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Chapter 1:

The herd walked leisurely through the forest, the silence only broken by Sid's occasional yelps. Crash and Eddie had fashioned sling shots, and were testing them out on Sid. Manny and Diego rolled their eyes as the twins nailed Sid perfectly in the center of his head, causing him to trip over yet another rock. Ellie of course used her trunk to pick Sid up and place him back on his feet.

"Can we rest for a bit?" Ellie asked. "I think Peaches is getting tired."

The herd complied and stopped where they were. Diego sat down, only to hear his stomach growl fiercely. The group looked awkwardly at him. He laughed embarrassedly.

"Uh, heh, while we're stopped, I think I might take the advantage to go eat," Diego announced before walking off into the forest. He walked until he reached a grassy clearing. He remained at the tree line, scoping the field for anything edible. At the far edge of the field he saw an antelope grazing the grass calmly. His instincts kicked in, and he began to make his way through the tall grass, his tan fur blending in perfectly.


Natalie purred inaudibly at her good luck. After going a week or so without anything to eat, she had stumbled upon this antelope, and it seemed like an easy enough kill. She crouched down in the grass, her white fur pronounced and the antelope only feet from her. She made the slightest growling noise and jumped for it. Her claws found purchase on the antelope's side and she held fast. Soon she realized she wasn't the only saber on the antelope. Quickly she bit the antelope's neck and finished it, bringing it down. She looked at the other animal. A saber, seeming her age, was staring at her as well. He looked fit enough.

"What are you doing?" She asked, irritated that he had tried to take her meal.

"Hunting, same as you," he said nonchalantly. Natalie rolled her eyes.

"Well this is my dinner, so buzz off, would ya?" It came out ruder than she expected it would, but hey, this was her kill. He didn't seem fazed and stayed where he was.

"I helped, so I think I should get some of it," The male declared. Natalie laughed.

"Uh, I believe it was me that got its throat," Natalie said, her eyebrows raised.

"And I believe it was me that kept it from kicking around so much." Ugh. This male wasn't going to give up. Natalie looked over the antelope and debated.

"Fine, you can have the hind quarters, I get the rest," she finally told him. He shrugged, and began to tear into his meal. After a few minutes of eating, the male spoke up.

"So what's your name?"

"Natalie. You?" she really wasn't in the mood for a conversation, but she didn't want to be rude like earlier.

"Diego," was his reply. Soon they were back to the silence they had been in earlier. "So where's your pack?" he said after a few more minutes passed. Natalie stopped mid-bite.

"Gone," she said. She tore off one more mouthful of the antelope and took off into the trees. She could hear Diego calling her name, but she wasn't about to slow down, let alone stop. She ran until she found a small cave. Natalie quickly finished up her dinner, licked her white fur clean, and fell asleep.


Diego was shocked, and stared after Natalie with a blank expression.

"Natalie!" He called. He kept shouting her name until he realized there was no way she was coming back. He looked down at the half eaten antelope and took off back towards the herd. Once he had found them, he layed down around the fire Sid had made.

"So tough guy, did you get anything yummy?" Sid asked. Diego shrugged, knowing it was best not to give his herbivore friends all the gory details. He placed his head on his arm and closed his eyes. Natalie flitted through his thoughts. Maybe she was just a ghost. With that white fur of hers, it was easily plausible. He shook it off and fell asleep.

It had been two weeks since Diego had encountered Natalie, and he had forgotten the incident completely. The herd was back in the village, and things had returned to normal. Manny and Ellie were obsessing over peaches, Manny more so of course. Sid was being tortured by the twins which was always amusing to everyone but Sid. Diego sat on a rock, watching as Crash and Eddie bounced endlessly on Sid's head. Diego couldn't help but chuckle occasionally at the twins antics. Soon it was getting dark, and Sid, Crash, Eddie, and Diego were on their way back to Manny, Ellie, and Peaches. They walked slowly, allowing Sid to try his best to keep up. Diego's green eyes shined brightly in the dimmed light. His ear flickered to the tree line and back again. The group walked farther along. Diego's ear flickered yet again, and this time he couldn't ignore it. He looked to the trees, seeing nothing. They walked farther still. The third time Diego heard the sound, he had no time to react before something had Sid in its mouth. It was Natalie.

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