Dear Kian,

Hey! So I am Kind of curious to see

So how is Midnight? I miss you two sooo much, I can't believe it's been almost 3 years. I'm good, but, like

I miss you so much, I cannot believe it's been less than 3 years, it seems like so long

Hey. I miss you, and Midnight, and I just have to miss Ireland. I don't believe that it's been almost three years, because time feels like It's at a sort of standstill. I want you to come to London again, like you did before. The visit didn't last long, I know, but it was still cool.

I will probably be visiting my dad and Clare this summer, so maybe you and I could arrange something for my stay…?

In fact, my mum just recently got engaged, and I think I may just decide to move to Ireland, I mean, the main reason I'm visiting this summer is because she thinks I'll get in the way of her wedding planning, or I'll sabotage it or something. But the good news is that if I move, I don't have to deal with Mark all the time. I mean, he's a cool guy and all, but he runs his business from home, so he'd be around every day when I got home from school.

So I'm probably going to move to Ireland. Dad doesn't mind too awfully much. In fact, both he and Clare are ecstatic about the idea. Not to mention Holly…

Well, I've got to go, Kian. Please write me, or ring me, and tell me what you think.



Of course I didn't send it…yet. But I will, you needn't worry, Mum.

The major issue that I have had with Mum and Mark is that I can't relate at all, and Mum is always talking about Mark. And the reason I am considering moving to Ireland and living with Dad and Clare is because Mum is getting to be very hard to live with. It isn't really so much that Mum said it'd be better for me to move as it is that I decided it would be the better thing for us both, as well as Mark.

So I am moving to Ireland at the start of the summer. It is pretty well set in stone at this point. But it was not my idea to write Kian. It was completely my mum's idea. So I haven't mailed it. I have been able to keep in pretty good touch with Kian over the phone in the three years since his surprise visit, the last time I saw him in person.

But this'd be too much. He might get scared that I was moving to Ireland only to be near him. Which is untrue. I'm doing it for Mum.