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*************Start: Chapter 3*************

"Scarlett, honey, wake up..."

I wake slowly, disoriented. I would love to remain that way, not totally aware of myself or my surroundings. After all, it's so much easier that way, in the small and groggy half-world between sleep and awareness. But, unfortunately, it doesn't last long before reality comes crashing down around my ears.

I feel like crying when I finally recall what today is.

It's been an entire week. And even now, I'm not totally acquainted with what they told me at dinner that night. Mark was really nice about it, too. Not that I was particularly fond of him at that moment - it was too much like Clare had been for comfort, at that point at least. But he was very gentle when he'd admitted that Mum and he'd been talking. They had agreed that they should send me in a week, rather than waiting a month. They felt it was not the best environment for me to be in - not very conducive to my continuing good behavior. Thus, they were sending me to Ireland early.

Today. I was going to be put on a plane by Mum and Mark, sent to ireland to live with Clare and Dad. And was scared stiff.

It isn't going to be that bad. I have good friends there now, like my step sister Holly and her friends from school. But it still bugs me, the reaction I'd gotten from Kian. I'd thought, at the very least, he'd be somewhat happy.

But still. I'm going to make the best out of it, and so what if Kian isn't happy...

Mum interrupts my thoughts with a call into my room: "Scarlett! Up and at 'em. We need to be at the airport in about an hour, love. Please get up!"

I sigh, and call back: "I'm up Mum!"

"Get dressed and let's get going! There's a ton of traffic today, luv." She replies quickly, and I sigh again, before rising to pull on my back holey jeans and purple stripy tank. It's going to be a long, long day, Scarlett, I think to myself as I stare at my tired reflection in the mirror.


"Hurry up, Scarlett! You'll miss your flight!"

I closed my eyes, to drown out the image of "YOU LOSE!" flashing on my mobile's screen, only to find that it's flashing on the inside of my eyelids as well. I hate losing at Snake, but lately I've been getting more testy whenever I lose of late. I frown at my mum's voice, overshadowed in only a moment by the overhead boarding call for my flight - the third one, funnily enough. I groan and get to my feet.

Pulling my rucksack on over my one shoulder and sliding my phone into the front pocket of my skinny, black jeans, I frown and look up at my mum. "No chance of reconsidering this thing?" I ask her with an appealing smile. She sighs.

"Scarlett, please stop trying ot make this so difficult. A couple of weeks ago, you couldn't wait to go. What's changed?"

I couldn't admit it. That I felt like I should be given a second chance. Or a "last, last chance," as she'd once called it. But I could still think it. And was, even now, wondering why there wasn't that chance...

But then the next boarding call came, and Mum checked her mobile. "Oh, I'm sorry, darling. It's time I leave, Mark's meeting me for lunch. I need to go. I'll give you a ring once you're there love!" I turned and headed to the plane, even as I heard her call after me, "Take care, Scarlett! I love you, babe!" I shake my head, but only once I'm certain that she can't see me, and then turn around. She's walking away, just like three years ago. But now, I'm older, wiser, and know what I'm in for.

Not coming back. Yeah. Love you too, Mum.

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