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No Objection Plans

Blair finished putting on her cherry red lipstick.

"At least you got it right this time," said Serena as she zipped up her dark red strapless, knee length dress.

"Yea, I did," she said with a smile

"The world can breathe. Chuck and Blair are happy," joked Georgina as she came in the room with a dark red spaghetti strap, sweetheart neckline, floor length dress.

"Or are we in grave danger if we make one of them angry?" asked Jenny. She was wearing a dress similar to Serena's except hers had a cream belt.

"Ha ha," said Blair sarcastically

"Oh, we're kidding B," said Serena

"Yea, not really," said Jenny

"You know it's true,"

"I guess that's partially true, "admitted Blair

"Are you guys ready?" asked Erik

"No objection plans this time," said Jenny

"Good, because an angry, depressed, and heartbroken Chuck Bass is not what the world needs right now," said Nate from outside.

"C'mon Dan, we're first," said Georgina as she waited for Dan to give Serena one more kiss before leaving

"Then Erik and I," said Jenny as they left

"Don't worry B. If anyone tries to object, we'll go Chuck and Blair on them," said Serena before her and Nate left

The wedding march started to play

She grabbed her bouquet of peonies and white roses, and walked through the doors

"You ready dude?" asked Nate before Blair came in

"I have been for a while," replied Chuck as his bride came in

She was wearing a cream dress with a red belt that matched his bow tie and cummerbund perfectly.

"Do you, Blair Waldorf, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness or health, rich or poor?" asked the priest

"I do,"

"Do you, Charles Bass, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness or health, rich or poor?" asked the priest

"I do,"

"Are there any objections this time?" asked the priest everyone at the altar glared at anyone who liked that they might object

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,"

The end

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