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Sakura's POV

Today is the second day of school and I'm already bored. I sighed and slouched down into my chair while boredly listening to the teacher go on and on about combining like terms.

I doodled in my textbook, drawing a few swirls, before a note was dropped onto my desk. I looked in the direction I saw it come from and saw Ino smiling. 'Open it' she mouthed to me. I picked it up and opened it under my desk.

"So Sakura, what are you now. This: (A)3, or this: (B)3, or this: (C)3, or this: (D)3?"

'What the hell is she talking about?'

I looked carefully at the three's on the page, glancing back and forth between the big ones and the small one before turning my head slightly. My jaw hung open as I realized what she was asking.

I scribbled a sentence on the paper asking her what the hell before throwing it on her desk. She opened the paper and looked at me before giving me an innocent look.

She wrote on the paper and set it on my desk. I looked up at the teacher to see if he was looking before swiping the note off my desk. As the teacher's back was turned, I opened the note under the desk and read it.

"What? I haven't seen you all summer and it looks like you've grown. Seriously your chest is now bigger than mine and I'm a C. So that means you're probably, most likely a D. Ah, you're growing up. I'm so proud of you.=)"

I stuffed the note into my bag and slouched down. I folded my hands on my desk and rest my head on top of it before I was hit in the head by a paper. I opened it and noticed Ino's handwriting.

"Hey, maybe Sasuke might stare more at you now."

I let out an inaudible gasp and glared a hole at the paper in front of me, wishing that the sentence would jump off of the page and go and hide behind Ino or maybe shrivel up and die or better yet just magically burn away, yeah burning away sounds like a good enough punishment. I heard the teacher announce that the lesson was done and we were free to do what we wanted as long as we do it quietly.

"What makes you think he likes me?" I wrote before throwing it on her desk.

"Because he stares at you, annoys you, and teases you; do I have to write more?"

"How come I don't see him looking in my direction then? And just because he does those things doesn't mean that he likes me."

"Oh yes it does, and he looks away before you could catch him staring."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, really, and I think he'll be looking at you more now."

"What makes you say that?"

"Uh, like hello. You've grown and your shirt is kinda tight around your chest area."

I crumbled the paper and shoved it in my bag just as the bell rang. I picked up my books and headed out the door. Ino soon caught up to me and we both walked to our lockers.

"I still can't believe you wrote that."

"What? It's obvious you got bigger. And he does like you. Naruto told me."

"And how come he didn't tell me?" I asked as I opened my locker.

"I dunno, Naruto's an idiot remember," she said fixing her hair.

I stuffed my bag and books in my locker before we headed in the direction of the gym which is our last class period.

"Hey guys," Tenten said as she ran up to us.

"Hello," Hinata said quietly, coming to stand next to Tenten.

"Hey," I greeted them.

"Guess what guys?" Ino asked Hinata and Tenten.

"What?" Tennie asked obviously interested.

"Sakura's grown up," she stated while smiling broadly.

"Well, of course she's grown up," Tennie stated obviously.

"Um, Tennie I don't think she means like that," Hinata said her voice just a little above a whisper.

"Ohhh," Tennie said as she realized what she meant. She turned to me and smiled really big before glomping me.

"Ah, you're growing up and oh my gosh this is exciting," she kept rambling on and on, not letting me go.

Someone cleared their throat and we all turned to see Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, and Neji staring at us like we had a problem. Ino just stuck out her tongue at them before we moved away from the gym doors.

"What bastards," Tenten said under her breath as we followed them in.

In the changing room, it took me a while to get on my shirt. No, it's not because it's small; it's just that Ino and Tenten kept talking and talking and won't let me put on my shirt. Hinata, being the darling and sweetie that she is, told them that we were gonna be late if we didn't hurry up.

I threw her a grateful glance and she nodded while smiling. As we neared the bleachers, the so called 'popular girls' walked into the gym. They always come late cause they think it's cool. I'm mean seriously; they make me want to throw up my lunch.

The 'popular' girls consist of Karin, Ami, Shichi, and Mei. They are sluts, no lie. They took the school uniform and completely redesigned it to their liking. The principal (aka my cousin), Tsunade, got so annoyed that she didn't even bother with them.

It's gonna be their fault if they get hurt by some rapist or pervert anyway. Me and the girls watched as they shamelessly walked up to Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, and Neji, the hottest boys you might ever set your eyes on. They were popular, hot, and some of the smartest boys you might find; plus, they are not playboys which is absolutely awesome.

I have a crush on the hottest one; well to me he is the hottest one. Sasuke Uchiha, just saying that name makes me feel giddy; he has blackish bluish hair that sticks up in the air and resembles a chicken's ass, but it's so cute and I would love to run my fingers through it. He could make any girl swoon, even teachers; but our lady teachers aren't looking at him. Though there is this one teacher, what's his name? Orochiharu, Orochimasu, now I remember Orochimaru. Yeah, he is freaky.

I think he is somehow attracted to Sasuke. I mean I know I am, but seriously he is a dude, a man, whatever he is, that is like going on thirty years old. It's just ewwwwwwwww on so many levels.

I watched as Karin tried, notice I said tried, to flirt with Sasuke. He clearly ignored her and looked around the gym. Before he could sweep his gaze on me, I looked away.

Unlike the other times, I actually felt his gaze on the back of my head. I tried to ignore it the best that I could and I turned my attention to my friends who were obviously talking about the sluts.

"They seriously need to get a life," Tenten said, showing her disgust.

"They sicken me," Hinata said before putting her index finger into her mouth indicating that she wanted to puke.

"I agree with you," I said as I wrinkled my nose in disgust before looking over at them.

I watched as the boys pushed past them and walked over to the other end of the bleachers we were on and sat down with Karin and her posse following them like helpless puppies. I heard Naruto yell at them and the only one that left crying was Shichi.

Karin, Ami, and Mei didn't care and barely watched as she left the gym. Before they could start pestering the boys again our gym teacher showed up, and from the corner of my eye, I saw each one of them let out a sigh probably one of disappointment.

"Okay, today the girls are going to be playing volleyball while the boys will be playing basketball," Anko said before making us hustle onto the court.

"We'll be playing outside and I have decided to let each team have four players. Group up and wait for me to tell you when to start," she said.

The girls and I walked to the volleyball net which was outside and waited for further instructions while the sluts walked away from the gym, probably going to find Shichi to get her to be on their team.

I felt that same pair of eyes on me again and I wondered how I never before felt them looking at my back or head. Now I am getting self-conscious and I really don't wanna make a fool of myself now that I know for sure that he is looking at me.

"Relax," Hinata said in her soft voice, "it's gonna be okay; just don't think about him looking at you, just act how you regularly do."

I nodded and took in a deep breath. She smiled at me and I smiled back, thanking her for the advice.

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