Chapter Four: Lucas and Brendan

Dawn returned to the Villa to see that Green was gone, and then decided to go onto her journey a bit more before someone would visit her and bother her with some eroge story. She ended up not returning for several weeks and finally receiving a few ribbons from Pokemon Contests.

She walked into the Villa to see the furniture catalogue on the table. 'Maybe I should order something,' she thought. Dawn decided to purchase a small sofa, a TV, audio set, racks, shelves, PC desk, and a music box. The moving men came back and put each set of new furniture onto the floor in a certain spot of the room. They left as Dawn did some cleaning and moved the structures around.

'Wow. This place looks much better,' she thought with a smile. Just as she sat on the couch, there was a knock at the door. "Come in." The girl sighed and then watched as Lucas and some other male trainer entered the Villa.

"Hey Dawn," Lucas greeted with a teeter. "This is Brendan from the Hoenn region." Lucas had on a crimson barrette that matched his scarf. He was also wearing blue pants and a black shirt with white sleeves. His hair was black and spiky.

The kid next to him had white hair and an emerald bandana beneath his bangs. He had on black pants with an orange vest over a dismal short sleeved shirt. "Hello."

"What brings you two here?" Dawn wondered.

"Well Green mentioned that there was a lovely place to rest here, so we decided to come and visit," Lucas explained. "We sort of are ready for naps, too."

"Don't tell me…You ran into trouble and you want to tell me what happened," the girl snorted.

"Well it's kind of awkward," Brendan told her. "Plus you're a girl, so you might not understand."

"Nah. I think Dawn can handle it," Lucas spoke to the boy. They both sat on the new small couch as Dawn went onto the larger structure.

"We basically got attacked by Pokemon," Brendan continued. "It was really weird."

"Brendan fought Steven in a battle, but figured out that the guy's a total creep," Lucas explained. "And I ran into a wild Carnivine at the marsh."

"Did you catch it?" Dawn asked. Her hands were on her lap as she tried to pay attention.

"No. I wouldn't after what it did…" he whispered. Brendan's emerald eyes flashed as he opened his mouth.

"I'll tell what happened first then," he stated.


"I challenge you to a battle, Steven!" Brendan exclaimed. He was in a dismal room with a silver floor as Steven was sitting on a crimson chair on the other side of the room atop of a balcony that was on the wall.

"Do you really want to?" Steven challenged. He had gray hair and sapphire eyes. His black suit had some purple stripes on it.

"Duh. Why do you think I came all this way?" the boy croaked. "Now come on! Let's battle!" Steven chuckled and then tossed a Poke Ball onto the field. His Metagross emerged from behind him and watched with its glaring red eyes. "I can beat you before you even send out your first Pokemon."

"What?" Brendan gasped. A huge Cradily appeared from the Poke Ball as its pink tentacles furiously swung around. It had a green head with tiny yellow eyes gleaming from what looked like a black mask. It almost looked like a sea anemone with its structure. Brendan just laughed and smirked.

"I'll send out-" Before Brendan had time to release one of his Pokemon, Cradily's tentacle hair grasped his arms and legs, throwing him into the air. "Wha…Let go!" He tried struggling, but Cradily's hair was slipper and firm.

"Do it, Cradily," Steven muttered with a deep laugh. He then placed his elbows onto his lap as his head leaned on his palms. He watched with delight as the Pokemon obeyed him. One tentacle went into Brendan's shirt as it tore it open.

"No! Stop Steven! This isn't right!" Brendan watched in horror as his shirt fell back and his chest was exposed. Next went his pants as they were dragged down to his knees. A tentacle went into his mouth, as he was unable to speak.

"Fu fu." Steven just sat with a wide grin as Metagross laughed. A tentacle slipped between Brendan's legs and into his pants. The boy moaned as he felt the slimy presence rub against his manhood. His shaft became erected from the teasing, as his moans became mumbles. Another tentacle did the same as it wrapped itself around his member.

"Nh!" Brendan grunted. A third tentacle was in his pants, rubbing his anal hole as he sensed it opening up. Pleasure overwhelmed him as he shut his eyes. The tentacle probed his hole a little more, and then thrashed itself into it. Brendan loudly groaned as it went in and out, stretching his walls. The other tentacle began wrapping itself briskly and quicker, building up the ejaculation.

Brendan couldn't take it for much longer as his head fell back. The tentacle in his hole was going in deeper as he sensed the rubbing against his member about to come to a close. Cradily then chortled as its tentacles moved swiftly, slamming, ramming, rubbing, twisting, and thrusting. He then uncontrollably kicked his legs as he ejaculated, semen squirting everywhere and the rush causing him to twitch. Then he passed out.

End of Flashback

"Was that horrible or what?" Brendan asked. Dawn just had a gawked expression as Lucas shook his head.

"That's not as bad as the Carnivine in the marsh," he argued.


Lucas was exploring the marsh as he had a certain time and steps before he would fail the game and has to start over again. He headed into some bushes and then fell onto his back from a trip.

'Ugh! That wasn't good,' he gritted. Just as he sat up, a Carnivine said its name and stood over him. 'Carnivine? I don't have that Pokemon yet.' He reached for one of his Poke Balls as the Carnivine wrapped its leafy hand around his wrist and pulled it into his mouth. "Ah! Don't eat me!"

The Carnivine chuckled as the rape began. It raised Lucas' legs up as it pulled down his pants. "Stop! I order you to stop!" Lucas' demands weren't working as the Pokemon wrapped its slimy tentacles around his legs, and almost ready to reach for the prize. Its thin tentacles wrapped around Lucas' member, causing him to lament.

"Ugh! Don't!" A rush of pleasure overcame him as his shaft erected. Carnivine then placed other tentacles by his anal hole as they furiously rubbed it. Lucas started panting, as his face became red with blush. His left hand was on Carnivine's head, trying to push him off, but nothing seemed to be working.

Lucas then felt a tentacle penetrate his anal hole, causing him to grunt. "Ack!" Carnivine seemed delighted as it combined the one with a few others, continuing to pull itself in and out of the hole. Lucas' legs were trembling as the ejaculation was roaring through him. Carnivine then smirked as it sped up, wrapping a few tentacles on the boy's member, and the others ramming in and out of the hole.

Lucas felt tears stroll down his cheeks as he continued wailing. The tentacles were all wet from sweat and were going in deeper with each push. His shaft couldn't hold the explosion in much longer as Carnivine went into a piston speed. The boy threw his head back as it happened. The tentacles penetrated his hole as semen burst everywhere. Before he had time to yell, the Carnivine was gone.

End of Flashback

"Wasn't that embarrassing?" Lucas wondered with his arms folded. Dawn just shifted herself as the stories made her really frisky and uneasy.

"You two take a nape and I'll go get you some food," she shrugged.

"Okay." The two of them bickered a bit more, but then fell right to sleep. She then headed outside and face palmed several times in stupidity. Just the thought of Pokemon raping people didn't seem right at all.

End of Chapter Four