Queen of the old ways, Empress of Air and Darkness, Queen Mab, aunty Mab. She was beautiful no doubt. Long dark cascading hair with skin like snow and her electric emerald eyes. The gloss on those perfect lips and the way you move with power, elegance and grace. Yes power, the power you had to control your people because they all are yours. Power to make food appear from nowhere and to protect men from harm. You are two kinds of power. You must have everything I wonder how it would feel to be like that but I never will. I hate that! I hate you! No I don't how could I hate something so beautiful and delicate like a flower but you are no flower your powerful.

If I can't have your power my queen I'll have you. I'll be forever loyal and fight for you, fight for us. I won't fail I will never fail and when this war is over and we've won I'll have you and your power. All my life I've listened to you Mab. Not that silly fool and slave of yours, or even my stupid mother well not as much as you. You killed my mother queen of the old ways, because she tried to stop you taking me. My heart burst of joy when you did that, you used your power for me. True my mother was dead but I had you I have you. You taught me well as my battle approached I was to succeed for sure. It would not be long now not long at all and you would belong to me.


I'm dying aunty Mab, I need you. I got Arthur he is dying just like I am now. Where are you? Your plan is almost complete but I need you to save me if my own plan is to succeed. Mab? Are you coming? Will you bring me to life? I love you Mab your power is all I long for please help me. You have came I knew you would, but you do not have the power to save me. Power! Power! You don't have enough power to save me but at least I died fighting for you. Just as I said I would and you, you came to hold me as I slip away. To die by someone as powerful as you and fighting for someone as powerful as you is an honor.

"Don't die Mordred."
"Die dear auntie Mab that's the last thing I should do."