I can't believe I got 23 reviews on this and 4 people mailing me asking to do a continuation. So for your reading enjoyment, I decided to extend this to a two-shot. :) Yes, I do currently take French so it was easier for me to write, but Google did help me when I got stuck ;). Here is the final installment of my two-shot. Enjoy and I don't own anything.

Rivals, Annoyances, and French Accents

Part Two

Sonny Munroe closed her car door and headed towards Studio Two. Yesterday was an amazing day for Sonny: she got the lead role in the week's sketches, got an A on her French test and even admitted her feelings for Chad (sort of). The only problem with the last statement was that the three named jerk throb didn't have a clue what she was saying… but she was okay with that.

"So you think I'm cute, eh Munroe?" A voice came from down the studio hallway.

Sonny froze. She knew that voice anywhere, and normally it wouldn't be a big deal but based on what he had just said, Chad knew about Sonny's crush.

"Uh." Sonny stumbled for words, ready to take off running the opposite direction.

"I knew you couldn't resist me." Chad said, emerging from behind a wall and popping his collar.

"I-I have no idea what you are talking about." She didn't dare make eye contact with him.

Chad walked around Sonny like she had done to him yesterday.

"Really? Because you were right; Google Translator can be your friend if you know how to use it."

Sonny shut her eyes and bit her lip. "Chad, are you positive you didn't type something in wrong? Why would I find you cute?"

"Cause you love me, simple as that." He stopped right in front of her.

Sonny took a small step backwards, knocking into a plant. "I would never love you."

"Estes-vous sur?" He asked, making her jaw drop.

"Chad, when did you learn French?"

"Like I said, Google can do wonders for you. Plus, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, I can do anything." Chad smirked in an annoyingly cocky manner.

"Pouvez-vous agir?" Sonny asked, waiting to mess him up again so she could make a run for it.

"Mieux que quiconque." He smirked, knowing very well that he foiled Sonny's plan.

Without another thought, Sonny put her final plan into action.

"Ciad, sei presuntuoso e arrogante, ma io ti amo lo stesso." She proclaimed, not caring about the huge secret she had just given away. Chad Dylan Cooper didn't intimiate her anymore, and even if he didn't return the feelings she had for him, at least she could be proud to say she could move on.

Sonny ducked under Chad's body and headed down the hall once again, a clearly dumbfounded CDC behind her.

She also forgot to tell him she knew Italian. Oh well.

So Sonny knows French and Italian, lol. I thought the ending was cute, so I stuck it in there. Look up everything they said to one another, especially the last part. :)

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