Title: Duality

Author: Kanae [gothpunk88]

Pairing: Sasuke&Karin, SasuKarin

Genre: General – Drama

Rating: G

Notes: I recently found this little piece drabbled out in a notebook, so I decided to polish it a bit and bring it here—I didn't do too many changes though because otherwise it'd lose the vagueness that I wanted it to have. I cannot remember what in the world I was thinking when I wrote this, but I'm assuming that it was me playing around with the idea of a blind Sasuke, so have that in mind while you read it~ as for everything else, just pay attention to the capitals, and everything should be understandable. The rest is up to you to imagine~ but this should be anywhere after Chapter 478.




There's something bugging you, creeping unnoticed along the back of your mind, hiding in a maze of shapeless shadows that twisted and turned continuously.

That something takes form and begins to become noticeable precisely in those shifting shadows; the mazes that slowly, ever so slowly, so much that he misses it for a very, very long time, start molding themselves into a figure.

It's black and white, and it lacks the avid colors that characterize her in your eyes, but you can see her there nonetheless.

Her eyes, her breasts, her lips, her nose, her hips, her bite marks; the shapeless shadows become her, inch by inch, fueled by every detail of her that you have engraved and memorized throughout the years, until she comes to stand there on your mind. Tall, unperturbed, intimidating and motionless. Overwhelming like only She could be.

Right now, She's frowning. Your eyes cannot see the red surrounding Her even though you feel Her right there next to you and Her fingers grips yours, desperate and frightened, so much so that all that's left for you to feel is numbness—but you see her either way, black and white, alluring and beautiful.

You don't know what to say to either of them, so you remain silent.

But you hope that there's another you on Her mind, too; a colorful you to contrast the colorless You that You are—that You've become—a you who can tell her everything You don't know how to articulate.


Extra Notes: It's too short, so while this would've been better as an addition to my SasuKarin oneshot series, Detour, it's completely different from what I'm written in there, so I decided to post this as a separate piece altogether.

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Thanks for reading~!