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Bella's point of view:

My phone vibrated against my leg and I pulled it out of my jeans pocket, staring at it. The word Edward was written clearly along the screen, a picture of him grinning up at me. My heart clenched and my free hand absent-mindedly went to my slightly protruding abdomen, aimlessly doodling circles on it. My thumb itched towards the green button that would answer his call but just as I was about to answer it, it cut-off, going to my answer phone.

I cursed under my breath, what kind of mess had I gotten myself into? I had no home, limited money, and I was almost out of gas. My phone buzzed again, just once, indicating I had a text message. I glanced down at the screen; nine-oh-one, voicemail. Unlocking the phone I punched in the number quickly, lifting the phone to my ear.

'One new voice message,' the robotic, female voice sounded.

'Bella, love, I have no idea what I did, or why you left so quickly, but please, please, talk to me. Everyone misses you so much and we just want you to be safe and home. Please, just call me when you get this, I love you,' Edward's voice ended as he hung up and the message was over.

'Press one to redial-' before I could even consider my actions I pressed the number and heard the dial tone.

'Hello?' His voice was like velvet and I could feel my worries just slipping away. I opened my mouth to reply but couldn't quite choke the words out. 'Hello? Is anybody there?' Edward was silent for a few moments. I heard Esme call to him and he replied with an "I don't know".

'I'm sorry, I think you may have the wrong numbe-' a sob burst forth from my chest.

'Edward, please, don't hang up,' I begged, the tears flowing thick and fast now.

'Bella? Oh, Bella, baby, where are you?' Edward asked, the love and longing the two most prominent emotions in his voice.

'I-I can't tell you,' I replied, sobbing once. 'You're mad at me, aren't you?'

'Oh, honey, no. I could never be mad at you. Did you leave because I shouted at you? I'm so sorry about that, I just-' I cut him off.

'No, no, it wasn't that,' I assured him. 'I just ... I ... we need to talk, Edward. I have some news and I freaked out instead of telling you and I ran from my problems. C-can we meet up somewhere? It would be better face to face,' I stuttered out, not sure what I was doing.

'Okay, when and where?' Edward asked, sounding slightly confused and a little worried.

'Tomorrow, at the Starbucks in Seattle. How about two o'clock?' I asked, hoping it would be okay. I was currently sitting in my car just around the corner from the Starbucks.

'That sounds great. I'll see you tomorrow then, love. I love you,' Edward breathed down the phone. I smiled, sniffling slightly.

'I love you too,' I replied. Edward hung up and I stroked my stomach, smiling down at it as tears fell gently from my eyes. Tomorrow would make or break everything. I would either reunite with Edward, to spend the rest of my life with him, or I would leave him forever.

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Edward's point of view:

She had called. I had spoken to my beautiful Bella and tomorrow I would find out what was wrong with her. I was worried, of course, but it was nothing that the two of us couldn't battle through together.

'Who was on the phone, dear?' Esme asked, walking into the kitchen behind me.

'Bella,' I replied simply, jumping off the stool and hugging my mother tightly, pressing a quick kiss on her forehead before running upstairs to my room.


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