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Minerva Got the Prophecy

For those of you who didn't read the prequel, this is an AU where Albus Dumbledore couldn't make it to the Hog's Head to interview Sybil Trelawney so he sent Minerva McGonagall to do it. Not believing when Trelawney made the Prophecy, she interrupted the seer, preventing both herself and Severus Snape from hearing it. As a result, neither the teacher nor the death eater believed there was anything useful from the meeting.


The Potters are celebrating their son's fifth birthday party. The party must be quiet since Voldemort and his death eaters are still at large. "You must be careful, Potter." Mad-Eye Moody grumbles. "Constant vigilance." He adds.

"Come on, Moody." Sirius Black pleads. "It's a party. You should loosen a bit."

"I only loosen when I take off either my mad eye or my leg." Moody replies. "And where are those other marauder friends of yours? Lupin and Pettigrew?"

"Moony couldn't come." Sirius explains. "He had a furry problem. And Wormtail had to watch over his sick mother."

"Again?" James asks.

"Does she get sick often?" Moody asks.

"You don't know the half of it." Sirius comments.

"Potter, I suggest you go check Pettigrew's arms for the Dark Mark as soon as possible." Moody suggests.

"Sir, are you suggesting Wormtail would betray us?" James asks, shocked.

"Constant vigilance." Moody simply replies.

"You can't be serious." James replies.

"Of course he can't." Padfoot replies. "I'm Sirius."

"No time for jokes, Padfoot." James replies. "Moody is insinuating Wormtail is a death eater."

"Prongs, you know how what a paranoid man Moody is." Sirius replies. "Next time he's gonna say Voldemort will crash theā€¦" Sirius is interrupted by a loud noise. "Padfoot, you have a really big mouth." James says as he prepares himself for a battle.

"James Potter, you're gonna pay for keeping me from killing Crouch." Voldemort announces, still mad at James Potter for preventing him from killing Bartemius Crouch Senior during the ceremony where he was appointed Minister of Magic. Voldemort is so furious he wouldn't care about having to deal with Moody to kill James Potter. Probably he wouldn't fear even Dumbledore. While the other death eaters are busy fending off the aurors and other guests, Voldemort and a death eater with a particular dislike for James Potter keep facing the Potters. James Potter is eventually disarmed. The death eater with Voldemort prepares himself to give him the Killing Curse when Voldemort interrupts him. "I know how much you want to do this but it's a waste to kill a pureblood. Potter, this is your last chance. Kill the mudblood and her son and I'll spare your life."

"Never!" James yells and he's got the impression the death eater with them did the same. If Voldemort has the same impression he kept it to himself.

"Well, in that case, Avada Kedavra!!!" Voldemort yells, releasing the curse that kills James Potter. Lily and Harry are crying over James' death.

"You won't miss him for long, you mudblood." Voldemort says. "You'll soon join him." What happens later is a shock to everyone. A silent Expelliarmus from the death eater with Voldemort disarms him when he's about to kill Lily Potter. While most people are too shocked for an immediate reaction, Voldemort silently summons his wand back while the masked witch with the death eaters uses the Cruciatus Curse on the death eater who dared to betray their leader. "Just stay there and watch me killing your precious mudblood."

Voldemort and Lily then draw their wands. "Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort yells. Lily was about to cast a spell of her own when Harry places himself in front of her and gets hit by the curse. However, it rebounds, leaving him with just a scar on his front, while the rebounded curse hits Voldemort, destroying him. Scared, all death eaters except for the one who betrayed him flee and the aurors chase them.

While comforting Harry, Lily Potter can't help but wonder who the death eater who risked his life to save her is. She removes his mask and gets the shock of her life.

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