The sanctuary of green island

1. Green Island Inn

Jake POV

In the end being a wolf was harder then I had imagined. At first the comfort of a wolf's mind had helped me but in the end I missed being human because despite the relief of not feeling as bad when I was a wolf I wanted my head to be myself. I could still hear the others and see what was going on back home. My Dad's worry, Rachel coming home, Paul imprinting on her and then everything with the wedding and her.


So I ran until I found the nearest town and then phased in the woods on the outskirts of it. I knew I looked a right state from the stares I was getting from people and the women who pulled her young son on to the other side of the road to avoid passing me. There was an elderly man sitting on a bench in the square of grass in the centre of town. He looked this best I was going to get.

"Excuse me, Sir." I walked up to him and tried to smile but I doubt it worked.

"Yes young man. Are you ok, you look...?" He trailed off, obviously not sure how to finish that sentence.

"Is there anywhere to stay around here like a motel?"

"We don't have motels around here, but there is an Inn. Green island Inn. About ten minutes walk in that direction." He pointed left down a road heading away from the centre of town; I nodded my thanks and headed in that direction. As I walked I checked in the pocket of my jeans for my wallet. Thankful that I had taken it with me and hadn't lost it after so long. I was also glad I had a card in it which I could use to get a room and buy some more clothes. The walk up to the Inn was up a steep slope with houses on either side which gradually fell away until there wasn't even a path left and I had to walk in the mud by the road. But it was worth it.

The inn was halfway up a mountain and had a long gravel drive leading up to a parking area in front of a beautiful wooden building with a thatched roof. Woodland surrounded it on either side with several woodland paths going off in different directions. I was guessing round the back there was some ground for the residents. Either way it was beautiful.

That was when I saw her. She was hurrying towards the inn off one of the woodland paths. Her dark hair was being blown around her face by the wind. She was wearing a 1950's style red coat and skinny jeans. She reminded me of Bella- the same sort of hair and I shook myself angrily. No more Bella talk. I needed to move on.

I walked through into a reception area which was decorated with a faded red carpet and cream wall paper. It should have looked dated and worn but there was something comforting about it after so long in the woods. I rang the bell attached to an oak desk to get some attention.

"Hi, sorry I was in the back." The girl in the red coat came through a door behind the desk; she still hadn't managed to get out of her coat yet. Her face had a pale complexion and her eyes were a dark brown colour, almost like... NO! "Oh wow, are you okay? Do you need a room or food or the Samaritans, anything?"

"A room would be good. I have money." She nodded and quickly flicked through a book sitting beside a computer. "Yeah we have a room available. How long will you be staying for?"

"Um...I'm not too sure. A few days or a week?" She nodded and smiled before grabbing a key from under the desk. "Can I have a name to book it under?"

"Yeah it's Black. Jacob Black." She smiled as she took my details.

"Do you mind me asking where we are?" She looked at me in disbelief.

"Um we're in Piper's mount in Canada. So what was it- did you get mugged and all they took was your shirt? Bachelor party gone wrong?"

"No, I just had to get away from life. So I jumped on a train and got off here."

"I know what it's like, wanting run." She nodded but I got the feeling she was somewhere far away. "A girl?"

"Yeah. A boy?" She smiled and nodded. "Here's your room key."

"Thanks." I muttered before heading through an archway into a huge room filled with sofas and a big TV. There were stairs by the archway and I quickly jumped up them, desperate for a shower. My room was on the first floor and had a big double bed with an en-suite shower room. I jumped under the shower and let the water wash a months worth of forest dirt off me. I had no new clothes, just that old raggedy pair of jeans that had gone through several hundred miles of forest which was why I was surprised to see a new set of clothes and a pair of shoes sitting on my bed.

"What the hell?" I wondered if the red coat girl had brought them in. I pulled on a T-shirt, a jumper, a pair of jeans, socks and a pair of trainers. They were all a bit short and the trainers pinched my feet but it was better then nothing. I looked over reluctantly at the phone but I knew I had to do it. I had to call my Dad. The others were keeping my Dad up to date on my safety but he hadn't heard my voice in almost a month. I dialled the ring out tone and then entered his number.

"Hello Black residence."

"Dad, it's me." There was a long pause as he took this information on.

"Jacob, thank God! Where are you? Are you okay? I miss you!"

"I'm okay Dad, I've just checked into a hotel in a place called Piper's mount."

"Come home, Jake."

"I can't, Dad. I just need some time."

"Ok, just keep in touch with me. I miss you."

"I love you Dad and I will keep in touch. I need to go though and find some food."

"Ok, I love you Jake." I quickly disabled the call, speaking to Dad had made me emotional.

Down in the dinning room most of the seats were full with couples or families eating good looking food. I leaned back against my seat and read through the menu. It all sounded so good.

"The steak and chips are extremely good." Red coat said as she sat down opposite me. "Do you like the clothes?"

"Yeah, thanks they're better then my jeans. Where did you get them?"

"They're my Dad's; I just thought they wouldn't scare the customers like the stinky jeans. No offense."

"None taken, Red." I suddenly I'd just called her Red.


"You were wearing a red coat when I first saw you and I don't know your name."

"It's Hollie, Hollie Cartwright."

"Cool, Hollie but I still like Red." She smiled at me, a smile that reminded me of...Bella. "So the steak's good?" I asked to distract myself.

"Yeah you'll love it. As for the cloths we other a laundry service for people staying over three days so just put the clothes in the laundry and I'll pick 'em up."

"Thanks, Red. So you work here?"

"My Mom and Dad own it so I get a job." She shrugged before standing up. "Well I'll leave you to your meal. Bye Jake."

"Bye Red. " I whispered as she walked away.