Green Day - Coming Clean

Spock stood, looking apalled, at the man in front of him - or moreso the things he suggested. These were rites of passage for humans? These -- mind altering substances, intercourse outside of a comitted relationship - for fun?

The thought didn't appeal to Spock very much.

"What, you've never tried any of this stuff?" Kirk laughed at the officer in front of him.

"Absolutely not. I am a Vulcan. We don't indulge ourselves in this kind of behavior. To do such damage would be illogical."

Kirk rolled his eyes. "You've never lusted after anybody, then? You're half human. I'm sure there's been someone who's caught your eye. Hell, you've probably just been straight up horny -"

"I have not," Spock protested flatly, but his voice cracked at hearing this boy - this boy he'd only known a month, and even then had barely talked to - accuse him of such things. Kirk smirked.

"You just gave yourself away. You may be a man by the ways of Vulcan - but your human manhood has been severely undernourished." Kirk grasped Spock's hand and dragged him out of the crowded room - and into a broom closet. He pulled out a couple cans of beer and smirked. "Step one of your initiation into manhood. Drink up - it'll help prepare you for the next step."