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Chapter 1

Rain always brings on a depressing feel-almost a prediction of imminent death. At least it did for her. She just didn't have the words to tell anyone how the rain made her feel. She didn't have the words to tell anyone anything; she lived in an everlasting curse of silence.

Which is why, when her mother sent her away to the town of Forks, she had no idea how depressed her daughter really was.

Isabella Swan was as gorgeous as the sun and the moon; even the stars would bow at her feet. A flawless face, with the most gorgeous and intriguing eyes anyone could have ever seen. Though she only stood at the height of five foot four inches, she had modest curves and a shockingly small waist. Her hair brown fell in cascades down her back, her skin as pale as ever. Her face was perfectly symmetrical and if it weren't for her constant silence and shyness—model agencies would have picked her up by now. Isabella Swan seemed to be the definition of beauty.

On this inside though, she suffered turmoil like no other person would believe. Every night she cried herself to sleep-out of the pain she was forced to keep inside. Her heart simply bled in her chest everyday and she truly believed that no one could ever fix it. Her mother sending her to Forks to live with her father only further deepened her pain.

Finally the morning came for her departure.

"Alright Bella, that's your flight. Be safe." Renee said this as if Bella was too stupid to read the board. Bella scoffed. Everyone always assumed she was some sort of idiot that couldn't read or write. As if her vocal chords being frozen during pre-birth development had a direct affect on her brain. Grabbing her bag quickly before Renee could go all emotional on her, Bella handed the board employee her ticket and climbed on the plane that was going to take her to her own personal hell.

She hated meeting new people, because they always asked questions, ones she couldn't answer. Then as soon as they found out that she was mute, suddenly she wasn't normal anymore. And this drove her insane. Setting her backpack in the overhead compartment she hoped to God that the plane didn't loose the two bags she had checked in at the gate. There was no way she could fit everything she needed for the rest of her life into a simple backpack.

No one had told her, but deep-down Bella knew she'd never be returning to Phoenix. And everything, her entire life, was packed into three suitcases. Though she'd never really gotten into the whole "fashion" thing that most girls did, when you're packing away everything you think your going to need, suddenly clothes seemed to be important.

Renee had given Bella a couple hundred dollars to spend on winter clothes when she arrived in Forks, But Bella didn't plan on buying clothes. She hated shopping above all else. She smirked to herself as she sat down in her seat next to a pale girl with short black hair. Bella immediately knew the girl couldn't have been native to Phoenix, not with that skin. Though Bella knew that she, herself, was quite pale—she knew it was partially because as a child she had no friends to play outdoors with.

As the plane lifted up she furiously tried to hide tears as she bid farewell to the only home she'd ever known. After a few moments of staring out the window she turned to the girl next to her who was also looking out the window. Probably saying goodbye to the sun which the black haired girl hadn't gotten nearly enough of.

Bella watched as the girl picked up a fashion magazine and began reading. Bella couldn't help but look over her shoulder at some of the pictures. She was too lazy to read every small word printed of hundreds to describe a single shoe, but some of the pictures were quite eye catching.

The black haired girl, named Alice Cullen, caught Bella's looking at the pictures and decided that though she wasn't in the best mood that maybe she should introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Alice Cullen." Alice held her hand out to Bella who merely looked at the hand then looked away. Alice couldn't help but think how rude that was, but either way there was nothing to do about it, and she turned back to her magazine, trying to cheer herself up.

Bella meanwhile turned her attention to her most prized possession. Her ipod. It was a few years old, one of those first generation ipod videos that held 30 gigabytes. And sadly Bella had filled it all, she had so much music. Bella smiled, remembering how she had saved for months then finally when the next generation had come out and the price had gone down, she had bought the black ipod and had never left home since without in tucked securely in her pocket or backpack.

For Bella, school had always been hell, and she was sure that starting anew at Forks high would be even worse. She had emailed her dad and told him not to tell anyone that she was mute. She wanted to be as normal as possible for as long as she could. Because as soon as they new she would once again be back to being the class freak.

At this point Alice was getting bored with the magazine, and even though the girl next to her was rude, she needed someone to talk to. "So, what's your name?" Alice tried. When Bella failed to supply any information to this stranger, Alice decided it was best to just talk to the brown haired stranger anyways because they would be stuck on the plane for an hour and a half, and they were both landing in the Seattle airport. "So, I'm Alice, like I said, and I'm a junior at Forks high. I have…" Bella began to tune out the girl who called herself Alice, returning dutifully to her own thoughts.

As a junior herself, Bella couldn't wait to graduate and be rid of everything to do with school. The thought of her future was infinitely more fearful however, because what sort of job could she get? Almost all jobs required communication, and though Bella knew sign language, no one knew that. Not even Renee.

To be frankly honest, Bella loved living in her own little world that no one could penetrate, sure it was lonely sometimes, but for the most part it was a safe place. However, as she had approached puberty her world had gotten more and more crowded with the consuming sadness she couldn't get to subside. All she wanted to do it seemed was either read or listen to music.

Renee grew alarmed when she saw how much Bella had drawn into herself. Bella had even stopped her daily running-something she had thoroughly enjoyed previous to high school.

Bella hated her mom worrying about her, which is what prompted her to hide all of her tears and pain in a mask. A mask greater than silence.

And silence itself can be painful.

And Bella was painfully silent.

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