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Dawn's POV.

It had been a full six days since I went to Ash's house to study. Last Monday we had completed the project and handed it in to Mrs Stock. We had received the highest marks in the class.

Today was Friday and I was sitting in the most boring class of them all. Maths. Words couldn't explain how I hated it so much. It was boring and I didn't get half of the things we were studying. It was pointless for me to study it.

I sighed and rested my head on my hand. I was fighting to keep my eyes open. Well could you blame me? Maths – Last subject of the day and so close to the weekend – I was surprised I was still awake. My eyes were putting up a good fight but I managed to look at the clock.

3.30 pm

Only five minutes left till I was free of this boring and useless classroom. Then I could enjoy my weekend and not have to worry about maths till Monday period 5. I looked around the classroom. May was passing notes to Drew. The teacher is so blind not to see them. It looked like the rest of the class were half asleep too. I noticed Ash fully asleep on his desk. His arms were lying across his table and his head rested on them. His face was in my direction.

I giggled. He looked cute and peaceful. His hair was messy as always, but that's was I liked about him. He didn't mind about his appearance and his hair like that made him

I shook my head. What was I thinking? This is all May's words trying to get to me, and it was actually...working. Damn.

I spread my arms over the table and rested my forehead on them. The five minutes that were left seemed to take five decades.

At the moment the teacher was drowning on with the horrible thing called Algebra. What a waste of time. I wish we could drop maths next term. But that will never happe-

"Dawn!" The teacher's voice roared, waking everyone in the class room up. Including me as my head shot up. "Do this example on the board!" The teacher was glaring at me as I groaned and stood up. I gave May a nervous look. She was biting her lip. The teacher handed me the piece of chalk. I took it and looked at the board.

3 (x + y) + 5 (x + y)

I frowned. How was I meant to do this? I didn't even understand it. I could hear the teacher tapping her foot on the floor. I could feel all the nervous stares piercing my back. I bit my lip. Well I might as well try right? Even though the answer will be completely wrong.

"Er...2x?" I asked nervously as I had no clue. The teacher sighed shaking her head.

"No Dawn. Sit back down." I did what I was told and walked across the classroom to get to my seat. I looked at May. She wore a confused expression on her face just like everybody else. Well at least I wasn't the only one that had no idea what the answer was.

The bell rang – I was finally free!

I packed up my stuff and swung my bag over my shoulder. May and Misty were waiting at the door for me. I began to walk over to them when...

"Ash. Dawn. Come here." The teacher said with annoyance in her voice.

Great. I'm going to get into trouble again. Well there goes the new T.V. I wanted for my birthday. With a sigh I walked up to the teachers desk like I had done so many times before.

"I am very disappointed with you lest test marks." Out of the corner of my eye I saw May peering in the door window. Misty behind her. "-for after school tutoring lessons." I snapped out of my daze.

"What?" I asked. "Tutoring lessons?" The teacher glared at me.

"Yes. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – after school in this classroom." She said sternly. My face was in shock. Surely she can't do this. She must know that I have a life. Ash too. We don't want to spend it in the most boring classroom studying the most boring subject ever.

"But everyone else must have crap marks too...?" Ash said breaking the silence.

"I don't want to hear that language again Ketchum." Miss bitch of a teacher replied. Argh why does she hate me? She was glaring at him like she had done with me. "The class had at least over ten out of thirty. You both however got two." It was one of those times you would have the urge to laugh but the news about having extra maths lessons after school while everyone else was enjoying themselves was just to shocking and unbelievable to even try to crack a smile.

Misty and May were now having a wrestling match for the window outside the door. It looked like Misty was winning.

"You will be staying after school with me for over an hour." My mouth was hanging open and so was Ash's. "Give these to your parents and I expect to see you when the bell rings at half past three on Monday." She handed us a letter each and smiled.

"This is great!" Cried May happily adding a strut to her walk. Dawn and Misty had to jog to keep up.

"What's so great about three extra hours of maths a week?" Dawn asked. Misty also looked confused as they waited for May's reply.

"Dawn. You get to spend it with Ash!"May said as if it was obvious. "It's a perfect chance for you to get to know him!" Dawn rolled her eyes but a small smile appeared on her lips.

"Is that a smile I see?" Misty laughed. Dawn blushed and walked ahead of May and Misty.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She muttered.

"Well anyways." May giggled. "Do you two want to come to my house tonight My mum and dad are going out and Max is staying at his friend's house."

"Sorry May." Misty sighed. "I'm going out with my sisters tonight."

"I think I can come." Dawn said. May smiled brightly.

"Awesome! Come to my house at seven and bring a sleeping bag. Oh! We might be going to the carnival tomorrow too!"

"We?" Dawn asked. "Who else is going?" May looked nervously at Dawn.

"Well Drew is coming..." May said slowly still taking glances at Dawn to see her reaction to her next words. " too! See ya tonight Dawn."

May skipped away before Dawn could say anything. Dawn sighed.

"She set that up." She muttered and looked at Misty who was trying not to laugh.

Ash's POV.

I was dreading it. Not only do I have to spend three extra hours with Dawn I had to go to May's house too! And Dawn will be there! It's not that I don't like being around her – I do she makes me happy – but knowing that she doesn't like me back just makes it so much harder. It makes me think if there's any point of me living.

"Ash don't look so down. Why do you think Dawn doesn't like you?" Drew asked as we were walking to May's house. I sighed.

"Drew she's turned down all the popular guys – Why do you think I'll be any different?" Drew looked at me as I said this.

"Well you have more things in common with her. I bet she thinks you're better looking than those losers who call themselves popular'" He laughed. "Of course but you're not as good looking and as popular than me thought." He continued to chuckle and he flicked his hair.

"Thanks Drew. That really cheered me up." I said and smiled. "So you think I have a chance?"

"Well duh. Why would me and May go through all this bother if we thought you didn't have a chance?" He chuckled and slapped me on the back. I looked at him.

"Wait..." I said as I recalled what he's had just said. "What do you mean 'All this bother'?" I quoted. He stopped laughing as he realised what he had said.

"Oops. Wasn't meant to say that." He muttered and continued walking.

"What are you and May planning?" I asked as I had to speed walk to keep up with him. He laughed nervously.

"Oh nothing. Nothing." He replied and looked at me out the corner of his eye. He looked back in front of him as he saw I was looking at him.

"Then why did you s-?"

"Tonight should be good. And tomorrow too." He said trying to avoid being questioned.

I didn't answer. I had always thought Drew was up to something but I would never had guessed it had anything to do with me and Dawn.

I wanted to know what they were up to. It couldn't be that bad though could it? The point is that I don't want them to interfere. Things were bad enough knowing that Dawn would only think us as friends. Drew and May could make things worse and I would be even more depressed.

I woke from my daze to find Drew ringing the doorbell. I shook my head from all thoughts. A second later May answered cheerfully.

"Come in. Come in. Come in!" She giggled.

Man...This is going to be a long night.

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