it on loudspeaker.

"Hello." Carlisle voice crackled slightly.

"Carlisle it's Edward, listen, Bella's not very well at all. We have had to pull over. She's breathing shallowly and she is hot and pale." Edward filled Carlisle in on my less than beautiful appearance.

"Bella?" Carlisle voice floated to my ear.

"Mmmmm." I managed to say. I felt so tired.

"Can you put your arms above your head?"

What a ridiculous question, but I trusted Carlisle, so I tired. I tried to lift my arms above my head.

"I can't." I whispered.

"That's okay Bella." Carlisle said. "Edward lay her down on the back seat, stay with her, and keep her talking. I'm on my way."

"Okay." Edward said in a strained voice, hanging up. Jasper took the phone from him and Edward lifted me up. I clung around his neck. My mind whirled. What if it was the baby, what if the baby was hurt?

I wouldn't be able to live with myself if it was my fault.

He laid me gently on the back seat, my head closest to the open door. He knelt down in the dirt. One had holding mine, one hand playing with my hair. I gazed up at him. Feeling slightly dizzy.

"Edward." I breathed.

"I'm here Bella." He told me.

"I know." I whispered, "Stay please."

"Where else am I going to go?" He asked.

I smiled, "To Paris, like we're supposed to be doing."

"Oh Bella." He whispered and kissed my forehead.

"I wanted to give you something special." I breathed.

"You've given me you, and now the baby.. That's all I want, all I could ask for." He assured me.

Carlisle's black Mercedes pulled up beside us. He opened the other door, and crouched in the foot well. I shut my eyes, my head resting against the seat back.

"I think she's got some sort of flu. She's on no fit state to travel; we'll have to take her home."

"Okay. Edward breathed. I heard Carlisle's door shut. Edward kissed my forehead, and then his hand wasn't in mine anymore. "Edward!" I coughed.

"Hey it's okay." He said brushing at the tears on my cheeks.

"Edward." I coughed again.

"I'm here... I'm here its okay." He assured me. But even though I knew that my heart couldn't slow. I coughed and spluttered his name.

"Bella I'm here. It's fine."

"Sit." I quietly ordered him; he lifted my head gently and placed it in his lap. He looked down on me, his thumb stroking calming circles on the back of my hand. I felt the car lurch forward and the back wheels spin.

I must have fallen asleep for when I next opened my eyes I was lying in Edwards bed. He was stood looking out of the window, his back towards me.

"Edward." I breathed, I still felt tired.

He spun around and crossed the room towards me, his face leaking relief, "Bella." He sighed, bending down to kiss me gently.

"Edward." I whispered again, holding his hand to my stomach. "What happened?"

He took a deep breath, "You've got flu, and you have to stay in bed, and can only get out for a few hours a day."

"The baby..."

"Is fine." He interrupted, stroking my stomach with his thumb.

I pulled him down to lay next to me. "You stayed." I observed.

He sighed, "You had me so worried. You've been asleep for five days."

"Five days.. Wow." Was all I could say. He must have been so worried; I knew I would have been if it was him. He kissed me gently.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you to." He told me

I had to stay in bed for the duration of the next week, only being allowed out of bed for necessities like going to the loo and showering. Food was brought to me.

Edward never left me alone for more than five minutes, but he rarely spoke. He watched me warily like he was worried that I was going to faint at any moment. He hadn't been hunting recently, and he was finding it more difficult than ever to have close contact with me, how ironic. The time we needed each other most, was the time he was thirsty.

So I was unsurprised to awake during the night to find Esme sat in Edward's usual place.

"He's gone hunting." She explained, pushing me gently back onto the pillows.

"He put it off to long." I said to her smiling.

"It hurts him to leave you... We practically had to throw him outside. Carlisle has gone with him, that's another thing that he wouldn't leave because of. He thinks Carlisle should stay here, to look after you."

I laughed weakly.

"How are you feeling... really?"

I sighed, "Not so bad, I just feel tired all the time, and I keep coughing... I'm sure you've heard. I also feel sick quite often, that's why I go to sleep, it helps it pass."

She smiled at me lovingly, I smiled back.


"Yes dear?"

"You won't tell him will you?" I asked. "He's worried enough as it is... I feel I do him a damage."

She smiled and shook her head, "Of course not..." she gently stroked my shoulder. "He loves you more than you realise. I can't thank you enough... I've never seen him so happy."

I sighed, "But I'm just the latest in a long list right?" I asked; it struck me that Esme was about the only one who would tell me the truth on this subject.

"I'm sorry, Bella I don't understand."

"He's had girlfriends before right?"

"Never." She sighed.

"What, but he's like a hundred years old!" I exclaimed sitting up.

"Bella you're his first girlfriend... his first love; that's why I am grateful to you. I thought he was too young... When he was changed... That he would never find someone. I don't think why of us really understood how hard it was for him. To be surrounded by us couples." Her face looked almost ashamed.

"Thank you Esme." I told her, "It's nice to understand more, he doesn't talk about it you see."

She hugged me, "I love you, my daughter."

"Love you to." I whispered, tears welled up in my eyes; I belonged here, with this family. I was certain of that.

"Can I ask you something Esme?" I asked, pulling away.

"Of course." She said.

"Do you think I'll be a good mum?" I whispered, dropping my head. This question had tormented me since I had found out I was pregnant.

"Bella you'll be a fantastic mum. You're kind and caring. Any child would be lucky to have you and Edward as parents." She assured me. My eyelids drooped.

"I'll let you sleep." She whispered gently laying me back on the linens.

"Night." I whispered.

"Goodnight Bella." She whispered.

When I woke up the next morning Edward was laid beside me, propped up on one elbow looking down on me.

"Heya." I whispered reaching up to stroke his cheek. He caught my hand and held it there, tilting his head so he could kiss my wrist.

"Do you know what today is?" He asked.

"Nope." I said shaking my head.

He placed on hand delicately on my stomach. "Three months." He whispered, kissing my head.

"You're kidding?" I said, trying to count back in my head. Had it really been a month and a half since I had got sick? Blimey I was missing out on a lot.

I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.

"Bella..." Edward sighed.

"Edward I'm fine, you may need to help me though." I stood up and toppled forwards. Edwards arm caught me gently before I hit the ground. He kept it there as we slowly descended the stairs.

"Bella!" Alice yelled, throwing her magazine on the floor and leaping off of Jasper's lap and over the couch.

She hugged me tight and I staggered back,

"Umm Alice." I prompted quietly.

"Oops sorry." She said and released me.

"Bella." Rosalie said, hugging me much gentler, she at least seemed aware of my protective area.

My stomach.

Emmet and Jasper kept their distance, obviously by instruction of Edward.

I walked slowly over to the sofa. I already felt exhausted, and I had only been up five minutes.

Edward sat next to me, and I leant into his side.

"Have you phoned your mum yet Bella?" Esme asked.

I shook my head, "No... It's on my list to do today."

"What else is on the list?" Jasper asked, from where he and Emmet sitting by the TV, flicking threw computer games.

I sighed, "Anything except lying in a bed being asked constantly how I am feeling."

Everyone laughed and I stroked Edward's leg. He kissed the top of my head.

"You look good." Emmet said smiling. I raised an eyebrow, confused.

"Ummm thanks." I said.

Alice beamed, "honestly though... just look at you."

I looked down, and only then did I see what she meant.

I stood up, not toppling forward this time; I twisted left and right, making sure I wasn't seeing things.

But I wasn't. There was definitely a small but defined bulge between my hips. I placed my hand on it. Edward stood up and placed his hand delicately on top of mine. Kissing my head.

Rosalie and Alice came to sit on the sofa, Edward made room for them, going to sit and play Xbox... or something like that.

I chatted with the girls about me and Edward moving out. We were house hunting a lot, money wasn't an issue, but everywhere was either too far way or too small. No-where was quite right.

Emmet smacked the floor when Edward and Jasper beat him. They just laughed.

I didn't see Jasper leave.

"Outside freak." Emmet snarled at Edward.

"Bring it." Edward smiled at him.

Jasper reappeared with something that looked like a Velcro disk. He caught my eye.

"It's childish, but it helps us keep it fair."

I nodded, only slightly confused.

Jasper through the disk up in the air and Edwards hand flashed in front of Emmet's grip.

Emmet snarled.

"One nil." Edward muttered, and before I knew it he was gone.

The red disk attached to Emmet's T-shirt.

Emmet growled and charged out of the room, still fast, but more like a bear than Edward's lion like movements.

Alice laughed as Jasper darted out after them. We heard a crash, and Edward howl with laughter. We got up and walked over to the window. It was only slightly raining. I shoved on jacket and leant against the door frame. Smiling at what I saw. Jasper was on Emmet's back, holding the disc to his face. Emmet was spinning round, trying to shake Jasper off. Edward was practically rolling around on the floor laughing.

He caught sight of me, took one look at the weather and frowned at me.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, Alice handed me my shoes and an umbrella. She and Rosalie then walked out into the drizzle darting behind their husbands.

Alice jumped on Jasper's back and kissed his shoulder.

This distracted him enough so Emmet could shake him off. Edward darted out of the way of his charge spinning round and swiping his legs under Emmet's. Emmet tumbled to the floor a loud squelch resounding in my ears as his hulking body hit the mud.

Jasper arms wound around my waist, above my stomach, I giggled hyperactively.

"Jasper put me down!" I yelled.

He set me on my feet.

Emmet chucked mud at me, but Edward darted in front just in time. It splattered off of Edwards back and hit Rosalie in the face. She lunged at Emmet, growling horrifically.

"Let's get you inside." Edward said, wrapping a protective arm around my waist. I sighed and leaned into his side.

"You must be freezing." He said, rubbing my shoulders as we walked up stairs.

"I'm fine." I lied, and went to run a bath.

I sunk into the water. Staying in my Pyjamas, I couldn't be bothered to get undressed. I leant back and closed my eyes.

I never heard the door open. Or him shut it behind him. But the next thing I knew a set of cool lips touched my forehead. My eyes snapped open and I slapped his face away.

"Bella!" Edward exclaimed holding his cheek in mock pain.

"Pervert." I muttered, stroking his face.

"I just came to make sure you were okay." He said. I sighed.

"Oh." I said my hand flying to my stomach.

"What's wrong?" He demanded, his eyes sweeping my face.

"It's fine." I said, taking his hand and dipping it under the water.

"What are you..."

"Shusssh... Just feel." I told him, placing his hand under mine on my stomach.

We both smiled at each other at what we felt, a gentle rhythmic kicking against our hands.

He sighed and kissed my forehead.

I dressed and dried my hair. Edwards cool hands wrapped around my waist. He kissed the back of my neck. I spun around, kissing him hard but passionately.

We were interrupted by a loud banging on the door. We didn't stop.

"Edward, Bella... Pool party, now!" Alice yelled.

I raised an eyebrow at Edward. "You have a pool?"

He shrugged, "Esme converted the basement. It's rather cool."

I sighed, "What am I going to wear?" I asked.

There was a creak and a box flew onto the bed through the open door. It shut just as quickly.

I opened the lid and groaned at the black bikini that was laid inside.

"Umm." Edward said, looking over my shoulder.

"Edward I'm three months pregnant. I can't wear this."

"You'll be fine." Edward said.

I sighed and got changed into it anyway.

Edward held my hand all the way down the stairs.

I sighed internally when I saw Rosalie. She wore a skimpy red bikini, Alice a black and white swim suit. Esme sat on the side watching. Carlisle and the boys were in the midst of a very heated water volleyball game.

Edward kissed my forehead and bombed into the water. Emmet cursed loudly.

I walked around the edge of the pool and went to sit beside Esme. She smiled.

"Not comfortable then." She smiled at me, "with the whole pregnancy body then."

I sighed, "I'm three months gone. I feel tired; I don't think a skimpy bikini is going to help anything. I've only been out of bed a day; he won't even let me walk down the stairs un-aided. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't forbidden me to swim."

She smiled at me, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." and smiled sheepishly, "it started kicking today."

"Oh my gosh that's fantastic." She gushed, hugging me.

Eventually we all divided into couples. Carlisle and Esme left us to it.

I sat on the side, my feet in the warm water.

Edward waded over to me, so fast I didn't even see it. His cool arms wrapped around my waist and gently lowered me into the water. His arms cradled me against his marble chest.

His hands were cool under the water as they pressed into my bare back.

His lips touched mine and he pulled us further into the deep water.

Alice and Jasper disappeared under the surface. No bubbles floated up, but I wasn't worried. They were just showing off their ability to hold their breath indefinitely.

I hooked my arms around Edward's neck, and pulled myself hard against him. Only on my top half though. There was still a gap between my stomach and his body.

Edward scooped me up in my arms and lifted me onto the pool edge so I didn't have to reach as far. My fingers knotted in his wet hair. His hands were on my waist, his thumbs stroking my swollen stomach. I leant in closer to him, his hands tucked under my knees, wrapping my legs around his waist.

We were back in the water.

His hands returned to my waist, keeping my back upright. He lowered me backwards so my back and hair were touching the water. His arms cradled me; his lips kissed my neck while I gasped for breath.

"Edward." I whispered.

"Mmmmm." He murmured against my skin.

"I love you."

"Love you to." He told me, his lips still not leaving my skin.

He pulled back to look into my eyes. My arms returned to be around his neck, and we gazed at each other. His fingers stroked my cheeks.

"You're so beautiful." He told me.

I shook my head, "You're very biased. You have to say that."

He sighed. "I've told you before; you don't see yourself very clearly."

"I've told you that as well."

"That's different, I know what I am." He said, kissing my head.

I leant into his chest. His arms wrapped around me.

"Come on love; let's get you inside before you get cold." He said.

He carried me through the water and lifted me onto the side. I stood up and picked my towel; by the time I stood up again he was stood behind me, drying his hair thoroughly.

Jasper and Alice climbed out too, and Jasper threw his towel at Edward, who for once didn't see it coming. Emmet then charged back in. Who taking Edward in a rugby tackle, fell back into the pool. Jasper dived in, reappearing on Edwards shoulders.

Me, Alice and Rosalie sat on the side, soaking up the fake sunlight that came from the overhead lights. Alice even felt the need for us to wear sunglasses.

My mum and Dad were happy about the whole baby thing. This was a relief, I had phoned them to tell them. Just in case.

Renee was coming down to see us in a few weeks. I was looking forward to it, but no one was as much as Alice.

"Bella It's going to be great; we can have a party and cake..." Alice had planned all sorts for my mother. Esme had rained her in slightly, allowing her just fireworks and a buffet.

We used the pool quite often over the next week or so. It was the day before my mum was due to arrive and me, Alice and Rosalie were laid on lilo's in the pool. Just relaxing.

So quickly I didn't even see it. My lilo tipped up and I was held against Emmet's chest. He held me under the water, and I struggled against his iron grip.

My lungs burned for more air and my eyes closed, a cloud of bubbles was the last thing I saw.

I was aware of cool hands dragging me upwards. I coughed and gasped as the air returned to my lungs. I opened my eyes to see Edward's anxious face looking down on me. He set me on the pool side. I saw everyone still in the water glaring at Emmet.

"Are you okay?" he demanded, stroking my face.

"I'm fine." I said, trying to sit up. His hand gently tried to push me back down, I held it to my face.

"Edward I am fine." I said again, this time emphasising each word like he spoke a foreign language, He sighed and allowed me to sit up. Emmet walked over to us his hands raised like he was stopping traffic.

"I'm sorry Bella." He said, "I forgot that you needed to breath."

I laughed, "Its okay Emmet. Don't worry about it."

"No I isn't." Edward said. I Sighed and placed a hand on his bare chest.

Edward put my arm by my side and stalked off up the stairs and back into the house.

Emmet went to follow him.

"Leave him." I whispered, "Just let him calm down."

I went back upstairs, dried myself off and opened our bedroom door.

He was laid on our bed his arms behind his head, staring up at the ceiling.

I shut the door behind me and went to sit beside him. I touched his cheek.

"Darling talk to me." I whispered.

He spoke the words without effect or feeling, "You could have been killed."

"Edward while I'm human I could be killed every day... even more so because I am pregnant to a vampire." I thought he would laugh and I then realised what he would have heard in my words, and how he would have interpreted them.

He sat up so quickly I didn't even blink.

"That's exactly my point." He very nearly shouted. "Bella while you're with me every minute you are in danger. I have to remind myself constantly how breakable you are. I'm dangerous Bella. I need you to understand that."


"No Bella listen please." He took my face in his hands, "Bella I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt because of what we are. It's happed before..." he murmured, and we both remembered my birthday three years ago when Jasper had tried to kill me.

"Edward love. I'm not disputing the fact that it's a possibility I could get hurt." I told him. "But you promised me that you would not leave me again, promised me that you would stay, even if it killed me or not." I reminded him and by the look on his face he remembered that he had said that. That he should keep his promise.

"I can't watch you get hurt." He whispered, shaking his head.

"Then I won't." I told him fiercely.

He pulled me to him, kissing my forehead. I leant the side of my head against his chest, his arms wrapped very humanly around me.

"Besides in a few months you'll have someone else to worry over." I whispered, placing his hand on my stomach.

"Bella if anything the baby will make me worry more... not less." He said with a smile.

"You know what sex it will be... don't you?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"I wish I didn't." He sighed.

"It doesn't matter to me," I said, looking up and stroking his face.

There was a demanding knock on the door, and Alice charged in with hair straightners in one hand and a scary looking garment bag in the other.

"Come on." She said. Indicating to the door she had just come from.

I raised an eyebrow at Edward, who shrugged.

"Happy anniversary."

"Anniversary?" I queried, thinking back.

"Four months since the wedding." He said, hooking his arms around my waist.

"Edward is taking you out for dinner. And we're all coming!" She exclaimed and then was serious, "So hurry up because I need to do your hair and make-up."

I frowned, "Alice if it's my anniversary don't I get to..."

"No." She said bluntly, grabbing my arm and pulling me from Edward's grasp. He chuckled darkly and flashed my favourite crooked smile. Just before I was made to sit and endure my idea of hell.

Alice piled my hair on top of my head and did my make-up, before dressing me in a black silk floor length dress... She then made me wear a pair of black heels. I felt uncomfortable in them, which at least would be a good excuse to get out of dancing.

Alice was dressed in a deep purple baby doll dress, with black flowers embroidered up the side and had curled her hair.

Rosalie was, as usual, dressed to make me and every other girl on the planet look insignificant. Her dress was a low cut red number with a corset style fastening at the back,

Alice assured me I looked nice. I just smiled at her.

"Because you're my favourite sister," Rosalie had said with a smile, I tried not to gawk, "and because I think Alice is being selfishly hyperactive," she continued, "you can see Edward before you go downstairs."

"Thanks Rose." I whispered, she took my hand and led me towards mine and Edward's room.

She knocked twice and then left me.

"Come in?" Edward said.

I opened the door and stepped inside, he had his back to me.

"So... you managed to escape..." he turned around. I stood sheepishly in the doorway.

"Wow." He breathed, walking over to me. I looked at him in his black tux... that was what wow was. Not me.

I turned to give him the full effect. "What do you think?" I asked as he hooked his arms around my waist.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"You needn't look so surprised." I said with a laugh.

His smiled widened, "you always look beautiful." He reached behind him and pulled something from his pocket.

"I was planning on saving this until the party. But then Alice got involved with the planning, and I wanted it to be about just you and me. Not putting on a big show."

"Edward I don't understand." I told him as he held a black ring box in front of him. "Edward we are already married... in case you have forgotten."

He smiled and opened the box; inside the black satin was a platinum ring, with a single diamond at the top.

"It's beautiful." I whispered.

He took my left hand and slid it on the same finger as my wedding ring.

"It's a fertility ring." He explained, placing one hand on my stomach, "It was my mothers. Esme thought you would like it."

"I do." I said and kissed him gently

"Come on then." He said, "We don't want Alice shooting us because we were late."

I smiled and took his hand. He kissed the back of mine.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you to." He replied, stroking the back of my hand with his thumb. He then led us downstairs.

Everyone was stood in couples, forming a loose arc around the bottom of the stairs. Edward kept his arm around me, his hand resting delicately on the side of my stomach. The baby kicked against his hand, and we both smiled.

Esme stepped forward to hug us. She looked at Edward questioningly; I smiled and showed her my ring. She gushed happiness. Rosalie saw and joined in, hugging me next.

Alice kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "I'm still mad about you sneaking off." But she smiled at me.

Edward insisted on taking my car to dinner. I agreed but only if I could drive.

We took my car anyway.

It surprised me when we pulled up at a Hotel. We walked through the reception and into one of the many function rooms. Edward led me inside.

There was a table of food along one wall. There was a stage with a few guitars, a drum kit and a microphone on it.

"You hired a band." I said. It wasn't a question, it was an accusation.

He shrugged, "they were very cheap."


I turned with a smile on my face to see Angela Weber, shadowed by a few friends. She ran forwards and hugged me, and presented us with a congratulations card. She looked like she was going to faint when Edward bent down and kissed her on the cheek. I almost laughed.

We waited by the door for the guests to arrive.

Mike and Jessica entered holding hands. They handed us a congratulations card and a present. I smiled a thank you. Jessica looked almost too pleased when Edward kissed her cheek. I also saw Edward briefly stiffen at something Mike thought when he was hugging me.

I elbowed Edward in the ribs when Tyler Crowley entered. He looked at me with an innocent expression.

The pile of presents and cards was growing steadily higher. I dreaded to think what people had got me. Angela assured me that she just gave us money, even though I objected.

"I know you don't need it." She said, "But I felt I ought to give you something." She hugged me again and walked with Ben to say Hi to Mike and Jessica.


I beamed and tears gushed from my eyes as my mum hugged me. Phil shadowed her and shook hands with Edward.

"You look lovely." She assured me before turning to Edward, "Edward darling."

"Renee, you look nice." He said hugging her while Phil kissed my cheek.

It seemed that everyone had come in black tie to the party. It helped me not feel so exposed and over dressed.

My dad arrived later, and looked almost shocked to see me. He smiled and hugged me, before hugging Edward. This was uncharacteristic.

When Edward assured me that everyone who was here had been invited, I was handed through the crowd. I glared at Edward when he left me to do this on my own. He stood at the back of the room with Emmet and Jasper, who were examining the food at the back of the hall. I did feel hungry, so when I was sure I had spoken to everyone I went to stand with Edward, he handed me his plate of food, which I noticed was filled with all the stuff I liked.

"Eat." He ordered.

I ate the food without complaint. Glancing over the hall, I noticed my dad was talking to Phil and Carlisle about what appeared to be baseball, Edward's arm wound protectively around my waist.

"Not dancing then Bella?" Emmet asked with a grin.

"What do you think?" I asked rolling my eyes.

Emmet and Jasper laughed but Edward's attention appeared to be somewhere else.

My mum was talking to Esme, Rosalie and Alice. Alice beamed at something my mum said and I sighed. That was not a good thing. Alice looked up to meet Edwards gaze. Who stiffened and kissed the top of my head.

"I'll be right back." He whispered, and then he Emmet and Jasper made a bee line for the door.

I put my plate of food down and went to join the girl members of my family.

"Mind if I but in." I asked smiling. My mum hugged me again and Esme smiled at me. I glanced at Alice, who shook her head ever so slightly.

I waited impatiently for the boys to return and when half an hour went by and they didn't. I started to panic. Alice stroked my arm, telling me it was okay.

When they did return the band came on and played very loudly, so I didn't get to ask Edward what the matter was.

Jasper and Alice disappeared after the last song. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist as a familiar song came on. I smiled, I was the song we had our first dance to at our wedding.

I stroked his face. "I'm waiting." I prompted.

He took my hand and held it to his face.

"It's nothing. Nothing that you need to worry about." He said quietly. He bent down and kissed my forehead. The music was slower now and we weren't the only couples slowly dancing. I hooked my arms around his neck. I pushed myself closer to him, his cool hands wrapped tightly around me.

"Tell me." I urged, staring up into his topaz eyes.

"We found out who wanted to kill you before... and why they changed their plans." He explained.

"Who?" I asked, leaning closer to him.

"Later." He whispered.

I sighed and laid the side of my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head.

The party continued on till around eleven. I started to get tired, but insisted on staying until everyone had left. Edward had been about to start his, "I don't want you over exerting yourself" speech, when I pressed my finger to his lips.

Everyone said they had a fantastic time as we stood by the door. I kissed Edward gently as he took my hand and lead me out of the room. I shivered gently as we walked to the car and before I could complain Edward had removed his jacket and had put it around my shoulders. My mum smiled at me from the hotel doors where she and Phil waved goodbye.

I awoke early the next morning and Edward and his brothers were still hunting when I got up. Alice was sat downstairs. We went and tidied up at the hotel function room. Edward wasn't best happy about this when we got back. He said he didn't like me lifting things.

My mum and Esme spent alot of time together while she was here. I barley saw Renee. But I spent alot of time with Edward. This was fine by me.

Another up was that me and Edward had finally found a house. Well to be more specific Esme had built us a house on the edge of our meadow. I didn't realise the Cullen's owned this bit of land. It was small but not tiny. There was even a spare room. Hallelujah.

I awoke with a sharp pain coming from my stomach. I identified it immediately. I ran down the hall with my hand clamped over my mouth, and was violently sick in the toilet. Edward held my hair and kissed the top of my head while I gasped for breath. He stayed with me as I brushed my teeth. Before carrying me to the sofa. He lay down and settled me gently next to him. I snuggled closer to his side and breathed in his frosty scent. He smiled and kissed my hair before starting to hum my lullaby. I felt tired from the drastic wake up and my eyelids drooped.


She quickly fell asleep. I sighed. I couldn't get up from my position on the sofa without waking her. We were laid across it. I had my arm around her, and she was laid facing me, with one arm draped over my chest.

She was so beautiful, one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. No scratch that, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

I ran my fingers along her cheek.

"Edward." She breathed, I smiled, she often dreamed of me. But it was still as exhilarating as the first time to know that she loved me exactly as I loved her.

"Edward." She whispered again, this time it was a sound of distress. "Edward help...."

I frowned.

"Shusssh its okay I'm here." I said.

"Edward help, please Jacob no...." she whispered, tears rolled down her face. My frown deepened. She was having a nightmare about, Jacob. She had good reason to, if she knew that it had been Jakes wolf pack who had sought to kill her, and that that had been why Alice couldn't see who it was and how it would happen, she would be scared. Jacob had said that he regretted thinking it as an option to drive us away. That if they took down Bella me and my family would inevitably move away. My loathing for Jacob had gone sky hi as he thought of exactly what they had been planning. He congratulated me about the baby through his teeth, before fazing and leaving. I didn't like Bella being near them at the best of times, she wouldn't be going to La Push now. I wouldn't let her. I would have to tell her about the wolves plan one day. But not yet, I didn't want her getting stressed un-necessarily. She hadn't spoken to Jacob since the fuss he caused at our wedding anyway. So she wouldn't need to go. I stroked her cheek gently.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you or the baby... I promise." I whispered.

She cried harder and began to sob out my name. Her hands reached out, looking for me.

"Hey, shush its okay." I said in a half soothing half disturbed tone. I picked her up and sat her on my lap. She sobbed harder and I then knew she was awake.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me; I struggled to keep my face smooth.

"Oh Edward!" She sobbed and threw her arms around my neck; I felt her warm tears roll down my neck and chest. I rubbed calming circles on her back.

"Shush." I said again.

It was several minutes before she calmed herself. The worry and anger at whatever had disturbed her so raged within me like a match in a gas station, and although I knew it I still wanted to know.

She wouldn't tell me.

It was a few weeks later and she insisted on me going hunting with Jasper and Emmet, I didn't want to go. I knew it hurt her as much as it hurt me to be apart. But hunting was a necessary thing, so I couldn't put it off. Rosalie promised me when we were leaving that she would make sure Alice didn't work Bella up, and that she would ring me if there was an emergency.

It felt like years had passed when I finally arrived back in the meadow. Mine and Bella's house was the only light source around. As I walked up the veranda steps, I caught sight of Bella walking into the bedroom. She hadn't seen me. I opened the front door quietly and followed her.

I leant against the bedroom door frame. She stood with her back to me, humming quietly to herself, and towelling her hair.

She was inhumanly beautiful. Which was sort of ironic, seen as I wasn't human. She had the kind of perfection that could only be seen by other people. I sighed internally; I would have loved for her to see just how gorgeous she was. But even after me telling her that constantly for four years, she still didn't believe me. She turned to the side, still not looking up to see me, her stomach swelled out in front of her. She had a small bump for someone who was five months pregnant. She let the towel fall to the floor and walked across the room, flicking on the iPod dock. I smiled at the song she played. It was the song we had danced to at our wedding.

I walked silently up behind her and wound my arms around her waist. She didn't gasp. She just smiled. I folded my hands over her stomach, kissing the side of her face. She reached up and stroked my hair, her other hand lying on top of mine.

"Welcome home." She whispered, turning around in my arms. I leant my forehead to hers.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too." She breathed, her warm breath washing over my face. I sighed and pulled her close.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I could get used to it." I whispered, "It makes me sad, that we only get eight months of this." I placed one hand delicately on her stomach. Eight months was correct, we had only found out about the baby when she was already one month gone. She sighed and leant further into my chest. My arms rewound around her.

Her body was warm and fragrant; this was my favourite time to be with her, when she was wet. When she'd been waking in the rain or had a shower.

She laid her cheek against my chest, tucking her head underneath my chin. She sighed again. She was tired.

"Bed love." I ordered mildly. She smiled.

I scooped her up in my arms and laid her gently on the bed. I shivered as her warm hand slid down my arm, before resting on my hand. She smiled up at me as I sat looking down on her. I pulled the covers over her and she sighed.

"Over protective fool." She murmured and yawned again.

"It's one of my best traits." I whispered smiling.

"Stay." She managed to say, and I could tell that she was tired for the word was slurred.

"I will." I promised, gently stroking her cheek. She sighed again and her face relaxed. I smiled and bent down to kiss her forehead.

I looked up in the direction of the group of thoughts growing louder and louder from the forest edge. I sighed and got up to let them in. I walked to the bedroom door, turning around to look at my wife, sleeping peacefully. I left the door a jar, so I could here if she woke.

Jasper and Alice stood at the door, their hair glistening with rain droplets.

The door wasn't locked, but they were polite enough to wait as if it was. (Not that a locked door would be able to stop either of them getting in if they really wanted to.)

"Hey Edward!" Alice said too loudly.

My eyes flashed over my shoulder, Bella's breathing was still deep and even.

"Where's Bella?" She continued to ask.

"Sleeping." I said matter of factly. Jasper rolled his eyes.

'Sorry mate... couldn't keep her away any longer, at least this way we won't stay as long.' Jasper thought and smiled sheepishly. I smiled and indicated that they should sit.

"So how's it all going?" Alice asked, practically bouncing in her seat.

"Alice...." Jasper said warningly, he knew my emotions well enough to know that I could only stand Alice's enthusiasm for so long.

"Fine." I said, sighing.

"You look exhausted." Jasper noted grinning.

I leant back in my seat and closed my eyes. "Yes, for a guy who doesn't sleep I fell strangely tired."

They both laughed.

"How is she?" Alice pressed.

"Alice you already know..."

"I know but it's nice to hear it from others." She concluded with a wave of her hand.

I sighed again. "She's fine. She's sleeping alot and eating well. She's also started morning sickness, which is really beginning to irritate her."

Jasper and Alice beamed.

We sat chatting for most of the night, in truth I spent most of the time listening to Bella's breathing. I was almost ashamed. I should have a restraining order put on me.

"Edward..." Alice began as a parting shot as her and Jasper made to leave.

I sighed, this wasn't going to be good, "Yes Alice?"

"Can you bring Bella back to the house in the evening? I know you'll be out in the morning but Esme's dying to see her."

"Of course Alice. Tell Esme we'll be around later on. We may even come back with Carlisle... we'll have been for the ultrasound by then."

Her face lit up. "Yay." She turned to leave.

"Alice?" I asked quietly. Jasper carried on walking, sensing this was something I only wanted to tell her.


"It will be ok wont it?" I asked quietly. The worry I had suppressed for so long finally got the better of me.

She smiled, showing me her vision of tomorrow in her head.

"Thank you." I breathed; she kissed me quickly on the cheek, before dancing off to meet Jasper. She took his hand and wrapped it around her shoulders. They walked barely at human pace, obviously enjoying the alone time.

I locked the door and walked hurriedly back to our room.

Bella was now laid on her side, facing the door and me. Her pyjama top had rolled up slightly, revealing her swollen stomach. I went and sat looking down on her, pulling the covers up over her shoulders. The last thing I needed was her getting cold.

"Edward." She breathed.

I smiled and bent down to kiss her forehead.

"I'm here, and I always will be." I vowed and kissed her warm skin again.

She was peaceful for the rest of the night. I sat there listening to her breathing and her steady heartbeat, and I found if I listened hard enough. I could hear our baby's quiet heartbeat to.

I fought the urge to place my hand on her stomach, knowing that my cool touch would probably wake her. Her brown hair spread across the pillow like seaweed. I carefully lay down next to her, trying to keep my bodyweight low, so she wouldn't feel the change. She did anyway. She sighed contentedly and rolled over. I pulled the quilt around her; protecting her from my icy body temperature.

I stroked her hair thoughtfully. I wished with all my might that I could hear what she was thinking. Share those dreams with her.

"Bella." I said gently, shaking her shoulder. I was already dressed and presentable; I had put this off as long as I could. I hated to wake her, but if she didn't get up we would be late to meet Carlisle.

"Bella... Bella wake up." I continued.

She groaned and opened her eyes partially, looking up at me. I stroked her cheek.

"Love we're going to be late."

She sat up abruptly. Almost startling me.

"Late? What time is it?" She fretted, standing up to quickly. She wobbled and stumbled forwards. I caught her gently.

She grumbled a little as I left her to get changed. I went to make her breakfast. I now had to ask every day what she wanted because her appetite changed so often. She had gone of eggs altogether. This was sort of ironic, because she ate them all the time on our honeymoon, which was when she got pregnant.

I lifted her carefully off of the ground and ran through the forest. We met Carlisle by the Volvo. He greeted us and kissed Bella on the cheek. Bella climbed in the back, I got in the front with Carlisle.

Bella's phone buzzed.

"Who's that?" I asked, honestly curious.

"Alice," she said handing me the phone.

I read the message smiling.

Bella. Please oh god please let me take you shopping this weekend. As future aunt of your baby I think it's only fair that I get to help you and Edward decorate the nursery.

I sighed. "Don't text back."

"Wasn't planning on." She muttered and looked out of the window.

I laughed quietly.

She held my hand tightly as we walked through the hospital. I knew she was worried. But I wasn't about to tell her that Alice had 'seen' that everything was going to be ok. Because then she would know that I had been just as worried as she was now, and I didn't want her losing faith in me.

She lay down on the bed. Carlisle sat by the monitor. Flicking switches and other things. I sat down on the edge of the bed, facing her.

She looked up at me anxiously.

"It's going to be fine." I whispered, bending down to kiss her head.

Her breathing was irregular as the machine crackled as Carlisle moved the instrument over her stomach. She clutched my hand tightly.

A wide grin spread across Carlisle's face as he flicked the last switch.

Bella burst into tears as out baby's heartbeat filled the room. Carlisle printed off the photo and Bella sobbed harder as I showed it to her.

Bella handed me the picture back as she wiped the goo off of her stomach.

"Let's go home." She whispered, yawning.

How was she tired?

Bella's eyes drooped on the way back to ours. Carlisle smiled at me as I turned to look behind me at her. I sighed, she had fallen asleep.

"It's normal." he said quietly.

I chuckled quietly and text Alice.

Will come over later, Bella's asleep, will come when she is awake.

Alice text back within a few minutes, explaining that if I didn't bring Bella over later, she and Rosalie would come and trash our house.

"How are you doing?" Carlisle asked.

"Not bad." I chuckled. "She thinks I'm being overprotective."

Carlisle laughed quietly, "I've found from my many years on this earth, that a person can never be overprotective."

I smiled and looked down at my hands sighing.

"I know that look." He murmured. My head snapped up.

"What look?"

"What's bothering you?"

"Do you think I'll be any good at it... being a dad." I very nearly whispered.

"Edward I don't have any children of my own..."

"I know but you've been amazing with us. Watching us grow, even if not literally."

He smiled, "You'll be brilliant my son."

I sighed; everyone had too much faith in me.

I walked at barely human pace through the forest, looking down at Bella in my arms. She slept soundly for another hour. I laid her on the sofa and then went to fetch a blanket from the airing cupboard. She didn't move or flinch with the added weight when I lad it on her. I pushed a piece of hair out her face gently, before bending down and kissing the top of her head. "Sleep well." I breathed. I always talked to her when she was asleep. I wasn't sure why, I just did.

I sat in the armchair opposite her, glancing up occasionally from a book I had already read to check she was okay.

"Edward?" She asked quietly, her hand ran along the edge of the sofa... searching.

I got up quickly and placed my hand on top of hers. She smiled slightly.

"What time is it?" She mumbled. I glanced quickly at the clock on the wall.

"Ten to one, are you hungry?"

She nodded and extended her arms, indicating to me that she wanted to get up. I sighed and helped her up gently. She wobbled slightly when I set her on my feet, I caught her and she leant into my chest, inhaling deeply.

"You okay?" I asked.

"No." She gasped and pulled away from me, running towards the bathroom with her hand clamped over her mouth. I followed quickly, holding her hair out of her face. She gasped for air, and my fingers stroked her forehead tenderly.

"I'm okay." She whispered. I helped her up again and she brushed her teeth.

It was after she had eaten and we were walking the last bit of forest to reach my parents house. Alice and Jasper met us on the steps and I tried not to read her thoughts. She ran over and hugged Bella. I shot her a disapproving look. Jasper smiled and hugged Bella. He walked over to me and clapped me on the shoulder.

"Emmet wants to play ball tonight. You in?" He asked while I looked quickly at Bella. This didn't escape Jaspers notice.

Wait till she's asleep.

I shook my head.

Well bring her then!

I raised an eyebrow at him.

Don't be over protective; it's only going to be light rain.

"Light rain?"

Well it's not a torrential down pour!

I sighed, "I'll see."

Bella re-took my hand as we walked up the porch steps. Everyone quickly split into the two sexes, all the girls sat talking about the baby. Me, Carlisle, Emmet and Jasper talked about football and baseball.


"Come on the Bella..." Emmet began. Edward raised an eyebrow at him.

Emmet gestured fleetingly towards my husband, "Over protective dad or calm and collected."

Everyone laughed.

"Does it matter?" I asked.

Emmet shrugged, "I just need to know so I can train to be his opposite. No one likes Uncles who are like their fathers."

"Emmett trust me, not much training will be needed for you to be his opposite." I assured him and everyone laughed harder.

"Why don't we just vote?" Jasper volunteered.

"Genius!" Emmet cried pushing Edward to sit next to me on the sofa, he laughed and pulled me into his side.

"Everyone raise your hand if you think over protective Dad will be more Edwards bag!" Emmet cried, I laughed as everyone bar me, Edward; Carlisle and Esme raised their hands. Edward beamed.

Esme went to get me another drink and returned with that and about forty photo albums.

They were colour co ordinate, meaning that each of the Cullen's had several photo albums they had compiled themselves. I leant further into Edward's side as he showed his albums.

I was pleased he had dated the photos, my history wasn't that good, and I didn't want to appear stupid by not knowing what time they were taken in.

"Oh my god do you remember that." Emmet demanded, throwing his album at Edward who caught it without looking up.

He glanced at the picture and pointed it out to me, "Chicago 1987..." He paused, "Oh my god!" he cried, I smiled.

Edward turned to beam at me, my heart faltered at his crooked smile.

"That was Emmet and Rosalie's fiftieth wedding anniversary. I and Jazz threw him a bachelor party.

It got pretty wild..."

"You were pretty hot back then..." I smiled at him.

"Loving the were." Jasper said, smiling from ear to ear.

Emmett laughed, "You bet, you were practically beating them off with a stick in the windy city weren't you Eddy?"

I raised an eyebrow at the 'Eddy' remark. I took it from the way that everyone in the room stiffened that that had been the girl's pet name for Edward.

"Emmett." Esme scolded.

"It's fine." I assured everybody, "It's not like he was cheating... I wasn't even born then!"

Everyone laughed.

Rosalie and Alice showed me pictures of they're wedding. They were both, as expected, far more elaborate than mine and Edwards had been, and I had thought at the time that ours was pretty eccentric for the few people who were there.

Esme showed me a few pictures of her and Carlisle from the forties. They looked timeless in all of theses photos. It made me sad that Edward didn't want timeless photos of me and him throughout our time together. Although he said it was just because he thought I would loose my soul. It still made me sometimes wonder that maybe he didn't want me forever.

I shook my head to banish this thought away; he did love me, as stupid as it was. He did, I was stuck with him. Oh well, I would have to cope some way.


Sure enough it started to rain at around four o clock. Emmet grabbed the baseball bat eagerly. Jasper threw a mitt at Alice and the ball at Rosalie, before turning to look at me.

I sighed and Bella quickly registered what was going on.

"Go and play." She said. "I'll be fine on my own."

"You don't want to come?" Emmet enquired. I frowned at him.

Bella gestured the rain thudding against the window, "You think he'd let me?" She said with a smile.

Emmet and Jasper grinned.

So I reluctantly left Bella alone at home while I played ball. In truth I did enjoy it. In the end mine and Alice's team won. We all shook hands as the game drew to a close. It was just starting to get dark when I walked up the porch steps. Bella was laid on the sofa fast asleep. I sighed and closed the windows that she had left open. I delicately touched her hand, she was freezing. I frowned and picked her up. Her eyelids fluttered.

"Put me down." She whispered.

"Why?" I enquired.

"Because I can't kiss you from here." She whispered, looking up at me. I swam in the chocolate of her eyes.

I smiled and set her gently on her feet. She hooked my arms around her waist and threw hers around my neck. She pressed her lips hard to mine.

"Oh Eddy." She aid and I heard a smile in her voice as her fingers knotted in my hair.

"Only the women I didn't want to marry cal me Eddy." I clarified.

"Whatever." She mumbled and pressed herself hard against me.

It was clear what she wanted.

"No Bella." I murmured, pulling away. She glared at me and I smiled, placing my hand on her cheek.

"Don't you love me?" She whispered, putting on that voice that she knew made me say yes... most of the time.

"You know I do." I breathed. Her heart beat faulted and her eyes slid shut.

I smiled in satisfaction; she wasn't the only one who could dazzle people.

I kissed her forehead gently and she sighed, defeated.

The months passed quickly and in the weeks leading up to Bella's due date I went hunting more regularly. It was the night before D-day, and I stood looking into the flames of the dying fire in the fire place. She was sat on the sofa, reading a book Esme had given her.

She threw the book on the floor and lay back on the pillows, sighing.

"What's wrong?" I asked urgently, my eyes sweeping her face.

"I'm bored." She whispered, closing her eyes.

I frowned. It was the day before she was due to give birth to our baby, and she was bored.

Wasn't she as anxious as I was?

I knew the answer to that. I was always the anxious one. The one concerned for her safety. The answer was the same.

She finally fell asleep and I laid her gently on the bed. I sat watching her anxiously. My cell phone was locked firmly in my grip. I didn't even blink.

I needn't have bothered.

The next day came and went, as did the days after that.

Bella was beyond frustrated; she paced about the house, looking for stuff to do.

A few days later I was informed by Alice that I could go hunting, that it wouldn't happen while I was away. Bella assured me she would cross her legs and wait for me.

I didn't find this very funny.

So I went hunting, with Jasper and Emmet. We didn't go far, for I refused to go driving distance, to look for the big game. Even thought Emmet said he was very hungry for Grizzly at the moment. I trailed behind reluctantly, my mind always being somewhere else...

We waited one more day until finally nature took its course. Bella's waters broke. I was anxious because Carlisle was on his way back from Denali when it happened.

It was five hours later and he still hadn't come back. Bella was impatient; I knew she was in pain. But she insisted on walking around, I didn't know why....


He was sat on our bed, watching me carefully. I paced up and down the room. My hands on my back, breathing hard, as each contraction came and went both mine and Edward's patience was being tested. Some harder than others though.

I was walking around to see whether or not gravity would help speed the whole thing up.

So far it wasn't.

I groaned loudly and bent forwards as the pain increased, holding my stomach with on hand. Edward got up and crossed the room to me; he picked me up and laid me on the bed, kissing my forehead. He sat beside me and placed a soothing hand over mine on my stomach. I clutched his other hand feverishly.

My back arched as another contraction hit. Edward's eyes flashed my face worriedly. I knew he hated to see me like this, but I also knew he would never leave me.

His phone buzzed and he answered stubbornly.

"Alice." He muttered and then listened impatiently, "Well when he gets back can you send him down here." He snapped and hung up. I yawned; he bent down to kiss my forehead.

"Sleep love." His voice was soothing. My eyes closed, and the last thing I felt were his lips press to my forehead. Then I drifted.


When I awoke Carlisle was there which was reassuring. He checked me with a cool touch and I gasped at how especially icy his skin felt.

"Your only two centimetres dilated," Carlisle informed me.

I smiled and Edward fought to look composed. His thumb stroked the back of my hand.

I gasped and my head whirled as the scent of blood filled the room. Edward stopped breathing and looked at Carlisle who nodded. Edward kissed my forehead and picked me up in his arms.

I leaned into his chest. Even though it felt like I was being torn apart down there, I felt safe in Edward's arms. I felt calm.

Esme looked shocked as Edward ran past following Carlisle. I was laid on mine and Edward's old bed.

I managed to gasp and groan for another two hour and was slowly becoming more and more drained. Edward watched me carefully. Carlisle checked me again and walked out of the room quickly.

My eyelids drooped.

"Sleep love." He said through a tight jaw.

I pulled down his arm; he lay gently down beside me.

"Stay... Please." I breathed.

"I will." He said quietly, his lips brushing my cheek. I sighed contentedly and whimpered as the pain

hit again.

"Just try to sleep love." He whispered his thumb gently stroking the back of my clammy hand which was tightly holding his.

I think I nodded, for as much pain as I was in, I was already partly asleep.


She fell asleep almost instantly. Her breathing was shallow and irregular. Carlisle assured me that this was because she was just having a contraction.

Alice poked her head around the door a few moments after he left. I didn't look up to see her. I gently lifted my weight off of the bed and sat on the edge, looking down on Bella.

She came to stand on the other side of Bella's bed. I sighed and shut my eyes.

"I didn't know you know." She said quietly.

"Obviously." I whispered.

"I can understand that you're mad... but if I had seen that I would have told you."

"I know." I replied, m voice just above a whisper. I pushed a piece of hair out of Bella's face. She whimpered again and I shushed her.

"She'll be fine." Alice said quietly, "She's strong and she's been through worse."

Alice's memory unthinkingly flicked back to when she had come to see Bella six months after I unwillingly left her. I cringed.

"I didn't mean that I'm sorry."She said, scrambling for the right words.

"It's true though." I mumbled, shutting my eyes. I would never forgive myself for what I did to her;

I would never leave her again.

"Edward..." Bella mumbled. My eyes snapped open, she wasn't properly awake, but she wasn't asleep.

I stroked her cheek gently, Alice nodded and left.

Bella's eyes fluttered open. She cringed and her back arch, she drew in a deep breath through her teeth, forcing herself not to cry out.

"You don't need to stay quiet." I whispered, "Everyone else is out apart from me and Carlisle... and ... Alice."

"I'm fine." She gasped and let out a long breath.


"Don't start please." She sighed, "You'll give yourself frown lines." She reached up and stroked the skin between my eyes with the tip of her finer.



"Can you get me something to eat please?" She asked, smiling brilliantly.

I leant my forehead against her shoulder, laughing quietly. I pulled back to see her laughing to... "You are so random." I whispered and kissed her forehead.

"Hurry back." She said. I smiled as I reached the door, then frowning when I opened it as Alice walked past me holding a tray of food.

"Thank you Alice." Bella said, I walked back to her side, helping her sit upright against my chest. Alice beamed and left.

Don't throw a hissy fit, what's the point in being psychic if you can't see what the people closest to you will need? She demanded through her thoughts. I frowned harder as I helped Bella eat. She was so weak, I glanced at the clock, she'd been through this for seven hours already.

Bella fell back asleep after eating; I couldn't bear to leave her alone. Not for one moment. Carlisle said she was dilating more quickly now... so we shouldn't have to long to wait.

Bella scrunched dup her face and squeezed my hand; I didn't think a human had that kind of strength.

"Bella?" I asked quietly, she smiled through the pain.


I laughed shakily.

"I hope when this is over you will grant me one request..." She gasped, I stroked her shoulder.

"Anything." I vowed, how could I not give her what she wanted?

"If the baby... is immortal... you need to change me..." She whispered her breathing unsteady.

I paused and she opened her eyes to look at me, my heart leapt, because although she was clearly in alot of pain and tremendously tired. Her eyes still had that fire burning within them, like chocolate fireworks.

I smiled despite how I hated to promise her this, "I will." I promised and kissed her hand.

"You can do better than that." She said quietly, her eyes were shut but a big grin spread across her face.

"Fine." I sighed sarcastically and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Thank you." She breathed.

Jasper stuck his head around the door, "Do you guys need anything...?" He asked, "You've been up here a long time."

Bella laughed quietly, "I know... I'm surprised he isn't bored, he may have to kill me just for something to do..."

I smiled reluctantly.

Jasper laughed, "I just came to see you were okay... Alice says it shouldn't be long now."

I suppressed a hiss, Alice should learn to mind her own business, and she was starting to get on my nerves.

It had been fourteen hours when she was finally fully dilated. I felt so bad; it was our baby, both of ours. Yet she was the one having to go through this, the one who was in pain. I was such a monster.

Bella's back arched for the final time and a groan erupted from her chest. She fell back on the pillows and I beamed, bending down to kiss her forehead.

"It's a girl." Carlisle said quietly. His voice dripping with pride... I knew how her felt. Carlisle handed me my daughter, and it was the first time in all my existence that I wanted to cry. She was so warm, so fragile in my arms. Bella's hand stroked my arm gently. I turned to look at her, she looked so tired.

"Sleep love." I whispered.

"Don't go anywhere." She breathed, her eyes closed and the words slurred.

"Never." I promised her.

I sat looking down on my daughter for what felt like ages. I sat on the edge of the bed, my ears listening intently on her and Bella's breathing. She had light hair and my shape face. I sighed; it would have been so wonderful for Bella to be able to see herself in her, to see just how beautiful the both were.

My finger gently stroked one of her soft cheeks. She smiled slightly. I beamed wider.

"I promise, never to let anything hurt you..." I whispered, "Not even yourself; hopefully you haven't inherited your mums clumsiness. I don't know how I'd cope looking after two of your mother." I laughed quietly.

"Edward..." Bella breathed. My eyes snapped up.

"Bella." I said, taking her hand.

"Sit me up." She commanded, opening her chocolate eyes.

I smiled slightly and helped her sit up. I placed our daughter carefully in her arms; Bella sighed and leant back against my chest. I kissed the top of her head.

"I'm so proud of you." I said quietly, my voice just above a breath. Somehow whispering made the moment seem more private.

"It was nothing really." She said just as quietly and shrugged. We both chuckled.

"She needs a name." Bella informed me, I laughed again.

"Well go on then... I think you should do it." I told her, kissing her neck.

"I think we should stick with what we thought of earlier."

"Okay then... Renesmee it is." I placed my hand gently in top of Bella's.

"Renesmee." She echoed. I kissed her cheek and she closed her eyes and smiled.

There was a feeble knocking on the door and Carlisle walked in. He smiled from me to Bella, we beamed back.

"The families downstairs," He said, rubbing Bella's shoulder. "Do you want more time or can I...."

"You can send them up." Bella interrupted quietly. Carlisle smiled wider and left.

Bella straightened up and I tightened my arm around her waist.

"Can you hold her?" Bella asked. I nodded.

She handed her to me and shuffled back to lean up against the headboard. I sat down on the edge of the bed, facing Bella. Bella stroked our daughter's cheek gently. I looked u into her eyes.

"I love you." I whispered.

"Love you two." She whispered back, I smiled at her.

Esme and Rose were the first to enter. Alice eyed me carefully as she entered, I smiled, I couldn't be bothered to try and restrain her.

"She's beautiful." Esme whispered. "Well done." She added kissing Bella's cheek.

"Wow Edward she looks alot like you." Emmett pointed out, "Poor kid."

Rosalie thumped him hard he cursed quietly.

She hit him again.

"She's perfect," Alice said hugging Bella.

"I know." Bella said and we all laughed.

"You needn't sound so smug." Jasper laughed.

Bella smiled wider.

"Does she have a name?" Esme asked.

"Renesmee." Bella breathed, stroking our daughter's tiny arm. I smiled at my wife, she smiled back and I kissed her forehead.

Renesmee grew quickly into a small toddler; Bella took to immortality with tremendous ease. We were sat in the lounge of our house on the edge of the meadow.

Bella was lounged across my lap. Her eyes were already butterscotch gold. I sighed internally, I missed her chocolate ones, but it turned out that Renesmee had inherited them, so I would always have a reminder.

We sat waiting for Emmett and Rosalie to bring her back; she often spent Saturday afternoons with them or anther of the family.

"What's your favourite part of me becoming a vampire?" Bella asked suddenly, it through me for a moment.

"Honestly?" I asked.

"Honestly." She said, sitting up and wrapping her legs around my waist. I hooked my arms around her waist and she laid her head against my chest.

"Probably..." I began and then paused, just to irritate her.

"Probably..." She prompted.

"Probably the sex." I said shrugging. She laughed and I joined in.

"Well then." She said quietly. She grabbed my face and glued her lips to mine. To be perfectly honest, this was the sort of thing we tried to avoid doing when Renesmee was at home. We didn't often succeed, well what else is there to do at night?

"Wait..." I began as the voices in my head grew louder.

"They're coming back?" She asked. I nodded and she pouted.

"Tonight." I breathed.


"Promise." I assured her, kissing her forehead quickly before we rearranged ourselves into a more conservative pose.

Emmett held the door open for Renesmee and Rose.

"Daddy!" Renesmee exclaimed. She ran forwards and I scooped her up into my lap. She kissed me on the cheek. I looked over her shoulder. Bella's eyes narrowed.

Renesmee pulled away and turned to see her, "Oh and Mummy!" she said like it was such a surprise to see Bella here. Technically it wasn't my fault that she had learnt my name first...

She returned to my lap and laid her feet in Bella's.

"Did you have fun?" I asked, already knowing the answer. She placed her hand across my cheek, showing me the things I already knew from listening to Emmet and Rose's thoughts.

"Wow." I said as she showed Bella.

"Yeh..." Emmet said, coming to sit with Rose on the other couch. "She has your competitive side; she thrashed me and Jasper on the Wii. I wasn't that happy about it actually."

Everyone laughed.

"You have to tell Mummy and Daddy something though don't you Renesmee?" Rosalie prompted.

Renesmee rolled her eyes, Bella frowned at me.

I raised an eyebrow back.

"Well she doesn't get it from me." She said defiant and then smiled.

"Daddy Granny say's that you and mummy should come over tonight. Apparently she's missing you, even though we were over there two days ago..." Renesmee told me and Bella at the same time.

"Tell Esme we'll be round later." Bella said.

Renesmee looked pleadingly at her.

"Yes you can phone her." Bella sighed. Renesmee clapped her hands.

"Yay!" She said. I frowned; she was spending too much time with Alice.

Renesmee had an obsession with the phone at the moment. Apparently the buttons sounded nice. Me and Bella had to prohibit ho she phoned though and how often. It was beginning to cost a fortune.

Emmet and Rose said goodbye for the moment and me and Bella sat listening to Renesmee quietly murmuring to Esme on the phone. Bella flicked on the TV and she lay across my lap again. I played with a piece of her hair as we watched some detective show we had both seen at least four times. Renesmee re-appeared with some paper and pens. She lay on the mat by the fire place in front of us, doodling.

"What are you drawing Nessie?" Bella asked, this was the nick name that had been quickly established in our family.

"A bee." She murmured. Her tongue stuck out between her lips and her eyebrows were frowning in concentration.

"She looks like you when she does that." I told Bella so quietly Nessie couldn't hear.

"Me?" Bella asked innocently.

"You first pulled that expression when you were trying to work out what I was, and you did it often when you were doing your home work." I told her. She laughed quietly.

Renesmee suddenly jumped up and showed us her drawing; mine and Bella's mouths fell open in shock. It was amazing; the bee was 3-D and drawn with the correct colours.

"You don't like it." Nessie concluded, her lips trembling.

"Oh no we do sweetie." Bella assured her. Renesmee beamed and, throwing the picture over her shoulder, ran out of the room announcing that she was going to play for a bit.

Me and Bella looked at each other silently for a moment.

I lifted her gently off of my lap and picked the bee drawing off of the floor.

I looked at it intently. Bella came to stand beside me.

"But I couldn't even draw that." She whispered.

"i know." I whispered back. She thumped my shoulder gently.

"You know what I mean."

"I know. She sighed and leant into my shoulder. My arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"Show it to Carlisle." She said quietly.

"I will." I vowed. She turned to kiss my shoulder. I sighed.

"It'll be okay." She promised.

"I know." I said, turning and pulling her to me. Bella breathed in and sighed to.

I lay my chin on the top of her head. My daughter was growing faster than any of us had imagined. No one knew if she was immortal, or if she only got one human lifetime. It saddened me that if the answer was the second option, me and Bella would be spending the vast part of our forever without her.

The pain came on very quickly. It raged through my abdomen. I gasped and Bella pulled back quickly to look at me.

"Edward what's wrong?" She demanded.

"Nothing." I said quietly. She didn't look convinced.

"It's fine I assured her as Renesmee walked back into the room.

"Can we go to Granny and Grandad's now?" She asked.

"Of course." I said before Bella could delay it. I didn't want her worrying about me. I knew exactly what was wrong with me. I looked at Renesmee and Bella, my family. The family who may soon be living without me.

I had blood poisoning. Carlisle confirmed it as we left to have a private discussion. His face fell as I told him and he found the physical evidence as well, the grey lines up my back. Dry veins, lacked and drained of any blood I had ever drunk, lacking in even venom.

Renesmee was asleep on the sofa when we returned. I carried her upstairs and laid her on mine and Bella's old bed. I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her, as I did every night. But tonight I didn't tell her that I would never leave her; I couldn't keep that promise now.

Everyone was sat waiting downstairs. Carlisle mouthed a sorry at me. I took a deep breath and only winced slightly.

"Carlisle can you tell them?" I whispered, I couldn't say it. I physically couldn't.

"Edward I..."

"Please." I continued whispering.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked anxiously. I pulled her to my side, holding the piano for support behind my back.

"Bella," Carlisle began, I nodded for him to continue, "Bella Edward has got blood poisoning. He's dying." Carlisle said, whispering the last pat.

Silence echoed round the room.

"Rubbish!" Emmet finally declared, I glared at him, as did everyone else.

"Emmet it's true." I said.

"But it can't be... not you... not my brother." Emmet said, his unspoken brotherly love leaking through his usually strong exterior. Rosalie placed a loving hand on his shoulder and he pulled he into a hug. Alice and Jasper did the same.

"It's true." Bella breathed, whimpering slightly.

I pulled her into my chest. She gasped through invisible tears.

Everyone very kindly filtered out of the room. Wanting to be by themselves I suspected.

"But Renesmee, she's so young..." Bella whispered. My arms tightened around her.

"I know." I breathed

"How long?" She asked finally, pulling back to look at me.

"About a month." I said matter of factly. She nodded, forcing herself not to whimper or cry out.

"What are we going to tell her?" She asked quietly.

Both our eyes unthinkingly looked towards the stairs. Bella whimpered as we both heard Neisse's quiet breathing. I pulled her to me again.

"The same thing that we're going to tell Charlie and everyone else." I whispered, "That I've got cancer."

She nodded into my chest.

"We'll have to tell her soon love."

"I know." She whispered and kissed my cheek gently. I laid it on top of her hair as we both sobbed without the tears.

We stayed stood like that all night, neither having the strength to let the other go.

"Mummy... Daddy?" Nessie called. Bella took a deep breath and took my hand.

I nodded, even though I couldn't read Bella's mind I had a good sense as to what she was thinking. We would tell Renesmee now, to give her the longest amount of time to adjust. I hunched over and gasped as the pain returned. Carlisle and the others were suddenly there.

"Edward are you okay?" he demanded, Bella's eyes were wide as they search my face.

"Fine." I muttered, only gasping slightly. Emmet and Jasper tried to help me stand upright. I shrugged them off.

"I'm not dead yet." I muttered dryly as I re-took Bella's hand and led her towards the stairs. I felt six pairs of eyes on my back, as well as six thoughts of my sanity as well as physical health.

Me and Bella sat down on the bed watching Renesmee, she sat cross legged on the carpet, looking up at me and Bella.

"What's going on?" She demanded, sensing the distress oozing from me and Bella.

"Nessie..." Bella began but was too choked up to continue.

I squeezed her hand.

"Nessie come here please." I said, opening my arms. She came to sit on my lap.

"Nessie, Daddy isn't very well... not very well at all." I started to say bit the words caught in my throat. Bella caught my shoulder and finished.

"Renesmee, Daddies dying." She whispered and hid her face in my shoulder; I pulled my arm around her.

"You're dying." Nessie echoed. She started to sob and I pulled her to my chest. Bella gently stoked her hair, she sobbed harder.

"But I don't want you to die." Renesmee whispered.

I took a deep breath, it burned in the back of my throat, not in the way I was used to, but in the way that made me cringe. Bella's eyes snapped up to look into my eyes. I shook my head ever so slightly.

"I know Nessie but it will be ok. You need to look after your mummy for me theses next few weeks. Ok?"

She nodded and hugged me. I blinked a few times. I hugged Bella with my free arm. She whimpered quietly.

I would not let my family suffer by watching me fade away. As much as it hurt me to think it, I would go it alone. I would say goodbye a few weeks early. I didn't want Renesmee's last memory of me to be one of me lying down, not breathing and not moving. I wanted her to remember me as her father. The man who never stopped loving her, no matter what shape he was in.

I glanced down at Bella. I would miss her more than anything. I felt so bad; the whole point of her becoming a vampire was that we could spend forever together. That wouldn't happen now and it pained me to realise that it was true.

Crying tired Renesmee out and I carried her home; Bella held my hand and squeezed tight.

I handed Renesmee to her. She looked at me questioningly. I doubled over, my hands on my knees, gasping for breath.

Bella's eyes widened in alarm and distress, she darted past me. This was the moment I had to take. I strained myself to stand upright and charged through the forest, leaving my love and life behind me.


I left Renesmee with Esme and Rosalie. The others came with me as we ran through the forest. I followed mine and Edwards scent to the spot where he had collapsed.

He wasn't here.

Our heads whipped around. Alice closed her eyes in concentration. She gasped. Jasper was at her side in an instant.

"Alice?" I squeaked, maybe I was too late, and I never got to say goodbye...

"That way." She said, pointing to the east.

I ran parallel to Jasper as we darted through the forest. Edwards scent was strong here, and heavy rain as starting to fall. Jasper threw his arms around me as I screamed at what I saw. I struggled against his grip but he wouldn't let go. Edward was hunched over on the floor. His eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow.

Carlisle crouched on the floor beside him. He shook his head.

"There's nothing I could do..." he whispered, my silent heart felt like a stone in my empty chest.

"Let's just get him inside... in the warm and dry."

Emmet was for once un-smiling as he lifted Edward up and onto his back, I heard Edward groan quietly.

Alice and Jasper watched me carefully as we ran through the forest to mine and Edward's house. He was laid on our bed. Carlisle removed his shirt. Everyone gasped at what they saw. His chest was covered in grey lines, like dry veins. They throbbed and twisted up his neck and down his shoulders. But they were faint. Maybe that was why I hadn't noticed them before; when he had his shirt removed I usually wasn't paying attention.

Edward drifted in and out of sleep. But when he was awake he insisted that he didn't need looking after. He got up and played with Renesmee. He even went hunting with his brothers. I worried insanely about him.

Our alone time was the time we used to grieve, we refrained from doing it in front of Renesmee. We didn't want her upset. It was a week later and Edward decided we need to tell Charlie.

We pulled up in front of his house. Edward was driving, by his own request.

"Hey kids." Charlie called from the porch. Me and Edward smiled weakly.

"Blimey you two who died?" He asked with a laugh as we sat down in the lounge.

"Not dead Charlie." Edward said quietly, "Dying..."

I ducked my head and forced myself not to look like I was crying.

"Bella?" Charlie asked.

I shook my head, "Edward's got Cancer." I choked out and a sob broke in my voice. Edward pulled me to him as I wept dryly.

"It's okay." Edward breathed quietly. I hugged him tighter.

Charlie didn't speak. He just sat staring at Edward, his mouth not quite brushing the floor.

"I don't believe it." He finally whispered, "But surely Carlisle..."

Edward shook his head, "They can't cure it Charlie." He said matter of factly.

I sobbed harder.

"My god." Charlie said again.

We just sat there in complete silence. Edward held me and Charlie tried not to have a heart attack.

"Go to the car Bella." Edward said as we left, he knew I could still hear, but it was something Charlie should think I shouldn't hear.

I waited and listened.

"I know you're her father." Edward said, one hand holding the porch strut, keeping himself upright.

"Just I need to know... that when... when... when I'm gone.... I need to know that she and Renesmee will be looked after. I know my family are more than capable, but you're her family, and I don't know how she'll cope." Edward continued.

"Edward," Charlie said placing a hand on Edwards shoulder, I saw Edward cringe slightly, "Edward I don't want to worry you, but she won't take it well... she was bad enough... when you and your family left before... but this could kill her. I'll try my best, but she may not..."

"I know Charlie." Edward said, "Just try and look after her please."

"I will." Charlie promised and hugged Edward.

Edward was silent for the journey home. I looked unblinkingly out of the windshield.

"Daddy!" Renesmee cried as we walked into Esme and Carlisle's living room. Edward crouched down and she jumped into his arms, he scooped her up and hugged her tight. She kissed his cheek.

My breath caught in my throat. How I wished I could freeze time and keep him for her. I didn't know how I would cope when he was gone... how I would be able to still look after her.

Edward met my eyes and smiled slightly. We had to put on a brave face for her. But it was killing me as much as it was him, even if not physically... emotionally definitely.

Two more weeks passed and Edward was completely drained. He stayed in our house, never really moving. He cringed when her moved and was completely weak. Although he still insisted on not being helped to do anything. He just muttered things about not being dead yet and not being able to trust anyone to do anything properly.

It was really strange because he had started sleeping again at night. I lay in his arms, watching him breath. He looked pale, even for a vampire. He was fading away.

I was walking back from Esme and Carlisle's with a sleeping Renesmee in my arms. Alice and Rosalie were behind me. She stopped walking suddenly.

"Alice?" I asked through a tight jaw. Worry washed over me.... Edward... I had left him alone. What if he was...?

"He's gone." She gasped.

"What?" Me and Rosalie asked in unison.

Alice took a deep breath and concentrated.

"Take her to Esme." I commanded, giving Renesmee to Rosalie. She nodded and turned away.

"Fetch Jasper and Emmet and Carlisle!" Alice cried as we darted towards mine and Edward's house.

My eyes zeroed on the door as we ran through the forest edge. A piece of paper was stuck to it.

I charged a head of Alice to snatch it off of the door. My hand flew to my throat as I read the passage.

My Dearest Bella.

It hurts me to be away from you, at the time when I perhaps need you most. But I will not make you suffer. I will live my final days alone.

I am sorry.

I love you, I always have and I always will.

Goodbye my love and I am sorry.


PS. Tell Renesmee I love her.

I spun around, my chest rising and falling rapidly. A broken whimper broke free from chest. Alice pulled me into a hug.

Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle arrived shortly. I handed Carlisle the later.

"We have to find him." Emmet declared after hugging me.

"He's gone to La Push." Alice murmured her eyes wide with fear.

"What?"Jasper gasped.

I stopped breathing.

"He knows what the wolves will do, he knows what they will do... to him."

I gasped and Carlisle threw his arms around me to keep me upright.

I screamed Edward's name and doubled over and my heart broke. I could not hold him as he died. I could never say goodbye.

"But you can't see the wolves." Jasper chocked out.

"But I saw him just before he closed the boundary line." Alice whispered and her voice broke.

I slumped to the floor, my chest making a violent ripping noise.

I looked down at the wedding ring o my finger and rested my head against the wooding decking on which i was slumped.

"Edward." I whispered pathetically and cried harder.