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Falling for Sonny

"I need to talk to you immediately." Sonny's tone is urgent as she approaches me in my makeup chair. Why does she always have to come when I have my bib on and am getting made up? It just seems so...unmanly. Not that I care about her thinking that I'm unmanly. But still. It doesn't really give a good impression. Oh well - I need to talk to her anyways.

"Actually, I'm glad you're here. I need a favor," I tell her as I stand up and pull off the bib, not even bothering to make it sound like I'm asking for the favor. Hey, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper. She should be honored that I've chosen her to help me.

"I don't have time to help you with your science project," she quickly informs me, not that I care. Evidently others have been pestering her about that stupid project. Sucks for those Randoms - having to actually do the stuff they're assigned.

"Please. I have actual scientists to do that for me," I brag before getting back to the real matter at hand. "I need a tennis judge, and word on the street is, you can help." It was kinda weird, actually, the stories I heard. Apparently she was yelling scores out in the commissary, freaking everyone out. Who needs to practice being a tennis judge? Well, she won't. All she has to do is call all of my shots in, and all of everyone else's out. Which is really not that hard.

"What?" Sonny's eyebrows furrow in confusion for a moment. "I'm not a tennis judge." Oh, perfect. Now I need to find someone else who can - ahem – help me.

"Oh, so you made it up?" I clarify. Maybe she was just confused earlier, and she really is a judge.

"Yes." Crap. Well, there goes that. Why the heck would she even pretend to be a tennis judge? Did she secretly know I was looking for one? Was she planning to disappoint me like this? This is a conspiracy theory. "Listen - " Sonny begins, but I interrupt her, positive that what I have to say is more important. After all, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Who makes up something like that?" Sonny glares at me, annoyed. Oh, come on, it was a fair question. Who does make up something like that? Uh, no one. Because it's pretty pointless. Unless you're planning to screw up a perfect TV star's plans! Cough, cough.

"Who needs a freelance tennis judge?" Sonny fires back, evidently trying to make a point. Except it's going to backfire, because I have a perfectly valid explanation. I smirk triumphantly before I respond.

"I'm hosting my annual charity tournament, and I don't want to lose again." The superior expression that I love to show the world falls from my face as I admit that I do, in fact, lose. In fact, I've never won my annual charity tournament. And it's my tournament! You'd think the other players would at least have the common decency to lose to me, seeing as I am the host. It's only right.

"Yeah, well, as much as I'd love to help you cheat for a good cause, I can't, because - why?" Sonny pauses for a moment for dramatic effect. I think I'm rubbing off on her. Which is a good thing, of course. "Oh, yeah. I'm not a tennis judge." Ouch. No need to rub it in so thoroughly. She frowns at me, evidently still upset that she hasn't spoken to me about whatever she came over here for. Hey, it's not my fault! The girl needs to speak up if she wants to be heard.

"Fine. So what did you want?" I ask, getting mildly frustrated.

"Some answers." Well, that was clear. Thank you for giving such a wonderful answer, I know exactly what you mean! Not.

"To what?" I say when it's apparent that she thinks that her answer was sufficient. Geez, do I have to force it out of her?

"To how it all ends! To how long it's going to be until you finally ask out the girl you're destined to be with!" she exclaims, her eyes lighting up with excitement. I stare back at her blankly. Is she saying what I think she's saying? The girl I'm destined to be with? There can only be one person that Sonny's thinking of...

"I'm not sure I can answer that," I reply uncertainly, shifting from one foot to the other. Does she realize how much pressure she's putting on me?

"Aren't you in charge of your own destiny?" Sonny asks in the way that means it's not really a question at all. It's supposed to nudge me, prod me forward. But what is Sonny trying to push me to do? Maybe I'm not in charge of my destiny. My thoughts and decisions right now are totally influenced by her words. No, that sounds stupid. I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, for crying out loud! Of course I'm in charge of my own destiny!

"...I guess," is what comes out of my mouth instead. So much for all that big talk.

"Well, then it's time to say 'Enough!'" Sonny says passionately, moving her hands for emphasis. "When two people are this right for one another, there's only one thing to do!" Okay, that is about as clear as it can get. One thing to do? Girl I'm destined to be with? This right for each other? Sonny's practically dying for me to ask her out. The only question is, how long has she been pining for me? It must be awhile, for her to come like this and pretty much throw herself on me.

"How long have you felt this way?" I rack my mind for a particular memory where Sonny seemed especially charmed by me.

"Just since yesterday," is her answer. Yesterday? I don't even think I spoke to her yesterday beyond the usual terse greetings. "It hasn't been long, but it hit me like a ton of bricks." Whoa. That's pretty intense right there. It's almost as dramatic as something that someone would say on the Falls. But now that I think about it...it's true. I do feel pretty deeply about Sonny.

"You know, I guess I feel the same way," I tell her honestly as I contemplate it. Oops. That wasn't really supposed to be voiced aloud. An impatient expression appears on Sonny's face.

"Well, then do something about it!" she orders. This girl has a take-charge attitude. We'll have to work that out in our relationship. After all, Chad Dylan Cooper is in charge of his own destiny. He doesn't take orders. Nor does he falter when he puts his mind to doing something.

"Okay, I will," I respond, assuring both Sonny and myself.

"Great!" She grins again, finally content with how the conversation has turned out. She starts to turn around, presumably to walk away and let me mull over her words, but I don't need that time. I'm intelligent enough to pick up on her not-so-subtle hints.

"Sonny, will you go out with me?" spills out of my mouth before I can think better of it. And once the words are out, I don't regret them. How could I? I've been wanting to ask her for ages. I smirk to myself, proud that I've finally done it, when I see the look on Sonny's face. Her expression is one of complete shock, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. What? This isn't how it's supposed to be.

"I'm sorry, did you just ask me out?" she asks incredulously, gaping at me. No, no, something is clearly wrong here. I could have sworn that she wanted me to ask her. I'm not an idiot. I know when a girl is flirting with me, and Sonny was definitely trying to get me to ask her.

"I'm sorry, didn't you just beg me to?" I fire back, a little angry. After all, she shouldn't just lead me on like that!

"Did you think I was talking about…" she trails off as recognition hits her. "Oh, dear. This is awkward." Awkward? Well, yes! This is beyond awkward, this is ridiculous! Because she can't make up her mind! Does she want me to ask her or not? Was she even talking about us? I'm completely lost. But to save face, I attempt to laugh it off.

"Ha. Ha, ha," I chuckle weakly. "It sure is…awkward. I mean, I know why it's awkward, but I want to know if…you know why it's awkward." I frown a little after my words. That somehow didn't sound as casual and nonchalant as I was going for. But it will hopefully get Sonny to tell me what the heck is going on.

"I was talking about Mackenzie and Chloe," she explains. Well, there's the answer I was looking for. Mackenzie and Chloe. Wait, what? Mackenzie and Chloe?! She watches the Falls? She wasn't talking about the two of us? I'm getting dizzy. "And you seemed to be…"

"Yup, yup," I hastily cut her off. Quick, Chad, think! "Same page. Me too. Whew!" I laugh nervously again, trying to think of a way to get out of this entire mess. "I just thought…you thought I thought it was awkward because you thought I was asking you out…rather than Mackenzie asking Chloe out. Which I was." I stress my words, praying that my convoluted rambling is enough to confuse Sonny and keep her from figuring out that I really was asking her out. Judging by the look on her face, she's thinking hard. I hope she's thinking what I think she's thinking.

"But you said, 'Sonny, will you – '"

"Blah, blah, blah," I interrupt again before we have to relive the moment. We are in very dangerous territory here. She looks at me expectantly, waiting for an answer, but I'm at a loss. "…awkward," is all I can come up with. Her nod in reply doesn't really help, either. We stand and look at each other uncomfortably for a few moments. I search for something to say, but considering my last couple attempts at that, perhaps I should just stay silent.

"So…" Sonny begins eventually. A sense of déjà vu hits me, bringing with it the memory of when I barged in on her date with James. Ahem. More dangerous territory. Time to steer out of it.

"So…you're a Mackenzie Falls fan?" is the first thing I can think of that isn't quite as embarrassing as our last topic.

"Yup…" she admits, her cheeks getting a little rosy as she does so. Hey, even she can't resist. There's just so much drama! It totally sucks you in.

"Cool. So I suppose I should tell you I'm a So Random! fan," I reply easily.

"Really?" The look on her face is pretty priceless. Actually, no. The earlier one, the one when I – well, you know – was even better. But I find it a bit hard to appreciate that one.

"Yeah. But I'd be lying," I add. Well, that was at least a bit more like myself. I can get out of this perfectly fine. All I have to do is stay calm.

"You know, it's funny. Like I learned with the Falls, sometimes if you look at something with an open mind, you can surprise yourself. So, yes…" Sonny says, startling me. Is she implying…?

"What?" Tell me you're saying yes to my earlier question, Sonny. Tell me. Tell me now.

"Yes, I'll go out with you." Yes! Chad Dylan Cooper wins again. See, I knew it. Maybe she didn't mean to, but she really did fall for me. Even if that wasn't what she was talking about before. But still.

"Good." I grin at her, pleased.


"So, we're doing this," I confirm. I'm not going to let any more confusion get in the way.

"I guess so." She guesses so? What?! Oh, come on. Sonny starts to walk away after she speaks, though, so I'll have to just accept that answer. It's good enough anyways, I suppose.

"Oh, so I still don't know," Sonny turns back to me. "Is Mackenzie gonna ask Chlo - "

"Blah, blah, blah," I interject. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. "I'm going to have to insist that you never ask me about my business." Hey, if she isn't going to give me a straight answer ("I guess so"? What kind of answer is that?), then she won't get one either. Ha.

"Okay, okay, I get it," she agrees before continuing back to the Randoms. I wait until she's out of sight before letting my full smile loose. After all, it's number three on the guys' unwritten list of rules: Never let a girl see how happy you are to be accepted.

That happiness lasts as I walk over to the set of the Falls' library-type room, ready to shoot my scene. I notice Chastity, the girl who plays Chloe, already there and pull her aside.

"I just need to run my lines once before we shoot this thing," I tell her. I was supposed to run through them while getting "made up" (don't laugh!), but then Sonny showed up, and…well. I didn't get to it. "Let's take it from when I say, 'I need to talk to you right away.'" Chastity nods, and I turn away from her before beginning my line, pausing for dramatic effect.

"I need to talk to you right away." The words hang in the air after they're spoken, creating tension, just like they're supposed to. Only problem? I wasn't the one who said them. And no one takes Chad Dylan Cooper's lines.

"That is my line!" I yell. "Do I need to fire some - " I turn back to Chastity and see Sonny standing there. Oh. She was the one who stole my line. Well...I suppose that's acceptable. "Oh, hey, Sonny."

"Hey, could I just borrow you for a second?" She looks at Chastity with an apologetic smile. "Sorry to interrupt. Big fan. Since yesterday." Sonny's words are genuine, but the way her eyes keep darting around the room seems very suspicious.

"That's a five, everyone. Apparently, I need to talk to my lady." Oh, it feels so good to call her that. I wrap my arm around her shoulders too, just for good measure. Chastity leaves, and Sonny tries to pull away from me. I don't know why, but I let her get away anyways, figuring there must be a good reason for it.

"Joking! Joking! Not his lady!" Sonny says loudly, as if trying to let everyone know. Not my lady? What? I could have sworn that we just established that she was! "I'm pretty sure I was followed, so I'll make this fast. I think we need to call off our date," she adds in a lower tone, for my ears only. I wish that I was one of those lucky people who didn't hear. Call off our date? She can't be serious. After all that trouble I went through? There must be some reason. Did I fail in some way? All I did after she said yes was...

"Is this about me not telling you how things play out between Mack and Chloe?" I ask, feeling a bit stupid as I do so. It seems like a pretty dumb reason to break up to me, but if that's all that this is about...

"Seriously, don't really care about them or the Falls right now." So much for that. "I just think I rushed into something I didn't fully think through, and - " Ouch.

"That hurts me, Sonny." It's possibly one of the most honest things I've ever said to her. And it has to be while she's breaking up with me. Heck, we haven't even gone on a date yet! How can she break up with me? How could she break up with me even if we had already gone on a date? I've never been dumped!

"I'm sorry," is all Sonny can reply with. She checks to make sure that no one is watching us before reaching over and giving me a quick hug. But that doesn't make the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach or the lump in my throat go away. In fact, it makes them worse. She's pitying me. Do you realize how sad that is? No one ever pities Chad Dylan Cooper, because he has it all! Except now. When he's lost what he never even really had, even if it was all he wanted. What's left? The Falls, I suppose.

"How could you say you don't care about the Falls?" I ask indignantly, when all I really want to ask is why she's breaking my heart.

"I'm sorry, what?!" Sonny exclaims. "What are you more upset about, that I'm calling it off between us or that I'm over the Falls?" Well, what do you think, Sunshine? But I'm not enough of an idiot to tell her the truth. Rule number four on the guys' unwritten list of rules: Never let a girl know your true feelings when she breaks up with you.

"That's a toughie." I don't dare to say anything else.

"That's a toughie?!" Sonny seems about ready to explode. It's interesting - you'd think that since she's breaking up with me, she wouldn't care about whether I value her or the Falls more. Perhaps there's still hope!

"Well, it's just that - you know, you date me, you date the Falls. So when you hurt one, you hurt us both." I really doubt that that makes the slightest bit of sense. But at least I hinted that she hurt me. Hopefully that will strike a nerve.

"Oh my gosh." Sonny sounds amazed, and I can't help but feel optimistic. Did it work? Has she changed her mind back? "I cannot believe I was so close to actually going on a date with you." I stand there, frozen in shock for a moment. I'm powerless to stop my heart as it plummets. My breath hitches in my throat as I try to swallow before opening my mouth to speak. Chad Dylan Cooper comes back and inhabits my body, taking over while Chad is momentarily stunned.

"Yeah, ironically, this is a drama-free zone, so..." I turn away and yell, "Security!" without even really knowing what I'm doing. All I know is that I have to get away from Sonny. And it's easier to send her away than having to make an excuse to leave. Two security guards approach, and Sonny starts to back away with her hands in the air.

"I'm going. But I'll tell you something - twenty-four hours ago, I fell in love with a guy named Mackenzie. And you, Chad, are no - " No. No, no, no, no. That's all I'm thinking as she speaks, and suddenly I know that I can't let her say Mackenzie. Because her saying that I'm "no Mackenzie" after she tells me she's fallen in love with Mackenzie means that I'm - well - not the person she would fall in love with. And I really can't handle that right now.

"Don't say Mackenzie! Do not say Mackenzie!" I yell, pointing a finger at her. She smiles at me - smiles. Only an evil person would smile after breaking up with someone.

"Mac-ken-zie!" Sonny completes loudly, the grin on her face mocking me, reminding me of what I've just lost.

"That is it! You are no longer welcome at the Falls!" At my words, Sonny picks up the pitcher of water standing nearby. Deliberately looking at me with a triumphant smirk on her face, she laughs at me with her eyes. You don't agree? You think people can't laugh with their eyes? Well, they can. When the little flecks of light in their eyes dance and they look at you with joy, they're laughing with their eyes. But the joy in Sonny's eyes isn't just any joy - it's a victorious gleam.

"You said 'Falls!'" she announces before throwing the water in the pitcher all over me. She scurries off before I can exact my revenge, and I realize a little later (when I'm dried off and my hair looks perfect again) that it's probably a good thing she didn't stay. I might have said something mean that I would regret later. Surprised that I would regret it? Well, let me tell you something - Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't give up. And I know that Sonny still likes me. She has to. I didn't do anything that would have made her change her mind, so it must be something else that made her call it off. And believe me, I'm going to get rid of whatever it is.

A few hours later...

So here I am. Where is 'here,' do you ask? Well, 'here' is standing in front of Sonny's apartment, clutching a Mackenzie Falls boxed set, a bouquet of red roses, and a picture of me holding said items (autographed "To my lady"). Okay. Deep breath. I can do this. Just walk in there and...be brave. Okay. I ring the doorbell, and Sonny's mom answers. When she sees who it is, her eyes go wider than I would have imagined possible.

"Mackenzie!" Before I can reply, the door slams in front of me. Five deep, relaxing breaths later, Sonny opens the door.

"Hey," I greet her with a smile. She doesn't smile back.

"What are you doing here?" It's gonna be a long night. I'm gonna have to turn on the manners and charm all the way up to full blast.

"Can I come in?" I ask sweetly, hope in my voice.

"A little," she relents, opening the door a bit wider. I step just inside, my heels in the doorway.

"Well..." I summon up my courage. "I thought about what you asked me, and - "

"Excuse me." My first thought is that Sonny's cutting me off and going to make me leave, but she turns to her mom instead. "Mom. You may go watch the Falls." Whoa. Her mom is hooked on it too? Obviously we're reaching a larger demographic of viewers than we thought. The two of them argue for a little while about whether or not Connie can stay, and Sonny eventually wins. I'm glad of it. This is hard enough without an audience. I close the door, too, just for good measure.

"Anyways, you asked which hurt more, being over the Falls or you cancelling our date. And..." Deep breath. "It was definitely you cancelling our date. Not really a toughie at all," I confess. Sonny's eyes soften, and I give a small smile.

"Thanks. That's very...Mackenzie of you." Mackenzie of me? Well, at least I'm getting somewhere. She's supposedly in love with Mackenzie, so being like him must be a good thing. Luckily, I already look like him, so that's one worry out of the way.

"Thanks. So, you never actually gave me a reason for calling off our date," I remind her, hoping that there isn't a reason that actually makes sense.

"Well, it's sort of like you said. When you date me, you also date So Random!, and they can be a little - " Sonny's suddenly cut off when the door behind me flings open, tossing me to the side, hidden, as my items fly out of my hands. The rest of the Randoms file in to the apartment, seemingly angry. "What are you guys doing here?" Sonny asks, confused.

"I found change." The guy with blonde hair (which is definitely inferior to mine, for the record) replies, a hint of anger coloring his tone. Change? Judging by the looks on the Randoms' faces, I'm not gonna ask.

"It's worse than we thought." The crazy little Random with pigtails surveys the items that I brought for my lady. Excuse me! How is that worse, or, for that matter, bad in any way? Those were the perfect gifts to bring!

"Flowers, a Mack Falls box set, and a photo of Chad holding flowers and a Mack Falls box set." You know what? Let's see you Randoms bring better gifts! I crawl out from behind the door to defend myself and my gifts.

"Chad?!" chorus the Randoms, shocked to see me. And this particular time, I know they're not speechless simply because they're in my presence.

"Chad?!" echoes Sonny, feigning surprise. No one buys it, of course. Maybe now she'll understand when I tell her that I can act better than she can.

"Well, it's pretty obvious what's going on here," the girl with pigtails states, prompting multiple answers from all of her castmates (excluding Sonny) that sound like a bunch of gibberish when all spoken at the same time. I suppose it's not as obvious as she thought.

"Well, you're all wrong." Everyone in the room turns to see Sonny's mom standing there, evidently having gone against her daughter's "orders." Sonny and I gape at her, wondering how she could know what I'm here for. "Because Chad's here to see me," she continues, apparently trying to save us.

"Mom?" Sonny is still confused. Doesn't she understand the art of improvisation?

"It's okay, Sonny. I'm not ashamed to tell them." Wow. She really has been watching the Falls. You can tell by the words she uses - they're so powerful and dramatic. Not to mention the proud stance. Very Penelope-like. I'm impressed.

"No, but I might be. What are you doing?" Sonny whispers fiercely to her mom, even though we can all hear her clearly.

"Trust me," is all the reassuring reply she gets. "Chad came here tonight bearing gifts for me because - " I can see Sonny's mom losing inspiration as she speaks (I'm not so impressed anymore), so I decide to step in.

"Sonny's mother is...also my mother." I use the usual plotline for the Falls' season finales, expecting that Sonny's mom will recognize it and play along. It's not like the Randoms would know.

"So that means..." I can't tell if Sonny's pretending to believe it or if she really does. Based on her previous acting skills tonight, I would say that she really believes it, but that would be a bit sad if she did. I mean, come on. Of all people, she should know the real reason why I'm here.

"That's right..." Sonny's mom seems lost again, trailing off and sounding unsure. If Sonny inherited her acting from her mother, I have to admit that her gullibility is now definitely under question.

"Are you saying Chad is..." Oh my God. Is she really that trusting? Sonny believes it! This is ridiculous.

"Yes..." All this trailing off mid-sentence is starting to disturb me. Not to mention my loss of faith in my soon-to-be girlfriend's powers of discernment.

"Your long-lost brother," I finish, resisting the urge to roll my eyes as I do so. Everyone in the room gasps. It really doesn't take much for them to be surprised, does it?

"You lie! Don't believe them, Sonny! This is the plotline of the season finale of the first three seasons of Mackenzie Falls!" the blonde guy exclaims. Wow. I didn't see that coming. He knew? There goes my cover.

"How would you know that, Grady?" Sonny asks, bewildered. Oh, please. Is it really so impossible that a Random would get sucked into Mackenzie Falls? She obviously did, what puts her castmates under stricter regulations?

"I don't know," answers Grady guiltily. It's so obvious that he watches the Falls. He's probably one of those obsessed viewers who have a T-shirt with my face on it, not to mention the DVDs for all of our seasons.

"Grady." It's amazing how chastising just the sound of your name can sound. Luckily, it's not my name, so I'm off the hook.

"Because...because I used to secretly watch the Falls," he admits, a sheepish look on his face. Ha! I knew it. Another gasp follows, less audible than the last.

"Oh, who are we kidding? We've all been hooked at one time or another." This startling revelation is followed by the Randoms' confessions about how long they've been "Falls-free." I can't help but gloat a little bit, which prompts a round of explanations as to why they wanted to keep Sonny from watching the Falls. Something about being pure and science projects, I'm not really listening. All that I gather from the conversation is that I now officially have something to hold over them when they try to insult the Falls. The Random cast starts to leave, and I start to think I got lucky, getting away without having to make an excuse.

"Wait, if Chad's not really here because he's Sonny's brother, then what is he doing here?" Oh, the other guy had to go and ruin it, didn't he?

"Good one, Nico," the little one compliments. Oh, yeah. Good one, Nico. Definitely brilliant of you to remember. I exchange glances with Sonny, who looks anxious.

"Want me to tell them?" I ask her. I don't know what I'm going to say, but it's got to be better than whatever Sonny's going to come up with.

"No, I'll tell them," she argues defiantly. "Because I am not ashamed and have nothing to hide." Nothing to hide? Is she going to tell them. The truth? About us? Wait, what is the truth? Even I still don't know the current state of our "relationship." It seems to be constantly changing.

"That's my girl," Sonny's mom inserts proudly.

"I..." Sonny inhales as she pauses. I wonder whether it's for dramatic effect or if she just doesn't know what to say. "...am judging Chad's celebrity tennis tournament!" There's a brief silence before her castmates let out a collective sigh of relief, voicing their previous suspicions and how glad they are that they weren't right as they leave the apartment. Sonny's mom exits the room again, and suddenly it's just Sonny and I.

"So...when's the tournament?" she asks. How ironic that she actually has to accept my previous proposition now. If I have anything to say about it, she'll say yes to my other proposal as well.

"I'll give you the details tomorrow night." Sonny lifts an eyebrow, confused.

"What's tomorrow night?" Alright, Chad. Deep breath.

"Our first date. See ya." I do my best to keep my voice calm, and I walk out of the apartment before she can protest. Judging by the silence behind me, however, she isn't complaining. Good. It's about time. Now, the only question left...where should I take her out to tomorrow?

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