.God. I will never be the same after I watch that video!! It was so…so…so perverted!! I was like what happened to the sweet little sisters Kaito had!!! If you're a fan of vocaloid as I am I would like to say another parody for meltdown has appeared. It's called Onni Yukkai and its so perverted yet so freaking hilarious!!! So I'm posting a story on it. It made me laugh and hard!!! Any how I do not own Hetalia!!!

Warnings: Kiku, Alfred, and Francis being completely perverted!!!

Kiku sighed as he watched the moon come up. Arthur had come to his house to talk about their alliance but it soon turned to a conversation about his countries ways and which girl was cuter in Kiku's mangas.

But Kiku, for the first time, wasn't looking at his manga, instead he looked at Arthur while he pointed out how he like the fighting scene here and there.

"He's really cute when he smiles…" Kiku thought as he licked his lips. Kiku didn't want to admit it but he was a pervert…period. Only he and Terra* know about his secret doujinshi stash about Arthur and the last time they went in it Terra came out with a major nosebleed and promised Kiku she would try to sell this on e-bay.

"Kiku…KIKU!!" he was snapped back to reality as a hand touched his shoulder. Kiku looked at Arthur's face and couldn't fight a blush…his eyes were filled with worry and curiosity as his eyebrows were raised slightly and his lips were parted a bit as if inviting Kiku to take over and…

"Too much!! I need to stop!" Kiku said as he smiled at him, "Yes Arthur-san?" he said as his voice croaked a bit.

"You okay? You seemed bothered for a moment" Arthur said as he went back to the manga. Kiku went on with his staring and his darker side decided to take over as Arthur smiled again.

"All the expressions he makes are mine…I won't let anybody else have them. Arthur is like a porcelain doll himself isn't he? Soft skin…" Kiku said as his mind wandered off to aisle he like to call "the dark side"

*Arthur was sitting in a bed with his arms in between his legs. He wore a confused expression but then smiled causing the ribbons in his hair to move. He was wearing a light pink Lolita dress with bows that were tied around his wrists and neck making them look like bracelets and a necklace. His expression went back to normal as he lay down in a very submissive position.

"Is Kiku-sama coming to bed?"*

"Kiku I loved how you drew…OH MY GOD KIKU YOU'RE BLEEDING!" Arthur yelled as he went to grab some paper. Kiku came back from the dark side as he touched his face

"Blood…" Kiku said as he touched his nose, "I really wish I would stop thinking about that when I'm with him!! But I have a great doujinshi idea though!" Kiku said as he went to the kitchen. There was Arthur as he tried to search for some tissues.

"They're over here Arthur-san!" he said as he opened the cupboard. He took the box out and padded his face while trying to make the bleeding stop. "Kiku seriously what is wrong?"

"Nothing Arthur-san nothing!" Kiku said as he tried to ignore Arthur's ticked off expression because that too was too cute to handle. "Kiku don't lie to me if you have a problem you can tell me…" Arthur said as he got closer.

The dark side appears again

*"Well I do have something troubling me..." Kiku said as he took a step closer to Arthur his hand immediately went to his chest. "W-What is it?" Arthur said as he glanced at the Japanese man.

Kiku tilted his face in an innocent smile that soon turned to a smirk that could rival Ivan's. "The fact that you're not in my room yet…" Kiku said as he grabbed the man's head and swiped him into a fierce kiss.

And, oh, the way Arthur watery eye's looked and his small panting sounds as Kiku went to attack his neck and then shoulder blades…"*

"Could you stop!" Kiku yelled at his conscience, while he still had some sanity left in him. He felt himself breath in and out as Arthur looked at him strangely.

"Maybe it's time I go home…" Arthur said as he grabbed his jacket. Kiku's face alarmed at this stamen.

"No wait!" he said as he took the tissue from his hand and grabbed Arthur by the wrist, "I-It's been very lonely in my home so would you mind spending the night?" he said as he put a quick smile.

Arthur looked at it and then at the small dry path of blood Kiku had on his face. "His capillaries are very sensitive…maybe I should stay…" he thought as he smiled back. "Sure why not…the airport is too far away anyways" he said as he went back into his house.

Kiku smiled and decide that he should just put away his thoughts of Arthur in a dress or him about him taking Arthur too bed and just enjoy a nice relaxing evening



"It's going to be a long night…" Kiku thought as he sighed and took Arthur too his usual room.

"Thankfully…I did alright….." Kiku thought as helay back down on his bed and relaxed. He really couldn't do this could he?

In every way he tried to avoid Arthur stares and touches as he kept on working on a drawing. Arthur just watched TV and occasionally talked to the small girl that was in Kiku's house. Even though he could see her.

Kiku tried to close his eyes and sleep but his dark side took the better off him and he stood up. He went to the kotatsu he had in his room and sat down as he got a piece of paper and pencil.

"Okay…need to add a few more bows here and there" he whispered and sketched some more. And there, in all it glory was Arthur's picture of him in a pink Lolita dress.

"I wonder how long I can go with this act" Kiku said as he looked up at the moon. He loved Arthur because he was the only one who offered him an alliance but he lusted after him because he was just to adorable and tsundere he couldn't control himself!

Heck! He invented those things for a reason! For a cute girl (or guy…especially Arthur) to dress up in and to look submissive!

Kiku was snapped from his trance as he heard a small vibration coming from his night table. He looked up and his phone was vibrating telling him a new message had been received.

He opened it up and stared at it, "It's from Terra-sama…"

Hey Kiku!

I know you might be sleeping

But about the doujinshi the sales

Went really well! I sold it to Alfred, Francis,

And too all the rabid fangirls that are raiding

Arthur's house right now! Oops said to much..

Any how you might need to do more!

Love ya!


Kiku tilted his head and cursed when he saw that Terra had sold them to Alfred and Francis. Let's hope she didn't spill that he had made them because then he was in trouble. He took a deep breath and turned off all the lights.

"Maybe I'll try to make a new pairing" he said as he closed his eyes and went off to dreamland, nothing perverted this time only bunnies and hamsters and a chibi Arthur with bunny ears…

Yep…Kiku had a serious problem but…he really didn't care.


I feel like such a pervert for writing this!! Tell me if you like it okay! The next chapter will be about Francis. Also a small poll! "Which expression do you think fits better on Arthur?"

Kiku: Marisa-sama….have you gone into my stash?

Marisa: Me? No last I tried to get in your security system got me!

Kiku: Well I seemed to have one drawing missing

Marisa: Is it the one with the school uniform

Kiku: Yes…how do you..

Marisa: ARE YOU MAD!! THAT IS A WORK OF ART!! HOW CAN YOU NOT TAKE CARE OF IT!!*runs off to find it*

*Somewhere else*

Francis: Hohohoho. Angleterre looks positively yummy in this picture,non?

Terra: Yep! It already got like a thousand reviews on DeviantArt! I wonder why Kiku doesn't have one…