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Rivals, Annoyances, and French Accents

"I aced my French test! I aced my French test!" Sonny Munroe sang while skipping down the halls of her studio. In both hands she held a piece of notebook paper with a big letter "A" on it. Sonny had never been good at foreign languages, but she did manage to take interest in French.

The peppy brunette was so busy cheering for herself that she didn't notice a certain blonde boy walking down the same hallway. Like many other instances, the two rivals collided, sending Sonny's paper floating down into Chad's lap.

"A French test?" The heartthrob said, looking over the paper.

"Yes. I got an A!" Sonny exclaimed, and proceeded to stand up and victory dance.

Chad raised an eyebrow. "What? Have you never gotten a good grade before?"

Sonny blushed after she fully realized who she was talking to. "No, but I have always not been so good with foreign languages. Why? Do you know French?" Sonny folded her arms across her chest.

Chad laughed. "No, I don't need to know French. Plus, translating takes people who have no lives."

Sonny shook her head at Chad, knowing fully well that if she responded back, a fight would ensue and he would end up with an even bigger ego. So she took a different approach.

"Pouvez-vous comprendre ce que je dis?" Sonny asked, watching as the Mackenzie Falls star's smirk turned into confusion.

"What?" He asked.

"Oh, rien." Sonny replied, walking in a circle around Chad.

"English please?" He demanded.

"Non, je suis bon." She smiled sweetly at him. "En outré, vous ne serez jamais le plus grand acteur de notre generation."

Only hearing the grand actor part, Chad immediately thought she was complimenting him. "I know, thank you."

Sonny burst into laughter, due to the fact she was insulting him.

"What is it this time?" Chad asked, looking annoyed.

"Vous etes trop arrogant pour votre propre bien. Maintenant, je dois y aller. Au revoir." Sonny waved at her enemy, grinning.

"Wait! What did you say to me?" He questioned, still very confused.

"Look it up on Google Translator." Sonny exclaimed, turning back around to face Chad. "And by the way…"

Chad looked up from Sonny's French paper he was holding, trying to find key words. "Yes?"

"…Vous etes mignon quand vous etes confus." With that, the brunette turned on her heel, snatching the French paper out of Chad's hands as she passed him.

That night, Chad looked up all the things he could remember Sonny said to him. He fell asleep right before he got to her last statement; yet to find out the final sweet thing Sonny said in French to him.

This is very inspired by a one-shot I had read, and it was very good. I reversed the plot, added my own language, and such.

Challenge time! Look up all the things Sonny said to Chad, some may surprise you.