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Klonoa's True Destiny

Chapter 8: Solareese's Plan

At the speed the fish creatures were flying, the group, with the now-normal Klonoa, reached Breezegale within a short time. Everyone got off, but Pamela, Seadoph, Karal, and the fish took to the sky again.

"We have to return to Jugpot." Seadoph explained. "Solareese may attempt another offensive on the castle. However, do not hesitate to come to us if you need help."

"Right." Klonoa said. The Water Kingdom residents flew off. With them gone, the group began to return to Grandpa's house. The feline looked around the Wind Village, taking in the familiar sights. Nothing had changed.

"What are you looking at, Klonoa?" He heard the voice of Lolo, who was holding his hand. He turned to the girl.

"Just enjoying the view." He told her. "It's been so long since I've really seen the place." Lolo nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. Grandpa's house soon came into view, the white-and-purple feline in his rocking chair.

"Yo Gramps, we're back!" Gantz called. "And look who we brought!" Grandpa looked up and saw his "grandson."

"Ah, Klonoa! You're back!" The old man said.

"Hey, Grandpa." The Dream Traveler replied. "I've got some things that I need to explain." He turned to the others. "To all of you." Everyone nodded as Klonoa led them inside. Gantz and Joker were against the wall, Chipple, Popka, and Lephise on the floor, Pango and Balue in easy chairs, and Grandpa in his rocking chair. Klonoa was in front of them, Lolo right next to him.

"Okay, pal, spill it." Gantz told the feline. "What do you need to tell us?"

"Well, before I start, I want to say how amazed I am." Klonoa said. "Everything's the same as it was since I left. I thought things would be different after so long."

"What are you talking about?" Lolo asked. "You've only been gone for two weeks!"

"That can't be! I've been in another world for at least a year!"

"Wouldn't you have aged at least somewhat if it's been a year?" Popka asked.

"He's got a point." Balue chipped in. "You don't look any older than you did when you left." Hearing this, Klonoa got up and headed for the nearby mirror. While he was in Gigaros, he had experienced a quite a major growth spurt. He had grown a few inches taller, his body became more muscular, and his muzzle fur grew thicker. Yet when he looked in the mirror, he found that Balue was right. He was still the young adolescent boy he was before he called away.

"Whoa…" He breathed. "I guess time flows differently in different worlds."

"What I'd give to be young again…" Grandpa commented.

"See, Klonoa? You haven't changed at all." Lolo said, walking over to him. Klonoa gave a sigh of comfort, and the two walked back to where they were sitting.

"Let's not get sidetracked again. This is important." Joker spoke.

"He's right. I've got info on what Solareese is up to." Klonoa began. "As you heard him say on Bell Hill, he's trying to rid Phantomile of darkness forever. I don't exactly know how, but he needs a group of special objects called Jewels of Light in order to do so. He already has two of them, but there are five in all."

"That orb that Solareese had must've been one of those." Lephise realized. Klonoa nodded, signifying she was right. "Where are they located?"

"Not where, but with whom. The Jewels of Light are located in the souls of five individuals, one from each of the regions. The Coronia Jewel of Light is within Solareese himself. The Jugpot Jewel of Light was inside of Karal, which is why Solareese attacked Jugpot."

"That's also why he attacked me." Hewpoe said. "I've got the Cress Jewel of Light."

"So he's got two and knows where number three is." Pango reviewed. "What about the other two?"

"Solareese doesn't know where they are… but I do. When I saw Karal's Jewel, I saw the faces of all the holders. The Forlock Jewel of Light is within the daughter of the former Forlock Chieftess, who is now the current Chieftess."

"And the last one?" Lolo asked. "Who's got the Breezegale Jewel of Light?" Klonoa said nothing. He just hung his head and gave her a worried look. "What's wrong?" As she gazed into his orange eyes, realization struck her. "You mean… it's me?"

"Yes." Her boyfriend finally said. "You are the holder of the Breezegale Jewel of Light." Everyone was speechless. He squeezed her hand tightly. "That means he'll eventually be after you."

"Oh, no…" The redhead shuddered, but Klonoa pulled her into an embrace, which she returned.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you." He told her, holding her tightly. "Solareese will be making a grave mistake if he chooses to go after you." The two pulled apart and shared a quick but sweet kiss. No snickering was heard from the resident smart-alecks Popka, Gantz, and Joker, as they knew this was serious business.

"So what should we do now?" Gantz asked.

"We should go warn the Chieftess of Forlock." Popka said. "If Solareese gets to her first, he'll be one step closer."

"It won't be that easy." Klonoa warned. "He's got a group of elite soldiers on his side, and all of them resemble us or a friend. There are six in all, but I only know two. The first is Beast Klonoa, the monstrous form you saw me take."

"How's that possible if you're sitting right in front of us?" Joker asked in disbelief.

"When he transformed me, he swiped a bit of my hair, which contained a bit of my DNA. He used it create a clone, which I only saw once in a stasis tank. The clone is as dangerous as I was, and with him, there's no force holding him back. The other is a clone of Scarlet Karal."

"Pamela's not gonna like that." Balue commented.

"I'm afraid I don't know anything else." Klonoa sighed sadly.

"You've told us more than we could've figured out by ourselves." Grandpa told him. "You've done well, Klonoa." The feline smiled.

"Okay, let's not waste time." Gantz declared. "We need to warn the Forlock Forest Chieftess about Solareese ASAP!" Just then, a rapid knock came on the door. Lephise, being closest to the door, opened it only to have a Forlockian fall over in front of her.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Hurry… forest…" The Forlockian panted. "Danger… huge fire!" He passed out after that.

"A fire?!" Lephise gasped.

"Sounds like Solareese's work!" Pango yelled.

"I'll take care of him." Grandpa told them, gesturing to the fallen creature.

"Let's hurry, everyone!" Klonoa shouted. A unanimous "Right!" rang out as everyone rushed out of the house in the direction of the forest.

A Short Time Earlier

Solareese trudged through the thick trees of Forlock Forest, trying to find the great Clockwork Tree. However, he was finding himself going in circles, and he was getting disturbed. "This is getting me nowhere. I know just who to call." He gave a snap of his fingers, causing a field of light to appear in front of him. When it faded, a figure was standing there. It looked very much like a certain wolf, but it had red glowing eyes, a mesh frame for a mouth, and metallic skin: it was a robot. "Greetings… Robo-Gantz."


"You are to locate the Clockwork Tree in this forest." The priest instructed. "If anything gets in your way, destroy it."

"ORDERS RECORDED AND ACCEPTED. NEW MISSION: LOCATE CLOCKWORK TREE." Robo-Gantz stated. It made an about-face and trudged through the plants, practically walking over any trees in its way. Solareese facepalmed.

'*sigh* Why did I call him?' He thought. 'I'm not trying to obliterate this forest, but that thing will burn everything just to kill an ant. I should keep an eye on him.' The priest followed the metal being.

A robot, huh? Solareese is full of surprises. I'll try to update more often. Stay tuned.

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