A low rumbling sound alarmed me from my grief stricken state. I removed my face from the wooden floor and looked up to see four wolves and a man. Well two men.

Jacob held Edward in his arms and lowered him carefully onto the mud.

"Edward!" I screamed and threw myself towards him. The rain plastering on my face and hair. I knelt down in the mud beside him. He reached up and slowly touched my cheek. His eyes opened and my heart broke. They were sold grey. No gold in them at all.

"Bella." He breathed.

"I'm here." I whispered. He laughed but the sound was cut off in his throat. Turning into a groan.

"Please don't leave me." I begged. He looked at me again, his eyes full of longing and pain.

"I never will. As long as you remember." He said, his tone full of sadness.

"Always." I promised, kissing him gently.

There was a loud crack from the forest behind us. I paid no attention to it, my eyes only on Edwards, his visa versa.

The wolves and Jacob backed away, as did Carlisle and the other Cullen's to my right. I then felt a cold hand on my shoulder. And Edward growled quietly. I touched his cheek as I turned to see Aro looming over me. Jane and Felix stood sulking a few feet away.

"Aro." Edward greeted bitterly.

Aro crouched down beside me, and he spoke the words I had longed to hear for nearly a month.

"Edward we have a cure."

Edwards eyes snapped open as he questioned Aro silently, checking the truth in his words.

"You drink this, you will be fine." Aro said, handing Edward a vile of venom coloured liquid, even though it had a slight purple tinge to it.

Edward took the vile and looked at Aro through narrowed eyes.
"Why would you save me?" He asked his voice thick and breaking.

"Because I, better than all people can see the grief radiating through your families minds when I touch them. But I do not need my gift, to see the heart breaking helplessness your mate feels here."

Edward's eyes shifted to me and he smiled. I smiled back, kissing the hand I was holding.

"So I drink this, and I will be fine?" Edward continued. I was frowning internally, just drink it... please. Just drink it now. For me.

"Very well." Edward said, and touched the vile to his lips. The liquid slid into his mouth and he swallowed. Edward body convulsed. His back arched and he coughed loudly. His eyes clamped shut and he whimpered. He then became still. His breathing a regular pattern.

Aro nodded and stood. "It is done."

I continued to look at Edward, listening to them as they ran away.

Edward's brilliant eyes snapped open and he beamed at me.

I smiled and he sat up, pulling me to stand with him.

"Oh Edward." I cried and threw myself at him. My arms winding around his neck.

His arms rubbed my back as I dryly sobbed into his shirt. I pulled back and kissed him feverishly, my hair whipping around my face with the wind.

And then, as if in something from a film, all the wolves howled in delight, and the Cullen's cheered and clapped. Because now, now more than ever. It seemed that something bright could come from darkness.

We walked hand in hand up to Carlisle and Esme's, what a surprise this would be for the rest of the family. Alice was practically skipping, and I actually felt like joining in. Edward beamed and kissed my head as we walked up the steps.

We entered the living room and Renesmee leapt into Edward waiting arms. She cried into his shoulder and he shushed her, stroking her back. His face was buried in her shoulder, his brow furrowed as though he was going to cry.

She looked at him anxiously.

"I'm not going anywhere sweetheart." He smiled. She smiled back and hugged him again.

Esme then said a word I never imagined her to. Her face was so shocked that she must have forgot herself completely, I laughed and Edward took my hand.

"You're really alright?" She asked, walking over and feeling Edwards forehead, as though checking he had a temperature.

"I'm fine mom." He said. She laughed and went to stand by Carlisle. Rosalie just stood open mouthed. I smiled at her and she smiled back, obviously not over the reincarnation of Edward.

"Edward?" I asked about an hour later. We were laughing and joking with his family. He nodded in response as he stood with a tired Renesmee in his arms.

"We'll see you all tomorrow." He said. Emmet laughed.

"Be gentle with him Bella." He laughed.

I smiled and linked my arm threw Edwards who kissed the top of my head.

"I'll try." I breathed seductively. Emmet froze; this was evidently not the response he wanted.

Edward laughed and we walked back to the cottage. He settled Renesmee in bed before walking back to me. I jumped and wound my legs around his waist, gluing my lips to his.

"I love you." He whispered

"Love you to." I breathed back. He smiled and carried me to our room.

I was walking back from Carlisle and Esme's house. Edward was at home with Renesmee, it was just gone eight o clock, and she would hopefully be still up. I ascended the porch steps slowly. I looked through the glass window. Renesmee was sat cross legged on the floor, Edward lying behind her on his side. He was propped up on one elbow, his other hand holding the book he was reading to her, his arm draped around his shoulders. She was already dressed for bed, she was leaning in the crook of Edward's arm, her eyes tired but determined. Edward glanced up from the book he was reading to her and smiled at me.

I lifted my shield out of the way.

Carry on.

I thought and he nodded slightly. Edward glanced at our daughter who was already half asleep. I heard him say happily ever after and sigh contentedly. Renesmee turned so she was facing him and extended her arms. He pulled her onto his chest and sat up, her arms around his neck. He got up and sat down on the sofa. I walked in and sat next to him, stroking my daughter's hair. She looked at me and smiled; I returned the expression and kissed her forehead.

"Will you put her to bed?" He asked, "I just need to get something."

I nodded and looked at him curiously, he just nodded. He got up and went into our room. I tucked my daughter in and kissed her goodnight, before turning out the light and making my way to see Edward. I changed quickly into my blue night 'dress' and entered our darkened room. The lamp was on but that was it, it was a very seductive type of mood lighting. I turned to see Edward leant beside the door.

"What?" I asked when he smiled.

"Nothing." He breathed, walking over and winding his arms around my waist, "Just enjoying the view." I smiled and kissed him. He lifted me and sat me on the bed. He sat down opposite me.

"I can never thank you enough for staying with me when I was ill." He said. My heart ached; I did not want to think about the thought of another near death experience for him.

"We never had any time together that last month, and I feel I never told you enough, just how much I didn't want to lose you. What it would do to me if I ever did...." his voice broke and he stroked my cheek.

"This was my mothers," He said, handing me a long velvet necklace box. I was about to argue about him giving me a gift but he butted in.

"What's mine is yours now we are married." He whispered. I opened the box and gasped. Inside the satin was a sapphire necklace. A single stone set in the silver heart pendent that hung from the long chain.

"It's beautiful." I managed to say, even though the words still felt like they were stuck in my throat.

"May I?" He asked with a smile. I nodded and he came to sit behind me. I held my hair while he secured the necklace around my beck. He let my hair gently fall and kissed the bare skin.

"Thank you so much." I whispered.

"No problem." He breathed, and kissed me gently.

I was sat in Alice's room, Renesmee was with Rosalie and Edward was out hunting. Alice was playing with my hair, I think since I have become a vampire I have been given more patience, because I do not mind Bella Barbie as much now.

Edward had been strangely quiet this morning, and he wouldn't tell me what was wrong.

"Alice" I asked.

"Ummm." She said, slightly distracted.

"What's the matter with Edward?"

She sighed, "It is one hundred and thirteen years since Edward's parents died. And he normally goes back to Chicago to see their graves. But he doesn't want to have to ask you and Nessie to come with him. So he's not bothering."

I frowned and sighed. It was so typical Edward. He never did anything for himself, and I knew he would never ask me.

"They're back." Alice declared. He smiled at me and hugged me when I stood.

"Go and get him."

I smiled and walked downstairs. Edward was stood by his piano, looking out of the window, resting back on its white paintwork.

"Edward?" I asked, He turned to look at me, his face slightly pained as he fought to cover it up.

"Oh Edward." I sighed and went over to him. He hugged me fiercely and buried his face in my hair. I held him tightly and stroked the back of his neck.
"Alice told me." I whispered. He pulled back and growled quietly, glaring at the stairs. I took his face in my hands and stroked his alabaster skin.

"Edward why did you not tell me?" I asked my voice breaking.

"Because it's not important." He whispered his eyes still close. "Because it doesn't matter." He said even more quietly.

"they're your parents..." I began but he opened his eyes and cut me off.

"Bella I have made this journey every year for over a century, and all the time I have done it because they were the two people I loved more than anything... but that is no longer the case." He leant forwards and kissed my forehead.

"Edward I'm coming with you." I whispered, and he sighed and nodded, sensing defeat.

"Edward?" I asked, after a while of just standing there, wrapped in each other's embraces.

"Umm." He asked, his eyes still closed.

"If I had been born in 1901, and we had met... do you think your parents would have... approved of me?" I asked.

I had never thought of this. In all of mine and Edward's relationship Carlisle and Esme had been his parents, and he had never disputed otherwise. It struck me now, that he still missed them.

"Bella they would have loved you, my mother especially." He said, "She would have marvelled at your kindness, and the way you failed to see and beauty in yourself even though it is over flowing. She always said, this world needs more girls where it is less about vanity and more about heart. That is the girl you need Edward."

He laughed quietly to himself, his thoughts taking him back. He smiled and looked at me, I smiled back.

"She also used to comment every night at dinner, when I reached the age of sixteen, 'Edward I'm not going to be here forever, and I would like to see some grand children before then."

I laughed at this and Edward did to.
"Carlisle told me on my eighteenth birthday that you looked alot like your mother and that you were named after your father..." my voice broke and Edward looked at me alarmed.

"Bella what's wrong?" He asked.

I shook my head and leant into his shoulder.
"Do you hate me?" I whispered.

"No!" He exclaimed, "Why would I?"

"Because I can never give you another child, you can never have your own son called Edward." I wept dryly. Edward shushed me and rocked me. He pulled back and looked into my eyes.

"Bella you listen to me... look at me." he said, I did so.
"Bella you have given me anything and everything that I could possibly want, and we are together, forever, that is all I need now. All I will ever need."

I nodded and he hugged me again.

It was a week later and I and Edward were sat on the plane going to Chicago. Edward had been extremely quiet. I knew it was hard for him to do this. But I wanted to be here supporting him. I gave his hand a gently squeeze and he smiled weakly at me.

"Are you ok?" I asked. He nodded and smiled again, the intercom began to tell us that we were due to arrive in ten minutes. Edward fidgeted uncomfortably and I smiled at him, trying my best to look reassuring.

We were sat in the taxi driving through the unfamiliar city. Edward told his instructions to the driver, who nodded and smiled at me. I smiled back and shuffled closer to Edward, who looked out of the window, his expression uneasy.

"Where are we going?" I asked quietly.

"To the hotel, and then to the cemetery." He whispered back, his voice strained.

I had just showered in our hotel room, and when I walked out into the bedroom and Edward was stood with one hand on the glass full length window. I saw his reflexion, his eyes were troubled.

"Edward?" I asked gently. I walked over and wrapped my arms around his waist, kissing between his shoulder blades.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked. I nodded and he turned to face me.
"It will be fine Edward. I'll be there with you." I promised. He sighed.

"You don't have to be."

I frowned.

"More that, you shouldn't have to be, I should be strong enough to not do this every year but..."

"You looked after me all through our relationship; it's only fair I get to return the favour" I said. He nodded and took my hand.

"Come on then." He said.

It was raining when we arrived at the cemetery. Edward led me by the hand, his hair wet against his head. I held an umbrella, it was completely unnecessary but Edward didn't want me getting wet. We wound down the muddy path, before Edward stopped and we were stood facing to identical head stones. The left read,

Edward Masen

Beloved Father and husband

Deceased 1918

And the right

Elizabeth Masen

Beloved Mother and Wife

Deceased 1918

Edward took a deep breath and shut hi eyes quickly, before opening them. The he vaguely gestured to a stone next to it. I glanced at it and my breath caught in my throat. The stone had a simple engraving in memoriam to the person who it was dedicated to, much like the ones next to it. I glanced at Edward; his eyes were flat black and his face unreadable.

Edward Masen

In memoriam of much loved young man.

Declared missing on March 20th 1918

Lost but never forgotten.

1901 – 1918

I turned to Edward and he hugged me, I buried my face in his chest. Of course there were no tears falling, but my rain wet face gave any in lookers no clue as to our true identity.

"I'm so sorry Bella; you should never have had to come." He whispered, I shook my head and looked up at him.

"I feel bad for making you come, I understand it must be hard... but the stone..." my voice broke as I read the inscription again.

"Carlisle had it put up. He helped me alot, to feel like I was still sort of with them." He said.

"It says you were pronounced missing." I said.

"Yes." He breathed, sitting us down on a bench. "Carlisle had to do it, of course there was no body, it was weird though, having to attend my own memoriam service."

And he actually smiled.

"Are you ready to go, I don't want you getting wet." He said. I nodded and he stood up.

"Can you give me a minute please?" I asked. Edward raised an eyebrow but left to the car park anyway. I watched him go and crouched down in front of his parents head stones.

"I know this is stupid, but I still think you can hear me. Thank you so much for having your son, and I will do my best to look after him. I know you can probably see us, watching what we do. At least that was what I was always taught. Edward does not believe he is going to heaven, but if he ever dies before me. Please look after him we he gets to you, don't let him do anything stupid. Thank you for your son, thank you, my father and mother in law."

And with that I got up and with one last look at Edward's memoriam stone, walked to take my husband's hand. He kissed the top of my head, and we walked back towards the hotel.

I was sat on the hotel bed, Edward was still sat in the armchair, looking out of the window.

"Edward come to bed?" I whispered, I knew we didn't sleep, but I just wanted to be held like he normally did at night. I was so selfish.

"Edward?" I asked when he did not move.

He sighed and got up, coming to lie beside me.

"Bella do you think I have done right by you?" He asked.

"Of course Edward... why do you ask?"

"I just feel that sometimes, I have asked too much of you...." He began. I took his face in my hands.
"Edward what are you being sentimental for. You are happy aren't you?" I asked my voice breaking as I thought that maybe he didn't want me anymore.

"Darling I could never not want you, could never not be happy with you." He said. I sighed and he pulled me closer.

"I love you, my beautiful wife." He whispered.

"I love you too, my beautiful husband." I said He laughed and kissed me gently, I stroked his face and he smiled at me. I smiled back and he kissed the tip of my nose.


Christmas came around again and we Cullen boys were at the mercy of Alice as they acted was her slaves. We had all been forced to wear Christmas hats whilst doing their jobs. We were enlisted to help decorate the Cullen's house, which was where all of them, including me, Bella and Renesmee would be spending the festive period.

Emmet through a bauble at me and I caught it and threw it back, smacking Emmet clean in the chest. Luckily Alice caught it before it hit the floor.

"Edward can you at least try to not be a grouch!" She yelled hanging it on the tree. I sighed from where I was unloading boxes from the basement.

"No I can't Alice. You have me imprisoned here waiting for my wife and daughter to come back. It's her first Christmas Alice... surely you can understand..." I began but she held a finger up to silence me.

"Edward they will be here soon. Besides I thought Nessie might like knowing that her father decorated a house especially for her."

She had me there.

"Fine I'll play along." I muttered. Emmet laughed and threw another bauble at me, sensing I was distracted.

It caught me on the side of the head and shattered all over the floor. I scooped the bits up with my hand and chucked them I the waste bin.

"Oh lighten up Edward its Christmas!" He yelled.

"Yes and I, oh the fortunate one, am so far spending it with a bunch of ignorant..."

"Daddy!" I heard my daughter cry. I spun and crouched down as she ran into my arms. She hooked her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. I kissed her hair in turn.
"Merry Christmas." She said happily, handing me a folded piece of paper submerged in glitter.

"It's a card." She cried, clapping her hands.

"It's lovely." I told her as I kissed her forehead. My silent heart felt like it would burst with love as I opened it. Inside it read, 'to my daddy, I love you loads, merry Christmas Renesmee.'

I kissed her forehead again and Bella walked over, kissing my cheek.

"Merry Christmas Mr Cullen." She breathed against my skin. I shivered with pleasure and was only vaguely of Renesmee still in my arms.

"Later." She whispered and squeezed the top of my thigh. I moaned quietly and she winked at me. Before walking away to see if Alice wanted any help. Since Bella had become a vampire she had found that she could arouse me by just doing slight things. She had also started acting more seductively and suggestive around me, too low for Nessie too hear, but so everyone else could. It was great.

"Daddy?" Renesmee asked.

I looked down at her and pushed a piece of hair out of her eyes. "Yes love?"

"What have you got mummy for Christmas?" She whispered. I glanced over my shoulder; Bella was deep in conversation with Alice. I smiled to myself. Renesmee still had to write on Bella's card and help wrap her present. I prayed Alice saw my future so she would not let Bella interrupt us.

I set my daughter on the ground and she led me up the stairs to mine and Bella's old bedroom where she slept when we stayed over.

I crouched down and pulled Bella's present out of the safe I had invested in. There were several small presents from Renesmee, and a few others from both of us. The smallest present, well the key to the present, was at the back of the safe.

I knelt on the floor with my daughter and we wrapped her mother's gifts. Renesmee placed them one by one in a gift bag. She then jumped into my arms, holding the bag with one hand. We walked downstairs and Nessie ran to put the present bag under the tree. Bella's eyes popped wider as she did so, and then they continued to narrow at me as I laughed.

Christmas eve went quickly, and it was just as I was sat laughing with my family when I saw my daughter yawn.

"Bed Renesmee." I said. She nodded and extended her arms for m to pick her up. I did so and Bella kissed her forehead.

"See you in the morning" She whispered and Nessie nodded. I carried my daughter upstairs and put her in bed.

"Daddy will Santa be coming tonight?" She asked me.

I smiled, "He's probably on his way here right now. But not if your awake." I clarified.

She nodded and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight Daddy. I love you." She breathed.

"Love you. My angel." I whispered back and kissed her forehead. I hummed her lullaby until she fell asleep.

I then walked back downstairs and Bella grabbed my hand. She led me upstairs to the spare room. She pushed me down on the bed and sat on my abdomen. She kissed me gently and slipped her hands under my shirt.

Christmas began well that year.

Renesmee awoke at the normal time, her body clock not fully equipped for partying. She could sleep in the afternoon if she got tired.

Renesmee wanted to opened her presents last, and it was quickly decided that me and Bella should go first. I handed Bella her present from me, the keys to her new car, a black convertible Audi. Bella sighed and kissed me on the cheek.

"It's better than a Volvo." Emmet said with a smile. I frowned and Renesmee settled herself in my lap as we sat on the floor in a circle.

"I like daddy's car." she said.

"Ooh burn!" Jasper laughed at Emmet's horrified expression.

Bella smiled and twirled her car keys around her finger.

"Okay, presents for mummy from me." Nessie continued. She handed Bella the gift bag we had wrapped the day before. Bella looked at me and smiled. I hooked an arm around her shoulder and touched Renesmee's with the other.

"Open them." She urged. Bella laughed and began to open them. Bella looked like she would cry when she opened her final preset.

"It's from both of us." I said gently. Bella nodded and kissed my cheek, before kissing our daughters forehead. It was a leather bound photo album, filled with pictures of us three, as well as Charlie, Renee and my family.

"It's beautiful." She whispered. Renesmee clapped her hands and hugged my arm.

Everyone exchanged presents and Renesmee opened hers. She bounced and laughed like a real toddler, before settling herself on my lap and looking through her cards. I waited hoping that Bella had excepted my explanation for not needing a present. That was that I already had her and Nessie. That I needed nothing else.

Unfortunately, as I had done with Bella. She had ignored what I had said.

I sighed as three rather large presents made their way towards me. Each of them labelled for me. Bella smiled and Renesmee laughed at my expression.

"Help Daddy open them Nessie." Bella prompted, sensing I was quickly trying to think of a way to get out of this.

My daughter nodded and passed me the largest present, which was still half the size of Nessie.

I opened the green box and smiled at what I saw. It was a montage of pictures of me Bella and Nessie. The largest picture in the middle was that of Bella and Nessie on her birthday, surrounded by wrapping paper. They both looked so beautiful, if I could cry, tears would be streaming now.

"Next present!" My daughter declared. Alice pushed a tiny package towards her, and my daughter passed it to me, I opened it to find a set of keys in my hand. Bella clamped her hands over my eyes and led me towards the garage. When we arrived she lifted her hands and I gawped at what I saw, she giggled.

It was the new Ferrari R8 model, shiny black with turbo engines.

"It's beautiful." I whispered and ran my hand over the paint work on the bonnet.

She laughed and I sighed. I turned to face her and kissed her on the cheek.

"We'll christen the back seat later." She whispered in my ear and touched my back side. I laughed, well more growled as she walked back into the house. Hips swinging as she went.

See what I mean.

Esme cooked a wonderful lunch, well we drank blood out of champagne flutes while Renesmee ate, then that afternoon we watched the Christmas movie on fox. It was something about a vampire and a human falling in love, 'Twilight' I think it was called.

Bella lounged across my lap and Renesmee sat tucked into my side. I had my arm around her shoulders and she fiddled with my fingers. Alice leapt up half way through the film and took a photo of us. I kissed Bella's cheek just as the photo was taken and she laughed. And when Alice showed us the photo I can honestly say I have never been more proud of both my girls. They looked so beautiful. We looked like a proper family, even if both of Neisse's parents were seventeen.

I was carrying Nessie back to the cottage. She was already half asleep. I laughed as she mumbled something about Santa. I placed her under the covers and kissed her forehead.

"My precious little girl." I whispered and heard Bella sigh from our bedroom. There was then a whimper and a sob from her. I bolted out of the room, having to close the door maddeningly quiet so Renesmee wouldn't hear.

"Bella what's wrong?" I demanded, she was sat hunched over on our bed. I crouched down in front of her, taking her hands in mine. She hung her head so I couldn't see her face. I pushed a piece of hair out of her the way.

"Sweetheart what's the matter?" I asked my tone growing more anxious by the minute. Was she hurt...? I couldn't see how but she must be.

"You must hate me." She whispered, and I instantly knew what this was about.

"Darling I can never change what we are, what you have become, what you have given up to be like me." I whispered. She took a deep breath.

"But I just wish I could give you more." She said, and it broke my heart to see her cry this way, even if there were no tears.

"My Darling you have given me more than I could ever wish for. You and Nessie are both blessings to me, and I thank god everyday for you..." I began but she would not let me finish.
"You deserve more children. You deserve to be able to have a son, someone you could teach to fight and do all the stuff you don't like Nessie doing. We could be a proper family..."

It was me who interrupted this time.
"Bella you can Nessie are my family. Stretched from that Carlisle and Esme are, as well as Charlie Renee and all of my siblings. I need nothing else Bella." I vowed. She just shook her head and sobbed again, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to my chest. She shook gently from the dry sobs that erupted from her chest.

"We should be able to watch our children grow, watch them fight and argue," She whispered, and I laughed once without humour.

"Edward in all books all the families has two children, one daughter one son. We should be able to have another Edward, but I can't give you that." She urged.

"What brought all this on?" I asked, Bella sniffed and ducked her head again.

"I saw you with Nessie, and the way she asks you to do things, like brush her hair and sing to her." She said, I stroked her cheek.
"Bella do you regret becoming a vampire?" I asked, trying so hard for my voice not to break and not quite succeeding.

"No." She said, and I thought for one moment that she meant it, because when she looked into my eyes again and I saw they were butterscotch gold, I knew she was telling the truth.

"I just regret that I had not given you a son before I was changed. That is all." She said. I kissed her gently and she smiled.

"You don't hate me?" She asked.

"Never." I vowed and she hooked her arms round my neck, I stroked her back gently.

"Edward I don't want to christen your car back seat tonight." She whispered, I nodded, after her revelation I didn't feel much like it either, which was something.

"Can we just stay here?"

Again I nodded and pulled her into my lap, we lay together in the bed. I rubbed Bella's back as she continued to whimper occasionally.

She seemed better in the morning, but she had to excuse herself when we were at Carlisle and Esme's and Nessie asked me if there would be any other vampires in our family ever.

She ran out with a hand over her mouth. I kissed my daughters forehead and instructed Esme to look after her as I went after my wife. She was in the bathroom, both hands on either side of the sink, gasping. I came in and rubbed her back again. It made me smile internally to think of how many times I had done this during morning sickness when she was pregnant with Ness.

"Edward?" She asked.

"Yes love?" I asked.
"I was just thinking, how many times you did that during my pregnancy." She gasped. I laughed quietly, turning her to kiss her forehead, our arms wrapped around each other.

"You see love, there are good things about pregnancy, now will you stop hating yourself about having another child, you are happy yes?" I asked.

She smiled and kissed me quickly.

"More than ever."

"Then you have nothing to hate yourself for, come on, Ness will want to know where we have snuck off to." I said. She laughed as we linked hands, fingers intertwining.

"More likely Emmet will." She whispered as I went to open the bathroom door.

"Edward?" She said. I looked at her.

"Thank you for listening, and understanding."

I kissed her and tapped her thigh.

"I'm sure we'll think of some way for you to make it up to me." I said.
She giggled and hooked her arms around my neck, leaning into my chest.

"Is that a challenge." She whispered seductively.

I kissed her cheek.

"Only if you accept ma'am." I whispered back. She giggled again and I leaned her back, kissing the base of her throat.
There was a banging on the door and we both jumped and then laughed at it afterwards.

"Bella Edward your Daughter wants to go swimming and Esme said that only you two can go in with her... so hurry up!" Alice yelled. I growled back and Bella kissed my cheek.

"I remember our first swim." She said and kissed me again. I moaned and she ran out of the room.

Yes she was definitely back to her original self.

I was changed and walked down into the swimming pool, Bella was wearing a blue bikini, and I was thankful Alice had chosen this bikini. The material was not thick, and it would be very easy to get off...

Edward your daughter is present; do not scar her for life.

Alice. I growled and heard her sigh. Bella was laid on the sun lounger with her eyes closed. Ness ran over to me and I picked her up. She went to talk but I put a finger to my lips. She smiled and nodded, mimicking my movement. I smiled and Ness swam up and down happily. She was able to swim from an early age, and loved doing it. She watched me as I walked slowly around the pool, so I was leaning over Bella. She was completely oblivious. I smiled and scooped her up swiftly in my arms, kissing the base of her throat. She laughed but stopped abruptly as I walked towards the pool edge.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, don't you dare." She said her eyes severe. I smiled and extended my arms so she was hovering over the water.

"Edward!" She screamed as I dropped her. She swam to the surface, and if looks could kill, I would be dead.

Ness laughed as I dived in beside Bella. Bella laughed as I shook my hair like a dog. Bella swam into my arms and I spun with her. Bella climbed onto my back and looked at our daughter who leant back so her hair got wet. I laughed as she bounced away from me, splashing into the water. I spun and dunked Bella under the surface. She growled and kissed my back hungrily.

Bella got out and sat on the side. Nessie swam back towards me and held her arms open. I picked her up and pressed my face into her wet hair. She smiled and her arms traced my shoulders, just the way Bella did it... but Bella usually wanted something when she did that...

"My little girl." I whispered. Nessie giggled and squirmed as I ticked her ribs.

"Daddy" She laughed. I smiled and laughed gently.

Edward can we come in yet? I promise I'll keep Emmet under control.

This was Rosalie.

"Yes!" I called back. There was a loud whoop from Emmet as he came to bomb in. Rosalie caught his hand and whispered something so fast Ness would have never understood it.

"Emmet do you want Edward to kill you... No I didn't think so... So behave please, the last time we were in here you nearly killed Bella." She reminded him. He nodded and apologised to me mentally. I nodded and he got in quickly, Jasper dived in smoothly their wives going to join mine and my mother on the side.

Ness swam over to her mother and Bella lifted her out of the pool, towelling her hair and smiling at her lovingly. I seized the opportunity and swam under the surface. Going up behind Emmet and kicking him in the back. Emmet fell forwards and spun under the water to face me. He lunged but I was quicker, anticipating his move threw his thoughts.

The fight began and when we swam up to the surface, Emmet was in King Fu mode.

"You shall be called grass hopper young warlock." He said. I rolled my eyes and splashed him to distract him while Jasper swam up behind him and tried to strangle him. I laughed and swam over to my daughter and wife where they sat on the side.

Nessie took great delight in throwing a weight in the pool for me to go 'find.' I did it at human pace to amuse her, and she clapped her hands when I appeared with it in my teeth for the tenth time. Bella laughed and stroked her hair. I got out and pulled her to me. She giggled and Bella rolled her eyes.

"Edward I just got her dry." She complained. I kissed her cheek quickly and she rolled her eyes again. Ness laughed and clapped her hands.

"Daddy when you get dry can we go out somewhere?"She asked. I nodded and Bella picked her up, I stood and followed.

"Where'd you want to go Ness?" She asked as we walked into our bedroom. I sat on the floor and Ness toweled my hair, biting her lip in concentration.

"The zoo." She said. I nodded and Bella laughed, we had been to the zoo a few weeks ago, and Ness loved it.

We walked down the stair, me and Bella holding Neisse's hands as she hopped down the stairs, counting them as she went.

Emmet and my siblings charged in.

"Can we come?" He asked. I sighed and picked Ness up, she placed her hand to my cheek, and Bella smiled.
"Fine." I sighed.

"Yay!" Alice squealed. Rosalie smiled and Jasper frowned.

We arrived at the zoo shortly after lunchtime. Emmet volunteered to help with the sea lion show while Rosalie died with embarrassment. The rest of us roared with laughter as he slipped and fell in the pool. Rosalie put her head in her hands and sighed, shaking her head.

Ness's favourite animal was the fishes', she and Emmet went around the aquarium twenty seven times, but in the end Emmet got too attached to a fish and Rosalie had to drag him out. He dug himself a further whole by saying it reminded him of her.

We walked around the zoo, aimlessly at first, me and Bella were only here because Ness wanted to be. It was quite amusing that Emmet sometimes took Rosalie on dates to the zoo, they usually went down like lead balloons.

"Daddy?" My daughter asked from where I was carrying her on my back.

"umm?" I asked.
"Why is Uncle Emmet on the wall by the lion enclosure?" She asked, I then turned to see what she meant, Emmet was dancing about on the lion enclosure wall. Rosalie was shouting obscene things at him that I really didn't want Renesmee hearing.

"God knows." I answered and we sat down on a picnic bench on the other side of the precinct, so we could still see what was going on. Bella sat on the table beside me sat on the bench. She rested her feet near my waist and held my hand. My daughter sat behind me with her legs crossed playing with my hair.

"Oh look the police have arrived, Esme's going to kill him." Bella said in a sing song voice. I laughed.

"Not to mention Rosalie." I muttered, Rosalie heard and turned to glare at me. I suppressed a smile.

"Daddy can we go now?" My daughter asked, I turned my head slightly to see her look at me intently, Bella stroked her hair.

"What do you want to see?" She asked as I picked Renesmee up again.

"What's your favourite animal mummy?" Ness asked. Bella laughed and took my other hand.

"Probably tigers, because they remind me of your father." She replied, licking her lips and winking at me in a very sexual way. I frowned, she was pushing it.

When we arrived at the tiger enclosure we found there were actually baby tigers there swell. Bella thought they were sweet, and Renesmee wanted one. I bent down and whispered in Bella's ear.

"I may be a tiger, but your my little sex kitten." I whispered, it was not like me to say these things to Bella, but she had started it.

We passed my other siblings. Rosalie was stood on the other side of Alice and Jasper who were holding hands. She had her arms crossed and stared straight ahead. Emmet kept glancing at her worriedly, his thoughts were buzzing about things he could get or do for her that would make her forgive him.

Alice offered to take Ness so we could have some time alone. Emmet bit his lip from laughing. Rosalie ignored him and continued to show Renesmee the giraffes.

"Okay, bye sweetie, be good for aunty Alice and uncle Jazz." Bella sang and towed me by the hand away from them. With one glance over my shoulder I saw Rosalie push Emmet in the enclosure as he made to touch her but. I laughed and pulled Bella into my side, wrapping an arm over her shoulders and kissing the top of her head. She giggled and I smiled.

I heard some very interesting thoughts regarding my fmailys as we wired through the crowds.

While all this was going on me and Bella spent some quality time alone, walking around the arcade holding hands. Then I saw it, the giant mountain lion cuddly toy. Bella saw it too and sighed and I pulled her towards the stand.
"Act human." I hissed in her ear. She giggled as I came to rest on the counter.

"How many baskets do I need to get to win that?" I asked gesturing to the thing I wanted.

"Five." The girl answered, adjusting her cap. I smiled and handed her the money.

The baskets came easily enough, and the woman handed me the toy.

"You must be a basketball player." She noted. I laughed and handed the toy to Bella.
"Or just a player." She murmured and Bella glared at her. I wrapped an arm around my wife's shoulders and steered her away.

"I hate it when they talk to you like that, like they can't see me." She hissed, I kissed the top of her head.

"At least you don't have to listen to men hitting on your wife." I said the ending slightly louder than the rest of the sentence, indicating to a man following us that Bella was off limits.

"Daddy!" Renesmee cried from where she stood waiting with Rose and Emmet, she ran over and I picked her up. She turned to Bella and touched her cheek. Bella laughed and I joined in.

She wanted to know where we got the lion.

"Daddy won it for me and you Ness, he had to bribe the lady on the arcade." Bella said. Emmet laughed and I frowned.

"No really, your daddy was very good at hook a duck." Bella giggled and I sighed. Rosalie patted my shoulder as we walked back towards the cars.

"Where are Alice and Jasper?" Emmet asked as he and Rose leant by the jeep and Bella settled Renesmee in the back of my Volvo. I laughed as I saw Alice and Jasper running towards us. Alice was soaked and Jasper was covered in mud.

They glided to a stop in front of us, and when Alice frowned, she slipped at mind blocking. I burst out laughing.

"What happened, Alice you look awful." Bella laughed and Alice sighed.

"This man wouldn't leave me alone and he ended up with Jasper punching him, not before having a brawl in the mud." She said. I fought from smiling.

"Alice is wet because a kid sprayed her with a water pistol, calling her the bed elf." Jasper revealed and Alice growled.

"Well as long as everyone had fun." I said and held the passenger door open for Bella, she got in and turned to check on our daughter who was sleeping, the generously sized lion laying across the seat next to her.

Alice and Jasper walked around the other side of the car. I blocked them.

"You two, can ride in the jeep." I said with a laugh, climbed in beside my wife and sped away.

I carried my daughter up the steps to Carlisle and Esme's house, she was tired and half asleep. Bella put the mountain lion beside her bed in her room. I lay Ness under the covers, taking of her clothes and putting he pyjamas on. I kissed her forehead and she smiled. I watched as Bella did the same. My wife was a wonderful mother, and more importantly her ass looked amazing in those jeans as she bent over. I shook my head to wash those thoughts away, I prided myself on being a gentlemen, and I would not think things like that about my wife.

"Come on lover by." She whispered as she came to take my hand, and dragged me towards our room. Not that I needed much persuading.

The next morning I sighed as the light shone through the window.

"Darling?" Bella whispered from where she was tucked to my chest. I turned from looking out of the widow to smile at her. She kissed my jaw and I sighed again. It was a morning like this on mine and Bella's honeymoon, the sunlight gleaming off her skin and her delicate blush as she woke up every morning.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked I almost laughed, that was my question to her usually.

"Just remembering." I breathed. She sighed and sat up next to, me, coming so she straddled my hips.

"So was I, even though I can't really remember it..." She said. I closed my eyes, Bella did not remember our wedding because she had been human, and those memories start to fade.

"Does that make you feel sad?" She asked her tone soft. I sighed and raised our intertwined hands so I could kiss her knuckles, my lips lingering on the one that held her ring. The one my father gave to my mother, and I gave to Bella. And if we were ever gone, hopefully the one my daughter's husband would give to her.

It made me sad to think that it would not be long before she found someone, be it human or vampire, or even half human like herself.

Then it struck me, I snapped my eyes opened and flipped us so I was lying on top of her, he laughed but I couldn't have been more serious.

"Bella Marry me." I said.

She giggled, "What?"

I was getting frustrated, "Bella this is the second time I have proposed to you, and both times you think it's been a joke."

"No I don't darling... you just... took me by surprise." She whispered and touched my cheek; I held her hand there, kissing her wrist.

"You don't remember our wedding...." I began to explain but she sighed.

"You can't try and recreate every human experience I had just so I can remember it, and besides, I watched the video Alice made us." She said, but she was missing the point.

"This isn't about every human experience, this is about our wedding." I put stress on the word so she would understand.

But just to irritate me, she shook her head.

"Edward. I know where my heart lies, and I know who I belong to. The ring on my finger shows me that you love me, and we tell each other it enough, it is symbolised in our daughter and more importantly it is here," She took my hand and placed it over her heart.

"I do not need a memory to know these things Edward, because although the memory itself has faded, the thoughts and feeling behind it have not."

This time I shook my head, "It's not the same. How do you think it makes me feel, that aside from Renesmee being born and when I met you, you can't remember the best event in our lives." I asked pleadingly.

We both heard Ness groan and roll over in bed, mumbling our names. We both sighed and Bella kissed my cheek.

"We'll talk about it later okay?" She whispered. I didn't respond. Just got off her and went to find a shirt, slamming the door quite a bit harder than necessary. I walked to the back of our closet and stood with both hands on the wall, gazing at the floor with a hard stare.

What if Bella didn't want to marry me, what if she was going to run back to that dog and take my daughter with her...


That wasn't going to happen. We hadn't spoken to Jacob in over a year, and Bella was not like that, she had just told me she loved me, but I couldn't help but wonder.

A pair of cool arms wound round my waist and a pair of even cooler lips kissed the bare skin of my back.

"I'm sorry." My wife whispered.

I shook my head, "You have nothing to be sorry for."

"And you do?"

I had everything to be sorry for. Sorry for the fact that I had left Bella four years ago.

Sorry for countless more things also.

"Edward she's asking for you, please don't be mad."

I am sorry.

Bella put her should back in place and I sighed turning and pulling her into a hug. She kissed below my neck and I the top of her head.

"It's fine." I said.

"Edward, it's not that I don't want to marry you it's just...." She began but I put a finger to her lips.

"I know love." I whispered, not wanting her to see just how much I felt rejected.

"Daddy!" Nessie cried from the other room, I sighed, kissed Bella's forehead and walked out of the room. I heard Bella sigh from the closet.


If only I could get Edward to listen, get him to understand. I wasn't that I didn't want to marry him again, I just didn't think it was necessary. He thought I didn't want to, I felt so bad. But he wouldn't let me explain, so I decided I needed the help of my best vampire sister, Alice.

I ran up the stairs of Carlisle an Esme's house. She must have been expecting me, because as I went to knock on her bedroom door she opened it and pulled me inside. SH was wearing wire frame glasses and pushed me to sit on the opposite side of the desk. I glanced at the papers surrounding her.

She knew why I was here then.

"So you want me to help you... arrange..." She said hinting obviously. I nodded, Edward was with Ness and Esme at home but I couldn't risk him hearing.

"You need to keep your thoughts blocked from him; I want it to be a surprise." I told her. She nodded and clapped her hands.

"are we going to recreate it exactly or change bits of it?" She asked, stacking some papers and pushing them to the side.

"I want it to be essentially the same, but I want a different dress, because I'm more happy with my appearance now." I informed her, she nodded and pushed another stack of papers into a carefully placed bin. I sighed.

"I can have it all done by Friday if we work hard today." She said, looking over the top of her glasses. I smiled and we hi fived.

"Edward won't know what hit him." She said. I laughed and we buried ourselves in wedding plans.


What's so special about Fridays, nothing. Except this Friday, because I was being separated from my wife and daughter for the morning and my pixie like sister was with them. Second Alice was shielding her thoughts from me, which is never a good thing. And third I was not allowed in the house I was confined to the cottage until Alice came to collect me. What was more, I was here with Emmet, Jasper and Rose. Carlisle and Esme were hunting, and we had already been. Being stuck in the cottage is okay when you're with Bella and your daughter. But when you are lumbered with a bunch of vain arrogant and stupid, in Emmet's case certainly, vampires, it is hell.

No pun intended.

Alice arrived a while later, still blocking her thoughts form me, and had me and the other boys dress in black tux's. Rosalie was dress in a blue dress similar to Alice's. The confusion continued to swamp me as we arrived back at the house and I was pushed into the garden, where it appeared to be set up for a wedding. I stood with Emmet and Jasper at the front, realising that they had no idea what was going on either. Neither did Carlisle and Esme who were sat in front of Rosalie on the other side of the 'aisle.' The minister stood at the front under an arch way of flowers.

Then the wedding march started and we all stood. Emmet looked completely confused, he wasn't alone.

I then turned to see my daughter walking down the aisle, dressed in a blue party frock, the same colour as Alice and Rosalie's, she came and stood by me, taking my hand and pulling me to stand in front of the minister.

Daddy look at mummy.

She thought. I turned to look past a smiling Esme and Carlisle, a wolf whistling Emmet and a laughing jasper, to see my Bella, walking towards me, wearing a white floor length off the shoulder dress, carrying a bouquet of white flowers. I took in the surroundings, the decorations, the white dress and the minister, and it all clicked.

Holy Shit!

I couldn't believe it, Bella had arranged this.

Edward try not to drool, you're not getting a second honeymoon so suck it up.

This was Rosalie, I laughed and Bella came to stand in front of me, she crouched and Ness took her bouquet. Bella kissed her quickly on the head as she ran past me to sit with Alice and Rose.

"We are gathered here today, to untie the love of these two people, Edward and Bella, by the re reading of their vows." The minister said.

Our vows were short and simple, just like us, no pun intended to Alice, I would have to share that joke with Emmet later, he would appreciate it.

"If there is anyone here who knows a reason why I should not reclaim theses two husband and wife, please speak now or forever hold their piece." He continued.

"She's not a virgin bride!" Emmet yelled and Bella laughed. I smiled gently. Jasper roared with laughter and Alice and Rosalie giggled. Carlisle and Esme looked both sorry and angry.

"Err... right." The minister said.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, once again, husband and wife."

Not man I noticed.

Everyone stood and clapped and cheered. Bella flung her arms around my neck and I held her waist. We pulled away and I touched her forehead to mine, gazing down into her eyes.

"I love you so much." I whispered. She smiled and brought her hand down to touch my cheek, "Forever my love." She whispered back. I touched my lips to hers again but became aware of a small hand tugging my trouser leg. I looked down to see my daughter; I smiled and picked her up. Bella kissed her cheek.

"You look beautiful sweetheart." I whispered and kissed her forehead. She giggled, leaning forwards and tucking her head under my chin. I took Bella's hand with my fee one and brought it up so I could kiss her knuckles, my lips lingering on the finger bearing her ring.

"You both do." I amended. She laughed and everyone cheered again as we walked back to see our family.

"It worked!" Alice squealed and Emmet clapped me on the shoulder.

"You should have seen your face mate." He laughed and I joined in. Esme hugged me whilst I still held Ness. Alice and Rose did the same.

Carlisle shook my hand as did Jasper.

"We surprised the mind reader!" Emmet declared once the minister had gone home.

Everyone laughed and Bella smiled, "It wasn't exactly easy." She informed us.

I kissed the side of the head, "now I just have to think of a surprise for you." I breathed. She laughed harder and Ness giggled.