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Falling for Sonny

Did you know that the acceleration of gravity on the Earth's surface is 9.81 m/s/s? It's true. Which means that falling objects increase their speed by 9.81 m/s every second that they fall. So the first second, they fall at 9.81 m/s. Then the next second, they fall at 19.62 m/s. Then 29.43 m/s in the second after that, and so on and so forth.

That's pretty intense stuff. Although I don't know why you'd ever need to know anything like that. Unless you were trying to figure out how fast you were falling off a building, in which case you're pretty much dead anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

But I guess one kinda important thing that I learned from science class is that gravity is a lot like love.

Because whether it's gravity or love, as you fall farther, you fall even faster.

So, thinking about it scientifically...I asked Sonny out, and she said yes. Of course, then she said no, and then she said yes again (well, I didn't really wait for her to say yes, but she didn't say no, so I'll take that as a yes), but that's irrelevant. We're starting from when I asked her out and she said yes for the first time. That was approximately 24 hours ago.

There are 60 minutes in every hour. So it's been 1,440 minutes since I asked her out. And there are 60 seconds in every minute. So it's been 86,400 seconds since I asked her out. Since I started "falling" for her. Which means that at this very second, I am falling for Sonny at approximately 847,584 m/s.

If you want to be technical about it, you could argue that I've been falling for her ever since I met her. And you wouldn't be wrong, either, though I'd never tell her so. But frankly, that's a lot to calculate, and I don't think my calculator goes up to that many digits.

So I'll just settle with saying that right now, in the commissary as I'm collecting my lunch (with Sonny doing the same only a few feet away), I'm falling pretty hard. Pretty fast. At more than 800,000 meters per second, in fact. Now, I'm no math or science genius, but I'm sure that 800,000 meters is a pretty far way to fall. I can only hope that there's an extremely comfortable mattress waiting to catch me at the bottom.

And preferably Sonny's down there too, otherwise all this falling would be for nothing. Oh, and no castmates there. None of them. Because honestly, those looks that the other Randoms are shooting toward Sonny and me are somewhat disturbing. I'm normally all for attention, but their eyes on me are just too unsettling.

"They're watching," I mutter out of the corner of my mouth to Sonny, keeping my eyes averted.

"Yeah, I know. Act natural," she advises, her voice a notch or two too loud for my taste, but what can you do? At least she has logical advice.

"Good call. Just follow my lead." I turn to the cafeteria worker to say something, anything that will help conceal the fact that I'm itching to talk to Sonny. Stupid Randoms. Do they really have to eat lunch during lunchtime? Why don't they eat somewhere else? "What say you, good woman? Were these apples freshly picked this fine morn?"

"I said act natural, not Amish!" Sonny's incredulous voice says from behind me. So much for keeping it quiet. People could have heard her on the set of the Falls. She seems to realize it, murmuring softly, "This is silly. Why don't we just tell people that we have a date tonight?"

"Oh, no. Bad idea," I quickly deter her. "You know how much our two shows hate each other. If they find out that we're going on a date, they may think it's okay for them, and then - ugh." Sonny grimaces alongside me, and I'm positive that for once, we're on the same page.

Silence falls for a few moments, and I take the opportunity to discreetly notice her outfit. Of course, it won't be what she's wearing tonight, but I'm hoping she continues with the skirt trend she's been having of late. Especially since her legs are so -

"So, Chad..." begins Sonny, and I hastily refocus on the food I'm adding to my tray. "What's the plan?" Aha! I knew she was thinking about tonight just as much as I was.

"Well, I'm getting a limo to take us at eight o'clock to a nice dinner," I respond slowly, pausing to keep it from looking like I'm talking to Sonny about anything important. She smiles, apparently pleased with my agenda for the evening, and we pass each other to switch tables of food.

"So, um...I'll see you tonight." Her tone is almost as full of anticipation as I'm sure mine is, and I can't help but grin to myself.

"Can't wait," I admit under my breath. I don't dare to say anymore for fear of giving too much away to the keen eyes of the Randoms.

"Me neither," adds Sonny, which doesn't really help me conceal my emotions. "Ready to give them what they want?"

"Oh, bring it on." Time to show off the acting chops.

"Oh, do you really have to touch all the fruit?" Sonny turns to me, yelling in feigned frustration.

"Oh! Oh, yeah?" I mock as I follow her past the counters, (incidentally) coming to a stop by her cast's table. "Well, maybe someone should go find their apples elsewhere!"

"Maybe I will!" she fires back, and I snatch the opportunity to begin one of our classic arguments.




"Good! Ugh!" Sonny storms away, and I stalk off in the opposite direction, seemingly furious. Ah, I love acting. Pretending that I hate Sonny when I actually - you know, have a date with her...it's kinda fun. I could totally get into this whole secret relationship thing.

Speaking of which, I better start getting ready. It doesn't normally take me long to get ready for dates, but I want this one to be perfect. Did I really just say something that cheesy?

Shaking my head with disgust at myself, I head to my dressing room. Time to begin the preparations.

Over three hours later...

"Sorry I'm late, I was – " I begin contritely after waking Sonny up (am I really that late?), " – wow." Sonny looks gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous. "I thought I looked good." Sonny beams at me, grinning brightly and also somewhat nervously, I'm pleased to note. Thank God I'm not the only one.

"Really?" A matching smile spreads across my face as I look at her some more, unable to help myself. Remind me why I didn't ask this girl out sooner? "I just…threw this on," Sonny adds for good measure.

"Yeah…me too," I lie hastily, tugging at my jacket. Does she like it? Do I look okay? What if it's not perfect? What if I already screwed up our date? What am I saying, of course I screwed it up! I wasn't even here when it was supposed to start! Oh, God, this isn't the Chad Dylan Cooper I'm supposed to be! Sonny smiles again, and I let out a small sigh of relief. Everything is still alright. For now. "So…"

"So…" she repeats, and I bite my lip anxiously.

"Well?" I offer up a charming smile.

"Well…" Sonny looks at me expectantly, lifting her eyebrows. Come on, Chad, man up! I hold out my arm to her like a true gentleman.

"Shall we?" She glances at my arm held aloft for a second before meeting my eyes with her beautiful smile.

"We shall." Sonny takes my arm, and we leave her dressing room. I don't seem to have screwed up yet, thank God.

"After you, milady." I open the car door and usher Sonny into the limo once we reach the parking lot, stepping aside with the continued courtesy of a gentleman.

"Aw, milady. That's cute," giggles Sonny, clearly appreciating my display of chivalry. Note to self: do that more often. I slide into the limo next to her, my eyes glued to her smile.

"I can't believe we're finally doing this," she admits, beaming with anticipation. She looks amazing.

"Neither can I," I second, feeling anxious already. I lean in ever so slightly, simply to give myself the option of...well, just to give myself options.

"Imagine how we feel!" Sonny and I both jump apart at the sound of someone else's voice, clutching to opposite ends of the limo. It's the Randoms on the other side, sitting opposite us. How did I not notice that? Oh, whatever. I'm a guy, we're not supposed to be perceptive. I blame Sonny for not seeing them, girls are supposedly more aware of their surroundings.

"How could you? And on pizza night, too!" Grady shoves a slice of pizza into his mouth after his accusatory speech, adding an extra sting to the blow.

"Well, hey, guys!" Sonny chuckles nervously, clearly caught by surprise. But I'm sure we can still get out of it. "What are you guys doing here?"

"You two are on a date!" Tawni is really starting to bug me, you know. I used to think she was alright - better than most of the Randoms, at least, which admittedly isn't saying much - but now her slightly higher level of intelligence isn't helpful at all.

"Shame on us? Shame on you!" accuses Grady, so dramatically that I assume he must have been watching the Mackenzie Falls marathon last night after showing up at Sonny's apartment.

"A date? What makes you guys think we're on a date?" Sonny is a terrible actress. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but it's official now. But these Randoms don't know what good acting looks like, so perhaps they'll buy it.

"Oh, I don't know...you're wearing what you think is a nice outfit." Sonny's expression falls as Tawni speaks, and I'm immediately glad that I complimented her on her outfit earlier, to boost her confidence.

"And you're not home taking care of your mom's fake sprained ankle!" A sprained ankle? A fake one? What?

"She was faking?" Sonny gasps in feigned shock, and I mirror her expression, slapping my knee in supposed disgust at Connie's lying ways.

"And she was doing the polka! I'll never be able to unsee that," Zora mentions, shaking her head ruefully. The polka? Sonny's mom? That can only mean one thing - the Falls.

"Oh! She must be watching this week's episode of the Falls. Spoiler alert: the accordion player did it!" I announce to the limo at large. After all, they may have supposedly become "Falls-free," but I'm sure some of them still watch it.

"Aw, thanks, man, I had that saved!" Exactly what I mean.

"Admit it. This is a date!" Tawni ignores Grady's continuing Falls obsession (why are they ignoring his and focusing on Sonny's? I'm no judge of morality, but that doesn't seem quite right) and turns back to Sonny.

"You - you know what?" Sonny begins, shaking her head and pointing her finger at her castmates. "It is a sad day - "

"Sad," I add for emphasis, nodding along solemnly.

" - when a young woman and her - " Sonny pauses to determine how to phrase it, before continuing, " - smartly dressed gentleman companion - "

"Thank you," I interject once more, straightening my jacket.

" - can't be seen in a limo together without people thinking they're dating!" she finishes, with an extra burst of passion. It's quite compelling. Too bad her logic doesn't make sense.

"That's right!" I agree anyway, because I want these Randoms out of my limo now and don't honestly care about the method of achieving this goal. "It just so happened...that we were on our way to a dinner..."

"Yeah," Sonny cuts me off mid-excuse, just as I did to her. It's kind of cute in a way, that she's imitating the way I acted with her.

"For my...celebrity tennis tournament," I conclude logically, shoving all thoughts of Sonny and cuteness to the back of my mind. Those can wait for when our date actually starts.

"And you know what, we felt bad that you guys weren't invited." Nico lets out an offended gasp as Sonny elaborates on my excellent excuse (if I do say so myself). "So we decided to be good friends and keep it a secret from you guys."

"Are we buying this, guys?" Zora turns her head from side to side, a skeptical expression written on her face as she consults her castmates.

"I'd buy it more if we could get some free drinks and nuts out of it!" The Randoms, who are easily bought, are quickly assuaged with expensive snacks given to them free of charge, courtesy of Sonny. I certainly wouldn't have given them anything if I had my way, but there are sacrifices one must make for the sake of happiness. And yes, I may or may not have stolen that line from Episode 473 of Mackenzie Falls.

As Sonny and I walk into the private room I've reserved for us, she gasps audibly once more.

"Wow, this place is amazing, Chad. So private." I grin as I pull out her seat for her, pleased that she likes it. The date has officially begun. So far, so great.

"Well, I wanted to go someplace special," I tell her, hoping she'll read into my meaning. "Yoshi here is the best sushi chef in Hollywood. Yoshi, my man." Yoshi walks over, and I decide to make an impression on Sonny by doing something out of the ordinary. It can't hurt, right? "Ooh, jellyfish, jellyfish."

"Aw, that's cute," Sonny coos, gesturing for Yoshi to join her on her side. "Yoshi, shark. Shark, shark." I smile awkwardly before looking away; I feel like I've already screwed this up. Her shark was so much cooler than my lame jellyfish! She thinks I'm an idiot.

Sonny's actions don't exactly help, either, as she bites her lip and glances to the side as well in a regretful manner that leaves me cringing. But then she turns to me with a lovestruck look on her face, and I can't help but return it. She's adorable. Ugh, my palms are sweating. Just be cool, be cool.

"So..." In my attempt to be cool, I casually place my elbow on the table and rest my chin in it to look nonchalant while also flirting at Sonny with my sparkly eyes. It doesn't work so well, most likely because I fall off my chair as I do so, my elbow slipping and my head (and body) along with it.

"Chad? Are you okay?" Sonny asks, concerned. I would be too, if my date was so clumsy that she fell off a stationary object! This isn't working.

"I'm good, I'm good, I'm cool," I reassure Sonny anyway. Yeah, right. I'm so not cool. Water! I need water! I take a few gulps of it, but it doesn't have any effect whatsoever. Why did I decide to do this again? This isn't making me any cooler! Although it is refreshing.

"You know, this all looks so great. Why don't you order, since you know so much about sushi?" Sonny smiles beautifully at me, her brown eyes seemingly larger than usual and glowing with such warmth that I temporarily forget my name (I'm pretty sure the initials are CDC, though).

What did she say? I know a lot about sushi? Oh my gosh. I forgot everything I know about sushi! Keep drinking! Maybe she'll stop asking! Quick, Chad, cover it up, cover it up. When my glass is finished, I automatically reach for the only other one on the table, Sonny's.

"Chad?" Sonny sounds extremely anxious now. I would wonder about that if I could stop the party that's going on in my stomach right about now. Why can't I stop drinking?

"Yeah?" I force out, setting down the finally empty glass of water, my second one.

"Do you want to order?" Sonny places her hand on mine, and the party suddenly has fireworks. She touched my hand. I'm supposed to touch her hand first. What kind of man am I?Not the usual CDC kind, I can tell you that much.

Yoshi comes by and refills our glasses as I continue to mentally curse myself. I manage to unfreeze only to reach out and grab some more water. Perhaps it will make me cooler. Perhaps it's a compulsive habit. Or perhaps I don't care, as long as I stop!

Okay. Chad Dylan Cooper, stop drinking. Stop drinking, Chad. Chad, stop drinking! Quit drinking, you're going to explode! Just tell her she makes you nervous. She'll understand. Gasping for breath, I set down the glass of water somewhat more forcefully than might be necessary.

"Ahem. Sonny, I have to tell you something." Sonny looks at me, her hair blowing in the wind like a supermodel. Her big brown eyes are looking at me seductively, and her mouth is so enticing that I almost lean forward and kiss her right then and there.

"Yes, Chad?" she asks calmly and in such a sexy tone that I freak out. No, literally, I freak out. I vomit, actually, which is slightly more severe than freaking out. Luckily, I've had nothing but water since breakfast (since I was forced to skip lunch due to our "fight"), so it's only water that I cough up.

But the way it comes up, you'd think I'm a human hose or something. I'm practically choking on my own barf here, and all I can hear aside from the spray of water is Sonny protesting loudly, completely disgusted (and is that the click of a camera?). Oh, God, I'm throwing up on her! Bravo, Chad, perfect aim, as always. Just perfect.

When the fountain finally stops gushing from my mouth, I hastily push back my chair and run away, too embarrassed and awkward to say anything else.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just did that!"

Sonny's words ring in my ears long after I've left the restaurant, her shock and pain and disgust all resonating with me as I drive home. This night was officially a disaster. But tomorrow is another day. I'm sure I can fix this. I have to.

The next day...

When I walk into the commissary at lunch time, all five of the Randoms are sitting together, strangely quiet for once. I walk over to them, like I always do, and remind myself to stay cool. Aside from Sonny, the rest of them don't know about my embarrassment yesterday.

"So. Last night's tennis dinner went pretty well." I swing my arm in the air like a tennis racket to make my point clearer. Tennis. That's all that last night was about.

"Yeah. Apparently, you made a big splash!" Tawni snorts, and the entire table erupts into laughter except for Sonny. They all know. They all know that I, Chad Dylan Cooper, was actually so lacking in coolness that I threw up on my date. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, concealing my humiliation.

"You told them?" I can't help but ask Sonny, surprised and, honestly, somewhat hurt. Doesn't she know what she's done by telling them? Now everyone will know!

"She didn't have to. You're all over this issue of Tween Weekly," Zora informs me, smirking evilly. Normally, I wouldn't mind hearing something like that. But in light of what's happened...I grab the magazine and need only a passing glance at the cover to know that this is very bad news. Chad Dylan Cooper looks like a fool.

"I don't have to explain anything to you...people," I defend myself awkwardly, waving my hand at them in one of my lamer attempts to be superior.

"No, but you have some explaining to do to me." Sonny stands up, crossing her arms and looking at me with a downcast expression that doesn't suit her in the least. Time for damage control.

"Can I talk to you over there?" I ask her, gesturing to somewhere a little less occupied by jeering castmates. Sonny sighs and heads over.

"Oh, take a raincoat, Sonny!" adds Tawni, entirely unnecessarily. Isn't my humiliation complete without her assistance?

"Yeah, because a date with Chad is like going to Aqua World." Nico quickly picks up on Tawni's insult and decides to make it worse. Thanks, Nico. "The first four rows may get wet!"

"Sitting in the splash zone, suckas!" Grady finishes, which sets the table into giggles again. I shake my head at them disgustedly before walking over to where Sonny's waiting with crossed arms. This day just keeps getting better.

"Look, I know you're upset, and I'm sorry," I waste no time in trying to improve my situation. I - how do you think I feel? I wanted this date to be perfect. I got a limo, I spent three hours getting dressed, I got a private room with my favorite chef, and there you are, looking all beautiful with your great smile and your big brown eyes and - " I'm rambling on and on, but Sonny's expression has changed from a frown to a smile, so whatever I'm saying must be working.

"Aw," Sonny sighs, placing her hand in mine sweetly.

" - and you just ruin everything," I conclude, my tangent of truths coming to an end.

"What?" Sonny pulls her hand away abruptly, her smile disappearing along with it. "How do I ruin everything?"

"When I was with you in that restaurant, I turned from this very cool guy on page 17, riding his horse through Malibu Canyon," I flip through the magazine pages and point to the picture to show her exactly how different that guy is, "to this idiot on the cover who threw up on his date! Whose fault is that?"

"Chad, I was nervous too. Not throwing up on my date nervous, but I mean, I had butterflies," says Sonny in what's supposedly meant to be a consoling tone. It doesn't console me in the slightest. I'm on the cover, looking like an absolute idiot!

"But your butterflies aren't news. Whereas my butterflies end up on the cover! I have an image to protect, Sonny!" I point out to her, frustrated. I'm going to kill Tween Weekly.

"What are you getting at, that you don't wanna see me anymore?"

"Of course I wanna see you, I just don't wanna be seen with you," I clarify for her, taking her hand. I'm sure she understands. She lives in Hollywood, she ought to know that image is everything. Without the support of the public...you fade away. "So I'm thinking date number two should be someplace a little less public."

"Where, like a cave?" she suggests. A cave? Hmm...private, dark, secluded - it's perfect!

"That could be romantic!"

"Or an abandoned warehouse? Oh, you know what, I got it. Perfect. The best way to keep us a secret - " Sonny, with an unclear expression on her face, puts her hand on my shoulder and pauses dramatically, increasing my anticipation, " - is for there not to be an us."

"Ooh, I like this idea!" I agree quickly, the anticipation ruling my answer until her words hit me. "Wait, no, I don't like this."

"Bye, Chad." Sonny walks away, leaving me somewhat confused and mostly torn inside.

"But, Sonny!" I call after her. She doesn't respond. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Later that evening...

So here I am. Guess where here is. Just guess. I'll give you a hint; it's where it was last night too. But this time, instead of standing outside Sonny's door bearing gifts, I'm clutching to a rope for dear life outside her window. Stupid doorman.

"Open the window! Open the window!" I yell frantically as Sonny and her mom become aware of my presence. Connie rushes over, visibly worried. Much more so than Sonny, unfortunately.

"Chad? What are you doing?" What does it look like I'm doing? Hanging on a rope!

"The doorman wouldn't let me in," I tell her instead, squirming and hanging on for dear life.

"Which means he's doing his job," interjects Sonny from the couch, facing the opposite direction. This is promising.

"Sonny, he's on a rope…and appears to be slipping!" Connie pleads my case, thankfully, seeing as I'm too preoccupied with keeping from falling to do so.

"Fine," Sonny mutters angrily, her better nature winning out. Thank God!

"Thank you. Thank you," I repeat to Connie as she opens the window and lets me in. I land awkwardly and end up sprawled all over the floor before I scramble to my feet and straighten myself up. "It's a little chilly out there."

"Trust me, it's colder in here," assures Connie, turning to Sonny and holding up a hand. "Am I right, huh? Up top!" Her daughter doesn't respond, showing as little affection for her mother as for me. Well, I know Sonny loves her mother, so maybe that means the same for me?

"See? I told you," Connie tells me, shaking her head. "I'll, uh, just leave you two alone then." As she leaves the room, I summon my courage and walk over to Sonny.

"Sonny, please." She turns to me, still unsmiling. "I've been thinking about what you said, and you were right. You - " I suddenly catch sight of the trash can resting on the coffee table, the Mack Falls season 3 DVD clearly visible inside." - you threw away season three? I won a Tween's Choice Award for that, that was my finest - " Sonny shakes her head, offended, and I break off immediately, " - this is not about me. This is not about me!"

"You know what, Chad, it is!" That fires Sonny up, getting her to her feet. "It always is! It's always about you, and how cool you are, and how you look, and that's never going to change!"

"It is. It already has," I say softly, figuring that truth is the best policy in this case. It doesn't seem to work, and Sonny sighs, disgruntled.

"You know what, Chad? Why don't you just leave the way you came in?"

"Fine," I relent, walking over to the window and pulling aside the curtains. "But if you don't mind, I think I'll take this window." Sonny's jaw drops as she stares at the billboard I've erected outside.

"Oh my gosh. Chad is a fool for Sonny?"

"I wanted the world to know." I take a deep breath and look into Sonny's eyes intently. "And I want you to know that I want to be seen with you anywhere, anytime, no matter how…goofy your big brown eyes make me."

"I…I don't know what to say," she replies, still somewhat shocked.

"How about yes?" I offer, smiling charmingly. Sonny furrows her eyebrows, confused.

"To what?" I reach out and take her hand. Come on, Chad, you can do this.

"To giving our first date a second chance."

"Just say yes already!" Connie calls out from her room, spoiling the mood somewhat. But I don't mind; she's clearly on my side, and that's enough for me to like her.

"Yes," Sonny agrees, nodding and grinning. I hold out my arm once more, lifting my eyebrow.

"Shall we?"

"We shall." And we leave the apartment and head for the billboard, after Connie hands Sonny her shoes.

"Is this table okay, milady?" I ask when we're seated atop the building, my billboard serving as the perfect backdrop.

"Yeah...but it is a bit drafty," notes Sonny, rubbing her arms to keep herself warm.

"Oh, here." I stand up and drape my jacket over her shoulders, just as I've seen in movies. "Yoshi, my man." I gesture to the chef, who brings over our first course. Based on previous experience, I choose not to do the jellyfish again.

"This is the coolest second first date that I've ever been on," Sonny muses, beaming at me. Success at last! Finally. I grin back, pleased.

"I'm glad you like it."

"But it's not perfect yet," she adds, her shoulders drooping slightly. I do a double take, surprised. It HAS to be perfect!

"It's not perfect? Why isn't it perfect?"

"Well, the stars are out, which is nice," Sonny begins listing. "The view is amazing, which is great. And you're here, which makes me happy. I don't know. Something's just missing." I pay the slightest attention to her compliment and focus instead on the last sentence, panicking.

"What is it, what's missing? Oh, no." Automatically, I reach for the water, but Sonny stops me from drinking, putting up her hand to restrain me.

"Whoa, okay, relax. Easy on the water." I guess I can't blame her for being a little wary of my drinking habits. I set the glass down and look at her attentively, still trying to determine what's wrong.

"I was just thinking...if you're not afraid of how the world sees you, then I shouldn't be afraid of how my friends see me," Sonny finally answers, a smile spreading across her face.

"Aw, no!" I look down at Sonny's apartment, where her fellow Randoms are standing by the window and watching us with aggravated expressions.

"What are they doing here?" I ask Sonny, bewildered by their presence.

"I texted them." She grins at me, clearly happy that she's come clean at last. I have to admit that it's a relief not to have to worry about them finding out.

"Worst pizza night ever!" Grady moans, still holding a box of pizza.

"Show's over, kids." Connie pulls the curtain closed in front of them, and I'm grateful to her once more. Holding up my glass of water, I turn and offer a toast to Sonny.

"To us?" She glances back at the huge billboard that declares me a fool, smiling widely.

"To us." As she drinks and sets her glass down, Sonny gazes at me with wide eyes, enraptured. Oh, yes. That's more like it. I'm back, baby! And even the protests of the other Randoms can't spoil my happiness. I've officially fallen for Sonny. And I don't even have a bruise.

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