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Beyond Beautiful

There she was; walking down the stairs. Her blue smooth hair was flying behind her delicately. Her friends were walking beside her, but none of them sparkled like Dawn...Yes, Dawn Berlitz was her name. All the people in the school knew her and looked up to her, but she didn't seem that bothered. It looked like she wasn't wanting popularity, but just a normal teenage life.

Dawn and her friends continued down the corridor. Every guy turned their heads to take a look at her beauty. She was sexy, sweet, kind, intelligent; a guy's dream. She looked like a model, perfect hair, perfect looks, perfect personality, perfect everything. No wonder all the guy's know her name. If you had just moved to this school, the first name you would hear was 'Dawn Berlitz'; absolutely stunning.

Further along the corridor a boy, known as Ash Ketchum, was opening his locker. He was normal; not popular, not a freak...just normal. But he was like all the guy's around school; he was totally and completely in love with her; Dawn, that popular name and popular girl. He couldn't help himself, no other guy could. She was just...unnaturally perfect and beyond beautiful.

"Hey guys! Dawn is coming down!" A male voice whispered, just loud enough for everyone to hear him. All the guy's turned, wanting to see her gorgeous face for when she comes down. Ash proceeded to put his maths jotter in his locker not wanting the blush, that was going to appear, be noticed. The person was right, Dawn, May and the other girls came walking down, all the guys staring at Dawn. Wolf whistles were loud and clear as a blush of embarrassment grew on Dawn's cheeks. She noticed one boy, shoving books in his locker. Yes indeed, Ash was the only one who didn't look round, and Dawn noticed it. She hated everyone staring at her and trying to get her attention. But to Dawn, Ash looked like he wasn't bothered, and she liked that and smiled.

Ash turned, Dawn and her friends were at the end of the corridor. He sighed, took his English jotter out and walked towards the English class. Which, believe it or not, was the same direction Dawn had just walked. He didn't know who was in this class since the new term had just started. He was nervous. If Dawn was there, he was sure going to embarrass himself in front of her. He stopped. There was the door, only across from him. He took a deep breath and entered the classroom.

The first person he saw, seated at the very front, was Kenny. Behind him was Tracey and Gary. Ash scanned the room. He recognised a few people, Drew was sitting along from Gary, they were talking about something. Dawn was sitting at the back of the classroom, with May, Zoey, Misty and Angie. A blush appeared on his cheeks when Dawn looked his direction and smiled. He quickly diverted his gaze and walked towards his friends.

"Hey Ash, how's it going?" Kenny asked. Ash took a place next to him.

"Not bad, you?" He replied. Kenny grinned.

"Awesome thanks," He said happily grinning to himself. Ash noticed he took a glance at Dawn, probably hoping that she would smile at him. 'Well he's sure in a good mood,' Ash thought.

"Cool," Ash said. They turned round to speak to Gary, Tracey and Drew.

Ash's Pov.

We started planing about Friday night, I tried to stay in the conversation but I couldn't keep my eyes off Dawn. It's weird that she has never dated anyone. All her friends have. May was obviously dating Drew. But I couldn't understand why Dawn hadn't dated, every popular guy has asked her out, but she turned them down.

I took my eyes quickly off her when I realised I had been staring at her for a few minutes. The teacher came walking in and me and Kenny turned to face the front, before we got into trouble; as usual. Sometimes for something we didn't do. But normally it was because we don't pay attention, always have our mobile phones out, and other times we talk. Detentions are useless. Teachers think that making us sit in a quiet room and writing out the school rules would make us stop the misbehaving. How wrong they were.

"Hello class, my name is Mrs Stock," She called. She placed the paper, she had been carrying, on the desk in front of her. "Now today, we are going to be working on group discussions. You will be in pairs and will write an essay about the type of Pokemon you are studying. Any questions?" Her voice was strong. Everything was quiet signalling that no questions were wanting to be asked or maybe it was because half the class were asleep already; possibly from her drowning voice. "OK then, I will read out the pairs." She picked up the paper and began reading, "Gary and Angie-fire types, Misty and Tracey-grass types, May and Drew-electric types, Kenny and Zoey-psychic types, Sarah and John-normal types, Paul and Lisa-bug types, and finally; Ash and Dawn-water types." I froze. Me and Dawn, Dawn and me, damn I'm going to make a fool of myself! Why does this have to happen! Why can't I partner up with someone I don't have a crush on?

"Nice one Ash, but remember Dawn doesn't like you that way," Kenny said slapping me on the back. I tried to smile, but my cheeks were stiff. I looked at Dawn, May was whispering in her ear, and Dawn blushed.

"You know what Ash?" Gary whispered, I turned my attention on him. "I'm going to regret saying this but you and Dawn look a good couple." I could feel my face heat up. "You should ask her out," Gary continued. "I wonder what she'll say, she does smile at you a lot, so I think you have a decent chance," Gary drowned on while I was thinking.

Gary always says stupid things, but he actually looked serious this time. But it can't be true, can it? Dawn wouldn't love me. I mean come on! Out of all the guys in school, she would never pick me over them. That would be so unreal. There's not even a chance that she would like me that way. But why is Gary saying this? He's so stu-

"Er...Ash?" Someone interrupted.

"Y-yeah?" I tried to act casual.

"HA, you were thinking of her again, were you?" Gary laughed. The hotness returned to my cheeks.

"No I wasn't!"

"Yes you were!" Kenny butted in.

"Prove it!" I said. Ha, there's no way they could prove that I was thinking of her. Gary may be good with girls, but I'm sure he's not psychic, and he's not that smart either.

"OK then," Gary said as he continued, "First, you were looking at her. Second, you had that dazed look on your face that you normally have when you think about her. And third, we were just talking about her, so of course you were thinking of her. You always do," Gary chuckled as he saw Kenny smirk. Defeated. Damn, he really is smart.

"Well, you were the one who said all tho-"

"Hi Ash," Dawn's voice came. I turned. She was behind me with her beautiful smile.

"H-hi," I replied. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest like a drum kit. I was surprised, and relieved, that no one else could hear it too. Gary, Kenny, Tracy and Drew were sniggering.

"Later dude," Gary laughed as he walked towards his partner. The others did as well, so it was just me and Dawn. She sat down on Kenny's empty seat and turned to face me.

"So, how are you?" She asked me. It was really hard not to blush at her gorgeous face.

"I'm good thanks, you?" OK Ash act calm, take deep breaths.

"I'm fine," She answered sweetly and smiled. Oh that brilliant smile; I could die for. I smiled back. I could feel Gary and Kenny's eyes piercing at my back. They were probably thinking I was going to jump up and kiss her right there. But no, I'm more responsible than that...I think. Well, of course I won't jump up and kiss her, we're in class and everyone will be staring at us.

I tried not to look at her as much, I just concentrated on the table space in front of me. Mrs Stock was handing out sheets of paper. I could hear Dawn humming a tune quietly while looking around the classroom. I took a look at her out the corner on my eye. She was mouthing words to her best friend, May, who was sitting with Drew. I stared at the table again. Mrs Stock had been round everyone and gave them a planning sheet. I picked it up and began to read in my head.

"Write down facts and information about the type you are discussing. Remember to add full stops and capital letters," I rolled my eyes, we're fifteen, I think we already know that. Schools. They keep going over the same things until you remember them. I continued to read. "You must write in paragraphs. Check spelling and grammar carefully." The rest of the page was going over good choices of words and practically everything we already know. At the bottom of the page it said; "Your essay will have to be handed in on the date your teacher sets." I noticed that Dawn had turned back to the front and was reading beside me, her arm was touching my arm. I blushed.

"This seems easy enough," She said and smiled. I hummed in agreement, trying to control my deep red blushes. But with no success. "Ash, are you feeling OK?" She asked with a hint of concern in her voice as she looked at me. Our eyes met.

"Oh, yeah I-I'm fine," I answered.

"OK, if your sure, but your face is all red," She giggled. I chucked with her.

"Er...Yeah...It's just really hot in this room, that's all," I laughed, she seemed to accept my excuse.

How the hell can I survive? This is not going to be easy. What if she finds out that I like her? That will make things awkward. Really awkward. Hopefully is isn't obvious. Gary, Drew, Kenny and Tracey found out easily. Very easily. Heck, it only took them a matter of minutes to guess. So what if Dawn guesses? What if one of her friends notices and tells her? Or even worse, what if my friends tell her?

She smiled at me as I gave her a smile in return.

The rest of class went by quiet smoothly, it was getting easy to control my blushed cheeks. Well...Easy hiding it from her, I think practically everyone else saw it though. The clock seemed to just tick away; counting down how much time we had left in the boring and quiet classroom. Only the ticking of the clock and whispers were the only source of sounds. I gazed at the clock for the one millionth time. Only a couple of seconds till the bell rang. I could easily manage to stay awake for that time. I didn't want to get another detention for sleeping in class. I lose count of how many I had last term, and I wasn't willing to start counting again. Suddenly the bell rang out signalling that it was time for our next class. There was a noise of rustling paper and the sound of chairs screeching across the floor.

"So Ash," Dawn said sweetly, "This weekend, do you want to work at my house, or yours?" My heart did a massive somersault in my chest.

"It's up to you," I replied, returning the smile. We walked out the classroom doors, and into the corridor, "We could work at mine, if you want?"

"OK," She chirped. "Make it, at yours for seven on Saturday?"

"Yeah, that would be fine," It was becoming easier to talk to her, thankfully.

"Cool, well, um...See you then," She smiled and began to walk the other direction. I watched her. Words couldn't explain how perfect she was, she's everything I could ever want. She's just...Beyond beautiful.

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