He was a fool he refused to believe in the old ways, refused to believe in me! He could have lived, he could have helped me save my people. The throne his, the people mine, it would have worked perfectly. All he needed to do was believe, he felt something. Then again my beauty is un questionable of course he did. I admired him, maybe even more than admired we weren't so different him and I. Together we could have done great things instead he chose to walk to his death. A brave man but so stupid, his pride really did condemn him. But what could I do I had my own battle, I am Mab Queen of the Old Ways.

They were fighting upon the ice, Vortigern's men and Uther's. Of course Uther's side had a strong advantage. They had Merlin, and had Vortigern not been so stupid to accept Mab's offer of help, he more than surely would have won. Though like she was going too, Vortigern would loose also. Such a waste really, Mab should have just stood aside. She was killing people with her own selfishness, I tried my best to stop her. To aid Merlin but this didn't stop her causing damage entirely. I wanted her to loose and to die, to be forgotten. Perhaps I don't hate her but I find it necessary that she should suffer. But what could I do I was dying too, I am the Lady of the Lake.

Merlin split the ice open with Excalibur and I fell threw I was the only one who did. Had it not been for the ice closing back over I would have got back out but that was Excalibur's magick. Quickly I lost oxygen when Mab came over to me in a bright light though something was different. 'Mab' I tried to speak. She kissed me and I knew it wasn't her.
'I am the Lady of the Lake.' she spoke clearly.
As the Lady disappeared slowly a triumphant smile grew across her face as though she had won something. So what could I do? I was King Vortigern and I was dying, it was inevitable so I did the one thing I could.
'Mab, I believe in you.' my eyes close as I say this and then nothing.

Rage flows threw me as she kisses you so does a sort of disappointment which I can't understand. However I hear your words and it disappears. A tear rolls down my cheek I regret not being able to help you.
'And I believe in you.'