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Chapter 5

It didn't surprise Bella in the least when she found herself in the bathroom shortly after leaving the lunchroom. It was like the place had a gravitational pull to negative emotions.

There wasn't anyone else in the bathroom when Bella got there, and so she decided against sitting in a nasty stall and chose instead to sit in the corner just past the sinks, somewhat out of sight from the door.

She couldn't control the tears as the flowed down her cheeks, and frankly, she didn't try. Everything was hurting so incredibly much. When the bell rang signifying the end of lunch Bella didn't move. She considered briefly the consequences of skipping on the first day, but the thoughts soon flew out her ears as she remembered that the teachers would eventually hate her anyways.

Memories flew in front of Bella's eyes as she took out her ipod and pressed shuffle. She briefly wondered why she even had that first random song on her ipod still. All it did was remind her of things she'd rather forget.


It was getting dark and fourteen-year-old Bella was walking home from the store. Her mother had asked her to go pick up a jar of peanut butter. Bella swore that her mother was addicted to the stuff, because every time Renee ran out she would fly into a frenzy and send the closest person out to buy more. And tonight, that happened to be Bella.

After walking a few blocks, things began to get uncomfortably silent, in fact, Bella hadn't even noticed how dark it was until this point. And it wasn't until she realized she still had five blocks to go that she really panicked.

And Bella had a right to be panicked because right around the corner of the next building stood a man, a man waiting in silence for his next victim. He had peeked out moments before and seen the young but beautiful girl and was already planning how to coax her into his car waiting halfway down the block.

Bella walked forward, but stopped when she saw the corner of what looked like a sleeve. And in that moment, that pause, it was enough.

End Flashback

The song ended taking most of its memories with it. Bella had actually been so involved in her music that she hadn't noticed the girl who entered the bathroom.

The girl was beautiful of course, but nothing in compare to Bella. The girl didn't notice Bella; she was too occupied with wiping the tears off her face. Her boyfriend of two years had just broken up with her. But it wasn't like he didn't care; it was just that he found something better. She leaned down into the sink and sobbed like she never had before. Her entire life had been difficult but manageable until this point.

The girl wore no makeup, so she made no effort to try and hinder the tears that flowed. It was then, in that moment, a small thought entered Bella's head, the thought that maybe someone else was hurting too. When the girl looked up into the mirror Bella could almost picture herself in that same position.

Without even thinking Bella stood up, causing the girl to scream when she suddenly saw the figure of a skinny girl rise out of nowhere. It took but a few seconds for the girl to realize Bella's beauty and to wonder why she saw a hint of sadness in Bella's eyes.

Angela looked into the mirror again, and resumed sobbing, almost as if this random stranger wasn't there. And when she glanced up from the sink moments later, Bella was standing next to her, hesitantly reaching an arm out to offer her a tissue from a box that had obviously been of Bella's personal supply.

What happened next was a complete surprise to them both, without even thinking Angela began to pour out her heart. "Why? Why does this have to happen to me? Everything was just starting to come back together after my dad's death and my brother got back from rehab then all the sudden here I am crying my eyes out again. Why'd he do it? We'd been dating for two years and suddenly he decides he's in love with someone else?" She let out a shaky breath. "And then he confesses to never loving me and just wanting a dis-distraction." Angela's voice cracked as she returned to sobbing.

Bella really had no idea what to do. She just stood there. Comforting someone was kind of hard when you couldn't talk. Suddenly, something possessed Bella and she reached out and gently offered the girl a tissue. Knowing that she had often wished for a gesture somewhat similar.

"I just don't understand it." Angela continued, the tissue Isabella had given he was now completely soaked in her tears. Bella sensed this and held out another. "I loved him so much, and all he did was lie."

Bella opened her mouth, begging for words to magically appear, just this once. But all she heard was silence, just like always. Instead she did the only thing she could possibly do, she pulled out another tissue and handed it to the girl she remembered from earlier as being named Angela.

A switch must have gone off in Angela's head because suddenly she jerked her tear stained head up, her eyes meeting Bella's in the mirror. "I'm Angela by the way. I don't believe I've ever seen you before." The tears had slowed a bit, but Angela felt powerless, not knowing how to stop them. Earlier Bella had wondered why Angela hadn't questioned her on the way to lunch, and now she realized it was because Angela had failed to notice Bella.

Bella's ipod chose that moment to switch songs, and when Bella heard the song that was playing she immediately took one of her earpieces out and handed it to Angela who took it hesitantly and placed it in her ear. The song it had changed to was about love and pain but more specifically regretting love and painful lies. It was a slow song, the kind that often sent shivers up the spine of the listener when he or she was in the right mood.

Angela listened patiently, admitting to finding a bit of consolation in the song—knowing the odd and beautiful girl next to her knew why she was upset, and to an extent understood.

Neither of the girls realized how'd long they'd been standing there simply listening to music until the bell rang signifying the end of class. Angela smiled and thanked the beautiful and mysterious girl. "Thanks for listening, you're great at it." She offered a small smile, grabbing a tissue and heading out the door.

As soon as the girl was out of sight Bella grabbed her bag and put her hood up, placing it over her eyes. She had the last hour of the day off and so she decided to start home, since it was obvious that she would never have any reason to stay and socialize.

It was raining heavily outside, as if the earth itself were sad about something. The rain wasn't surprising in any way to Bella but at the same time she pulled her jacket tighter around her body and began to make her way through the parking lot. She was half way through when she felt a strong hand on her arm. Without looking she attempted to pull the offensive limb off of her. Why couldn't they just leave her alone? Couldn't they see that no one could help her?

The person attached to the limb cleared his throat, trying to get the girls attention. Instead, she merely pulled harder, refusing to face anyone. Bella had seen herself in the mirror, and though she didn't care about appearances she knew her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were completely bloodshot. And the last thing she wanted was her dad getting wind of this and sending her to some damned psychiatrist—or worse yet sending her back to her mother. It was then that Bella fell a step backwards as Edward pulled on the arm he'd been holding, trying to get the girl to acknowledge him. But this only caused her to pull away more, hunching over so he wouldn't see her face.

Frustrated, Edward gave up on trying to get her to face him and instead started to speak. "Um, hey, um it's raining and well I was wondering if you wanted a ride?" Edward mentally smacked himself, feeling stupid for stating the obvious that it was raining.

Bella was surprised; he was offering to spend time in the car with her? And he didn't even know where she lived! But her surprise wore off within moment however, reality settling back in. She was mute, and she would forever remain so.

"Um usually when someone asks you a question, you, uh, answer." Edward was usually a very patient young man but for whatever reason waiting for this girl to answer was causing him to shift back and forth on his feet.

Edward hadn't realized it but he had since let go of the girl's arm, so when he reached in his pocket and looked up again the girl was running across the parking lot weaving in and out of cars.

Now Edward had never been a religious man but he had always believed in acting like a true gentleman, which suited his stature well. To say this young man was handsome was an understatement; because he was handsome to such an extent the word didn't cover it anymore. Because he had yet to see Bella's gorgeous face (she had kept it faced downwards during lunch and in the car he had been much too distracted with his music and Emmett) he had simply offered her a ride because he was kind at heart. He had noticed she wore nothing more than a hoddie to shield her from the harsh Forks rain and he had taken pity on her—partly because of almost hitting her that morning.

Shrugging he turned back to his car, the thoughts of the girl starting to fade from his mind.

Bella's mind, however, was a different story. Edward crowded her every sense, and her skin felt prickly from where he had touched her. In Phoenix no one had touched her. Even her own mother hadn't hugged her in over eleven years. And to be honest, it was an odd sensation. Bella began scratching desperately at her arm, trying to get the feeling of Edward's hand on her arm to go away.

And it wasn't until she got home that she saw the blood on her fingernails.

Panicked, she ran up to the bathroom and stole a glance at the mess that was her arm. Luckily, her nails had only taken off a bit of skin so she wasn't bleeding all that profusely, but nonetheless she rinsed the cut, ashamed that she did that to herself.

And it was while watching the small amount of blood rush down the drain that everything came rushing back. She wanted to scream No! Don't touch me! But just like years before, it was fruitless, and she collapsed, her body overcome with her always-silent tears.

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