It was christmas, at the Weasley's. A year after the battle, me and Draco had gotten pretty serious after the battle. He was a changed man. HE was nice and polite to the weasleys, and they actually might have started to become friends.

It was christmas morning, and I woke up ontop of Draco. I sat up and looked back at Draco, who smirked at me, then smiled. I rolled my eyes, I had to get dressed, and after I did, Draco sat up and smiled at me, and pulled me ontop of him again, I giggled.
"Cmon Draco....Its Christmas, We have to go down." I muttered. Draco frowned but stood up and got dressed. After he got dressed he pulled me ontop of him again,

"Damn, Its not possible to do this with clothes" He frowned, I giggled,

"then we will have to wait until tomorrow, Draco." I smirked when he gave me the pout face, I rolled my eyes though,

"Fine, But...UGh. You give me NO fun." He finally said after a few minutes, I smirked.

"Oh I give you PLENTY of fun, Draco." I told him, he sighed and held me closer,