Author's notes: this fic will probably have short chapters but bear with me I'm planning it that way. It seems to fit best. Hope you like xx

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Shard's of a Fairytale


Bella POV

I sat at the window looking out at the rain. Edward was gone. He didn't love me. He didn't want me. The family was gone. My family. The future I had chosen. Gone.

Edward didn't want me and neither did his family. They didn't want me in their perfect family. I wasn't good enough.

I felt sick to my stomach. I got up and tried to shake the feeling going to shower. I walked into the bathroom and caught my reflection in the mirror.

How could I be so blind? I was plain and ugly compared to Edward. How could I have ever thought he would want me in the first place? Any of them! Why would they want to spare me even a second glance?

A wave of anger caught me off guard. I threw the glass with mine and Charlie's toothbrushes in against the mirror, smashing both. Shards of clear glass and mirrored glass shattered and flew across the small room. I felt a piece clip my cheek and another smaller piece stuck into my arm, as most of the other pieces just flew past me and fell to the floor.

The wound wasn't deep. I looked down at the small tickle of blood forming. This situation was pretty familiar. Carlisle had only fixed this arm up last week. I felt bitter inside and on a complete twisted impulse I forced the glass further into my arm. I hissed as it dug deeper showing on the outside the pain I had been feeling inside all week. I kept pushing until blood covered my arm and then just sat on the floor of the bathroom, looking at my miserable state in the broken pieces of the mirror.

Charlie POV

I came inside and seeing no sign of life downstairs, not that I expected there to be, I headed up to check on Bella. Maybe I could at least get her to eat something. At the top of the stairs I froze. My blood ran cold and I bolted to my daughter's side.

She sat slumped forward limply in the bathroom, blood covering her arm and the floor. I didn't know how bad the bleeding actually was but it looked a lot. I tried not to panic hoping it looked worse than it was like these things usually do but I didn't have much success.

I called to her, or rather shouted her name at her desperate for a response but didn't get one. I shook her lightly trying to wake her but still nothing. I continued to try with light success to calm myself as I lifted Bella into my arms and carried her down the stairs.

I struggled under the weight of her limp body but I knew she was breathing and to keep things that way I had to get moving. I wasn't in great shape to be carrying her but right now it didn't matter. I awkwardly got out of the front door and laid her on the back seat of my cruiser before taking full advantage of its lights on the way to the hospital.

Bella POV

I suddenly felt cold along my arm. Oh no! What had I done? Was this it? Was I dying now? I smelt a familiar smell but couldn't place it. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't do that either. Then I was being shifted. I vaguely realised that I was definitely alive. Charlie was holding me, passing me over to someone else. Charlie! How could I have been so selfish?! Cold surrounded me and I didn't feel cold. It felt nice and I leaned against it. This person wasn't human. No human was this cold.

I suddenly knew who it was carrying me. I forced my eyes to open a little. They did but my vision was slightly off, like I had had a lot to drink, but it was enough for me to see his blonde hair and pale skin.

"Carlisle..." my voice croaked. His eyes darted to my face. Even with my fuzzy vision I could see the concern on his face all too clearly. "Help me. I don't want to die. I don't know what happened."

"You're going to be fine, Bella." He replied, placing me down. Softness replaced him as I now lay on a hospital bed.

Author's notes: hope you like xx