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Blood Ties (4)

After three days of absolute, insane worrying on T.J's part both Rush and Eli finally became conscious – if you could call mumbling in Gaelic for one of them and muttering about Prometheus for the other, sane – and T.J's initial relief soon faded away.

After only a few hours of them being conscious she was already fighting with the urge to sedate the pair of them as they each seemed to take turns in irritating the hell out her. She'd already had to listen to Rush's demands to let him go to his lab as well as his attempts and also his sarcastic, insulting comments to her when she's stopped him.

She sighed sadly as she thought back on when they'd both first collapsed and the mad, hectic rush that the event was stuck in. All she could really remember was that Rush had collapsed in his lab and then Eli had collapsed in the waiting room. She closed her eyes and took a long, deep breath before opening them again, just in time to see Rush trying – trying being the operative word – to get out of bed.

She put on a stern expression and marched over to him saying, 'Doctor Rush! Get your Scottish ass back in bed, now!'

Rush froze and looked at her in shock... she'd just insulted him... at last!, he absently thought as he nodded silently and climbed back into bed like a decently chastised schoolboy.

T.J stood and watched him as he got back into the bed, looking stern and annoyed but on the inside she was freaking out about insulting him. Oh god... what's he going to do to get revenge for this?....

Eli, who had watched in silence as Rush had tried to escape and then the subsequent confrontation, finally burst into fits of laughter.... Rush's face was a picture and T.J's was so mother-like that he just couldn't help it!

Rush gave him a half-hearted glare as T.J turned to pierce Eli with the same stern look he was laughing at... needless to say he stopped laughing pretty quick!

T.J wanted to just scream in frustration; if it wasn't one annoying her it was the other, they were awful patients when she had to see to them separately but together... together they were the nth level of hell for a doctor...

She took a deep breath and said, in a voice that was forced calm, 'Doctor Rush, it is pointless trying to get out of the infirmary before you are fully able to move without using crutches and thumping about like an elephant,' that caused Eli to go off into silent laughter, 'also, you're temperature is still a little too high for me and since you've now had a relapse after your recent 'blow-yourself-up' marathon you will not be leaving until I say so. Understand?'

Rush glared at her and nodded, not daring to speak and end up tied to the bed he was in! That didn't mean he was happy about being bed-ridden... it was tediously boring and he felt like he was going stir-crazy as a result of it.

T.J then turned her attention to Eli, who was still laughing and so didn't notice when she gave him a glare worthy of applauds from Dr. McKay, 'Eli,' he noticed her now, his eyes widening in realisation that he was about to get the worst dress-down of his life, 'You also will not be leaving until I am satisfied that you are actually going to be able to walk in a straight line... if I didn't know better I'd say you were under the influence of some narcotic but I just think you're under the influence of your own impatientness...' Rush snorted at that comment and Eli gave him a side-long glare, not daring to look away from T.J.

She continued to speak, ignorant to Rush, 'I will also have to make sure that you didn't do anymore damage to yourself when you tried to do re-create the Great Escape-' she suddenly found herself cut off.

'I didn't have a motorcycle' Eli muttered, to which Rush couldn't help but respond to.

"No, you had a floating sleigh made out of kino's, and no barbed-wire to get stuck in,' Rush smirked as Eli grinned in humour and T.J glared at the pair of them... one day she was going to murder them, she really was.

'Well, if I'd had a motorcycle I could have gotten away quicker-' Eli continued, his entire attention caught by Rush.

'True, but you probably would've crashed into one of the doors since you wouldn't have been able to open them on command like you can with the kino's,' Rush pointed out, feeling inordinately happy that he was having a conversation with Eli and he wasn't insulting the kid.... makes a change.

'Yeah... but wouldn't that be so cool! Biking along the corridors and stuff with the Doc chasing after me and Scott laughing his head off and-' Eli was getting excited and was talking even louder than normal. T.J quickly cut him off before they both forgot she was telling them off.

'Okay!' the pair looked at her, both turning red in embarrassment, 'I'm sure you two can talk about the Great Escape plan you're going to come up with later, right now I just want to reiterate the fact that neither of you will be leaving this infirmary until I say so. You understand that?' they both nodded at her in unison, 'Good. Now I can leave you to your plotting.'

With that she turned and walked away, leaving the pair to stare after her for a moment in surprise of her abrupt departure. Eli turned to look at Rush and muttered, 'We didn't drive her that crazy did we?'

Rush just shrugged and said, 'Best way to get out of here?'

Eli, thought for a moment before answering, 'Our best way of getting out of this infirmary is to listen to her and do as she says... lose the battle, win the war mentality and all?'

Rush smiled at that and nodded, 'Aye, lose the battle of escaping the infirmary, win the war of being released....' he looked over at T.J, who was busy with another patient, for a moment before saying, 'So continue to annoy her?'

'Oh yeah!' Eli grinned happily, 'it's a good pastime.'

After a week in the infirmary, taking into account both the bouts of consciousness and unconsciousness, the duo were finally released by a harassed-looking T.J and as they walked down the corridor side-by-side, with Rush now using a single crutch which he'd fashioned into a temporary walking stick, and Eli controlling a kino that he'd left in the infirmary, they watched in unison as Scott asked T.J how they'd been as patients;

'Absolutely awful... if they ever get injured at the same time I think I'll end up going insane!' T.J muttered, her hair looking dishevelled and her clothes rather scruffy.

'That bad huh?' Scott asked, trying to sound sympathetic and not laugh at the same time.

'You don't want to know.... seriously!' T.J said as she sat down. She sighed before continuing, 'I don't know whether or not I should have told them....' she trailed off and just stared at the floor in thought.

Scott sat down opposite her and said, 'do you know that before Eli collapsed in the waiting room he said something that reminded me of someone.'

T.J looked at Scott and asked, 'What'd he say?'

'He said, after I'd told him he didn't look so good, that if I didn't realise that Rush looked a whole lot worse than he that I must either be blind or mentally retarded...' Scott smirked slightly, the comment hadn't hurt his feelings, just given a bit of a shock; what with it coming from Eli and all.

'Really?' T.J stared at him, wide-eyed in surprise, 'that doesn't sound like something Eli would say... that sounds more like something....'

'More like something Rush would say, yeah I know,' Scott shook his head. 'I couldn't help thinking like father like son....'

Eli quite suddenly shut the kino off and both he and Rush stared at each other, both standing immobile in the corridor they were in.

'Oh god....' was all Rush said before he went and collapsed to the ground unconscious, the walking stick clattering beside him.

Eli managed to not faint as quickly but he too collapsed, unconscious. His last thought being; I've been on the same ship as my dad.... oh man!

A few minutes after this two scientists and a military guy came across them and radioed for medical assistance.

T.J sat in on a small stool and observed the two sleeping men, both back on the beds they'd only just vacated not an hour ago.

'I think they like it too much in here T.J,' Scott said softly as he placed another stool beside her and sat down also. He looked at the duo before looking at T.J and said, 'do you have any idea why the fainted?'

T.J shook her head, 'physically speaking, there's nothing wrong with either of them that could've caused them both to pass out at the same time... the only possible reason I can think of is that they'd received some shocking information and that, coupled with their injuries, caused them to faint.'

'Well... when they wake up we can find out, can't we?' Scott said, trying to uplift T.J's spirits. It failed, 'come on T.J, this isn't your fault! They just got a shock to their system... few hours and they'll be up and about driving you to edge in no time.'

T.J continued to stare at the two sleeping forms and said softly, 'what if they've found out somehow? What if they know that they're family?'

Scott was silent for a long time then, the pair of them staring at the sleeping Eli and Rush. He finally said, 'then we explain everything we can and let them go on from there.'

It took Eli nearly two hours to awaken and when he did the first thing that came to him was; Rush is my dad!

He bolted up from the infirmary bed he was on and looked around frantically. His eyes fell on the still unconscious Rush and he felt a stirring of concern for the man, my dad...

T.J, having noticed that Eli was finally awake, came over to him and quietly said, 'Eli, it's good to see you're awake-'

'Why didn't you tell us we were related?' Eli whispered, his mind hoping desperately that she'd have a good explanation.

T.J, momentarily at a loss for anything to say, simply stared at Eli. When she did finally grasp on a strand to use to speak she asked, 'How did you find out?'

'The kino,' Eli answered simply, his eyes still locked with hers. All of a sudden T.J could see that Eli really was Rush's son.... when he wanted to know something, he had the same forceful and insistent stare that Rush had, 'why didn't you tell us?'

T.J managed to tear her eyes away from Eli's and focused them on Rush, she answered his question with her voice soft and sad, 'I didn't know how you'd react and I wasn't sure whether you'd even want to know... I remember you said something about your dad walking out on you and your mother so I was reluctant to-'

'Rush isn't the man I remember growing up around and calling dad for the first fourteen years of me life T.J,' Eli cut in gently, 'I don't know how you've found this out T.J but it must be wrong... it must be.'

'I'm sorry Eli but the ancient device compared your DNA and found that your share half the number of alles that Rush has.... you're his biological son and he's your biological father,' T.J whispered, she felt awful for telling Eli, she felt awful that he'd found out the way he had, she felt awful for not telling him sooner...

She swallowed and said, 'I'm sorry,' before turning and high-tailing it out of the room as quickly as she could.

Eli let her go, his mind was already swirling with so many different thoughts and his heart was conflicted with the emotions running at their highest setting; shock at the development, anger at not being told, sadness finding out from watching a kino, understanding at T.J's reluctance, love for her about the fact that she hadn't been insensitive about it intentionally....

He looked over at Rush, my dad, and searched his face for anything that he could relate upon himself. He didn't know what they had in common, he didn't even know anything about Rush except that he was wicked smart!

He was so busy thinking and feeling that he didn't notice when Rush opened his eyes and observed him. He didn't notice that Rush had heard everything that he and T.J had just said, and he also didn't realise that Rush was now searching Eli's face looking for any attributes that he could say came from him, that came from his DNA.

Rush noticed, much like T.J had, that Eli had the same sort of stare he did; when he wanted to know something from someone or when he was searching for an answer, or when he was angry and confrontational to someone. He also noticed that Eli's eyes, though not the same colour as his own, held the same fierce intelligence and thirst for knowledge that Rush's did.

He remembered the first time he'd met Eli, back on Earth. He remembered meeting a boy who needed someone to guide him and help him. He remembered a boy who, when he was transported up onto the General Hammond, had looked at the Earth with the same wonderment and joy that his own eyes had beheld once, a long time ago, before life had beaten him down and turned him into who he was today.

He knew that Eli was his son, even from the day he'd first met the boy he'd felt something for him; like a parental need to protect him. He thought of how Eli had been so angry with him when he'd been up working all night, after not having slept for the previous three days. He recalled how Eli had actually lost his temper and called him a few choice terms he doubted he'd hear from him again. He smiled faintly as he remembered the angered gaze he'd had to look away from, too much like his own, and the heated words that actually hurt, too close to the mark like his own, and the defeated slump as the boy had walked away, far too much like him when he'd lost everything he'd cared for... far too much like him.

He sat up and said, 'Eli, we need to talk.'

T.J was sitting in the empty mess hall, trying desperately not to let the tears in her eyes fall, when she heard the sound of feet and low voices heading towards her. She wiped her eyes clear of the tears and stood up, trying to look as though she was fine, and turned towards the door the voices were coming from.

She waited for the owner's to step through the door, fully expecting some SGC personnel and so was surprised to see Eli and Rush walk in.... together.

'I need to get something to eat, the nurse on this shift isn't one for being loving,' Eli muttered. He and Rush had talked and decided upon a course of action.

'Do you think-' Rush began but Eli cut him off.

'Yeah... she always goes there when she'd upset, but only when there's no ration soup being served,' Eli said shortly as he climbed out of bed, far quieter than Rush was about to.

As Rush got out of the bed he leaned over and grabbed his walking stick and... tripped up over his own feet.

He landed awkwardly on his face and let out a quiet, 'ummph!'

Eli smirked as he helped Rush stand up, 'you do realise that you need to be quiet when you're escaping from the infirmary, right?'

Rush glared at Eli and said gruffly, 'just get me the damned walking stick, son.'

Eli chuckled silently and passed him his walking stick, 'there you go pops.' That caused Rush to give Eli a glare that would scare even Rodney McKay himself. Eli just laughed quietly.

As they snuck out of the infirmary Eli heard the nurse on the shift snore lightly from the corner office where the three nurses usually stayed unless needed.

'Let's go find T.J,' Eli said as they walked out into the corridor and set off for the mess hall.

T.J stood, frozen to the spot, and stared at the pair of them as they walked straight over to her. She continued to stand there unmoving, when Eli guided her over to one of the tables and pressed on her shoulders to get her to sit down. Rush and Eli then sat opposite her, side-by-side.

They sat there in silence for about two minutes before T.J couldn't take the silence anymore and so said her eyes starting to tear up again, 'I'm sorry I didn't tell either of you that you were related but I thought that you wouldn't want to talk about it with me and that you would be angry and upset and wouldn't be able to work with each other anymore and then when we had an emergency then you guys might not be able to work together and that might cause loads of people to die and-and-and i'm sorry!'

With that T.J broke down and began to sob in earnest. Eli and Rush both looked at each other and silently agreed to fix this mess. Eli stood up and went and sat next to T.J whilst Rush began to speak, 'T.J, you don't need to apologize. It is isn't your fault as to how we found out and it also isn't your fault that we're related,' he smiled slightly at that before continuing, 'I understand your reluctance to tell us since you didn't know how we would react and how that would affect everyone aboard Destiny, so I cannot, in good faith, be angry at you for that.'

T.J looked up at him when he paused, Eli had an arm around her shoulders, trying to comfort her and looked at Rush. He nodded and Rush continued to speak, 'However,' T.J seized up, she knew that he'd say something now, tell her how stupid she was and how-, 'However, I must say one thing. Had none of this ever happened I would never have known I had a son, even one as annoying as Eli,'

'Hey!' Eli exclaimed giving Rush a glare, T.J laughed – hiccuped really – as Rush smirked and continued, 'And though it's regrettable that all of this had to happen for us to discover this, I'm glad that we're all alive and no-one died as a result. You shouldn't blame yourself since you did what you thought was right at that moment in time when you found out I was Eli's father. If you had informed me when I had first woken up I don't think anything would have stopped me from going to see Eli; and I wouldn't have gone to the mess hall first,' he smiled at her warmly and T.J blushed slightly in embarrassment.

'You would've collapsed before we'd have even got halfway to the lab if you hadn't eaten first,' T.J defended herself quietly.

'Yeah... and he doesn't make it a habit of fainting does he?' Eli said sarcastically, shaking T.J softly and eliciting a giggle from her.

As T.J looked down at the table Rush and Eli made eye-contact and silently conversed; 'do you think she'll be okay now?' 'I think she will,' 'then we'd best get back the infirmary before she realises we're not meant to be here,' 'good idea.'

Eli coughed lightly and said, 'Well T.J, we'd best be going so...' he gingerly stood up and was about to turn away when T.J spoke.

'You've escaped from the infirmary haven't you?'

Rush, who was still seated, looked at Eli and sighed. Eli shrugged and prepared himself for the big blow-up from T.J that, strangely, never came. Instead what did come was laughter. Full on, happy-girl laughter.

T.J was laughing! At what, they didn't really know but they figured it was at them.... they thought it was at them at least.

Eventually T.J managed to partially compose herself and managed to say, 'You guys said you'd escape from the infirmary.... and you did!' before she was off again in gales of laughter.

Rush looked at Eli with a questioning look but it was returned, neither of them knew what was so funny about the whole thing, but they didn't question T.J's sense of humour... Scott had done that once and he'd regretted it the next time he'd had a check-up...

Eli sat back down, next to Rush this time, and they both watched in unison with smiles on their faces as she laughed and laughed at some joke only she knew...

And that was how the nurse from the infirmary found them, smiling at the crazy, laughing doctor.


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