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Warning: Perverted Kiku and Rabid fangirls *stares at the crowd* and also maybe Terra taking photos of Arthur while changing…yeah that's it

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Story: Tsundere Yukkai

Chapter: Of fangirls and photos.

"Alfred!" Arthur heard himself call out as he ran over to the man. "Eh? Oh, hey Iggy! What's wrong?" the American asked as he turned around to greet the man. Arthur stopped only a few feet in front of Alfred as he straightened himself up for what he was going to say.

"Alfred I need to tell you something…" he murmured as he rolled his hands into fists, trying to contain the excited feeling that was running through his body. "Alfred I lo-"he said but stopped, he couldn't get the word out! "Lo? What the heck is lo?" Alfred asked as he tilted his head. "No you git what I meant to say is that I lov-" he stuttered again when he got to the 'l' word. "God why can't I do this!" he thought as he once again tried to confess his feeling.

"Okay…now you're just creeping me out Arthur…I'll see you later when you get better" Alfred said as he walked away. "Crap no!" Arthur thought as he ran to the American and grabbed his wrist.

"What I am trying to say is that I love you, you git!" Arthur blurted out as he blushed a deep maroon. Alfred breath caught in his throat as he looked at the Brit, "A-Arthur I…"

"Shut up you git I really don't want to hear you I just wanted to tell you how I feel…" Arthur whispered as he felt some tears come to his eyes. Alfred smiled and walked over to him, "You know…" he said as he grabbed Arthur's chin, "you really should listen to what others are saying"

Arthur's eyes snapped wide open as he snapped right up from the bed. "Alfred…why the heck did I dream about Alfred!!" he thought as he rubbed his forehead and stood up. Since he was currently in Kiku's house he had to wake up early to help him with something that is what a gentleman does of course.

"Good morning…" he said groggily as he rubbed his eyes. Kiku turned around and stared at the Brit eyed wide but quickly gave a smile. "Ohayou gozaimasu, did you have a good night sleep?" he asked as Arthur sat down on the floor. "Yes I did, but I had a…confusing dream last night" he said but added the last part with a whisper not wanting Kiku to notice. Kiku had heard but let it go with a smile because he looked really attractive when he was flustered like that, and that little pout of his. That is when the dark side came back…

"Kiku…" Arthur whispered as he held the dress up a little bit more. This time it was just a simple maid dress but with a huge ribbon tied in the back. The apron had the design of the Union Jack and it matched the black dress perfectly. "I really don't see why I am doing this…" he whispered again but brought a hand to his face and placed it in a way that he looked like a frightened kitty. "Kiku-sama…Yamete kudasai…"

Kiku twitched and stopped himself from getting any blood on the counter. "What's wrong with him…"Arthur thought as he looked at the food in front of him. Kiku really had magnificent cooking skills concerning his traditional food, there was grilled fish, a brown soup that was supposedly miso soup, some meats and then a medium pot of rice. Of course what Arthur liked the best was the green tea Kiku always served. I really did help him start out the day.

"So Arthur-san have you enjoyed your stay here?" Kiku said as he took a small bite of the fish. Arthur nodded as he drank more tea but then pondered a bit. He had never really gone to Kiku's cities or a village he just stayed at his house and that's it! "Well, since it's my last day here I thought that know..go out and see some places?" the Brit said as he looked up at the man.

And with the puppy eyes Arthur was giving him, how could Kiku say no.

"If you would like Arthur-san you can come with me in my weekly shopping I need to get some new ingredients" Kiku said as he stood up and went to his room, "so please get ready"

Arthur nodded and went quickly to his room, smiling a bit on the way.

(Somewhere outside the room)

"I am freaking trying my best to get the pictures! No Elizabeta I am not going harass him that's the fangirls job!" Terra said as she waved her hands frantically. "Fine! I will give you half of the share if you stop calling me every five minutes!" she hanged up as she sighed. Elizabeta was a tough girl when any kind of yaoi was involved, but right now Terra needed to do some work.

"I wonder how Kiku's cities are like…" she heard a voice with a thick accent said as it got closer. Terra quickly recognized the voice as she went back down into the bushes and took her high definition camera out."Arthur… but the fangirls are scary…" she whispered as she hid in the bushes. Sure Arthur had a nice body but what did the fangirls see I him! That was one of the mysteries Terra really didn't want to know.


"Kiku! I'm ready when do we leave?" Arthur said as he ran outside. Kiku went down the stairs slowly as he stared at Arthur. "Yes Arthur-san would you like to leave now?" he said as he walked over to the man, "I just need some ingredients but if you want we can go somewhere else"

Arthur didn't want to be a bother for Kiku so he just shook his head and told him it will be fine he just wanted to see his country. Kiku was glad Arthur was interested I his country but he had a bad feeling that something horrible might happen if they go out for too long.


"And…send" Terra said as she sent the latest posts to Elizabeta and Francis and just in case, Alfred. I mean…everybody knew that the "Special relationship" thing meant that they had a thing for one another! "Ah, Alfred….you must fight for Arthur because Francis and Kiku can be really scary when it comes to him"

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