Thank all you guys for being so supportive!! And I loved all your suggestions!! And here is Lesson 2!!

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And my oh so smart cough brother- Sam


--- Every time you eat an egg, you are eating your would be self, which a part of you... Therefore you eat part of yourself , and others, when you have a Bacon and Egg cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant.

--- If a blue haired violinist is playing violin in a park... Chances are he's working for an evil corporation named after a holiday. Go glomp him, and help set him free!

--- Bitch slapping little emotionless boys proves effective. Proven by Rikka.

--- It's completely normal to have little floaty chibi people that follow you aroundand give you advice, whether the advice is good or not.

--- The cute, shy little boy at your school is most likely a psycho seekingworld domination. Andrew, I will never look at you the same way ever again.

--- The best way to shut up a crazy, ranting moron is to slam a bucket on theirhead.

---And that one of the best things about being a girl is that we can dress in guy clothes and still look great, but guys can't visa versa. Except Nagi.


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