Crusoe woke with birds chirping in the distance and the sun on his first,he felt like he was in paradise,but,then he remebered he was trapped here,miles away from his family,with no hope of getting to his home

any time still had faith which urged him out of bed."Maybe today," He said to himself."Maybe I'll find something that will be useful to me in getting off this island."He gazed off into the thick jungle deep in was his dog,Dundee,rubbing against his leg that brought him out of his looked down at the perky,Austalian shepard and grinned."Morning boy,"He rolled over onto his back hinting he wanted a belly obliged."Ready for breakfast?"The dog barked started down twards the food pantry with Dundee on his Englishman sliced an orange in half and put it in his homamade juice seconds of twisting he has hafl a cup of juice,which all he realy needs for the juice maker is a piece of left over fish wrapped in banana unwrapped it and tossed it to Dundee,who gulfed it down sat down at the table,sipping his juice."Hey Dundee,where is Friday?" He asked the dog,almost expecting an that time,Friday rose to treehouse leval in the small elevator ,smilling."Where have you been?"Crusoe asked his native patted the two,dead bird he had strapped to his belt."Hunting,"Crusoe just then noticed he had his bow slung over his shoulder."Did you shoot them both with the same arrow?"He nodded and replied."One arrow,"Crusoe frowned."Your lying,"Friday untied the pigions from his waist,laid them down on the table and used his machetee to cut off thier heads. "I'am not," He shook his head and gave in."Alright,if anyone can kill two birds with one arrow,I sopose it would be you"Friday grinned in triumph."Hey,"Crusoe said while pointing to a folded up sheet on the looked with couriosity."I made a flag last can put it up on the far west side of the island and if a ship were to sail by and see it they might land here and find us."By now crusoe held the flag up to show his companion the background was white and it had three crosses painted from hog blood and berry crosses on the side were slightly smaller than the one in the flag was about four feet by four feet."When do we put it up?"Friday laid the flag back down."Right thats okay with you?"Friday nodded."Great!"Crusoe exclaimed."Grab that pole and we can get going."He said with the flag wrapped over his shoulder,heading to the looked across the floor and saw a long stick he guessed was the picked it up then followed Crusoe as Dundee followed him.