Title: Lost in Another World

Author: red rooster dawn

Disclaimer: Don't own them, make no money on them.

Summary: Daniel and Sam get separated from Jack and Teal'c. They are gone for five years before returning with a surprise.

part one

General Hammond's Office

The SG1 team was in the General's office. They were there for a briefing about planet P236458. The General was at a lost as to why they wanted to go there. He had sent many teams to the planet in the last two years.

"So Colonel, tell me again why you want to go to P236458. Haven't we gone there before and found nothing?" asked a confused General.

"Yes Sir, but according to standard studies and practices of other planets, we should be able to find some sign of a civilization there." replied Jack.

"Sir, after studying the video recording supplied by the other teams, I am convinced that there must be a civilization on the planet somewhere. You can see too many well groom trails leading away from the Star Gate that appear to be in regular use. If there were no one on the planet, there wouldn't be so many trails and they would be over grown by now." added Daniel.

"Very well proceed Colonel." ordered General Hammond. He didn't understand why they wanted to visit the planet again. If there was truly humans there they didn't want to be found. Probably a defense mechanism against the Goa'oul.

"Thank you Sir. Let's go people. Pack up your gear and let's move it on out." Jack bellowed to his team.

SG1 arrived through the Star Gate to planet P236458. The initial report about the planet told them it was a heavy vegetated planet similar to eastern United States. It was quite capable of sustaining human life, but they saw no signs of life or civilization.

The weather was temperate and off in the distance one could see a mountain range with snow cap peaks.

Daniel wanted to do a further investigation to see if anyone really did reside on the planet. He thought that maybe the inhabitants may have moved away from the Star Gate and as such were not readily available to be seen.

P236458 had been visited by the SGC many times in the past. Each time they came back with very little useful information. There had to be a civilization or remnants of one somewhere. SG1 hope to be more successful then the other teams that had been previously sent there.

When they got to the planet they took a look around. Jack saw that there were two well maintained paths leading away from the Star Gate. Why would there be two trails if there were no one living here?

Since there was no reported signs of civilization, he wanted to get the job done quickly and head back to earth. Though he didn't mind spending a couple of days there. He hated being cooped up in the SGC center.

He liked going out on patrol and scouting around. It gave him a sense of freedom and purpose. He didn't have to think about mundane paperwork stuff. Jack decided to split the team up.

"We'll cover more ground if we split up. Carter, you and Daniel take the east trail. Teal'c and I will take the southwest trail. Judging where the sun is in the sky we'll meet back here with you in two days." ordered Jack. If Daniel found anything of interest he could talk Carter's ear off, not his.

"Yes Sir." replied Samantha. "Come on Daniel let's go."

Samantha and Daniel took the trail heading east towards the mountains while Jack and Teal'c took the trail heading southwest towards the lake.

Samantha had to smile to herself. For some unknown reason the last few months Jack had been teaming her up with Daniel a lot. Not that she mind at all. She loved being with Daniel when they were exploring new planets. He was a good listener as well as a talker.

Teal'c was an interesting person too, but he wasn't much of a conversationalist. And Jack, he was her CO and mentor. He never said too much. He sure as hell didn't have any patience to listen to her ideas. Maybe his teaming her with Daniel was his way of saying he believed in her.

Daniel and Samantha headed off down the east path. Samantha looked around. It was so beautiful here. She could see the mountains in the distance. She could imagine spending the rest of her life here. The only problem was she didn't want to spend it alone.

She would want to be with someone, someone who would love her as much as she could love them. But where would she find such a man like that? In her line of work traveling to distant planets, she didn't have much time to find a man, never less date.

She did have a couple of possibilities if she included the men at Cheyenne Mountain. Samantha and Daniel walked along silently for a half hour. A little while later she felt someone tapping her on the side of her head. She turned to look at Daniel.

"What?" she asked him. She was surprised that she was that out of it.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the last ten minutes. What were you thinking about?" asked Daniel.

"I was thinking about how beautiful it is here. It wouldn't be a bad place to live Daniel. I can imagine spending the rest of my life here." replied Samantha with a smile.

"Yeah right." snorted Daniel. "I don't think so. You're too used to the good life."

"What do you mean Daniel?" snarled Samantha. "I spend a lot of time roughing it with you guys in the great outdoors."

"Yeah, maybe for a few days at a time you like to get out and rough it, you know get down and dirty with the boys, but somehow I can't picture you living the rest of your life that way Sam. I know you like the better things that life has to offer than to stay here.

Most of the rest of the time you are back in your lab doing some kind of research with exotic toys to play with. Besides we haven't seen any sign of intelligent life here. Who would you talk to? Who would listen to you?" teased Daniel.

"Very funny Daniel. Well I still think it's beautiful here. If we built a little cabin with some running water and a generator for the lights and electricity, it would be perfect." smiled Samantha.

"That's my Sam, always thinking about the creature comforts." smiled Daniel as he reached over to grab her by the shoulder to pull her to him for a friendly hug. He had heard her say we, but had decided not to comment on it.

"Well a girl has to be able to take a hot bath." chuckled Samantha.

Meanwhile Jack and Teal'c had been making good time hiking along a trail that had been ascending for the last mile. They had covered a lot of ground and had found very little to indicate any intelligent life.

They were now heading for some high ground. From such vantage point they would be able to see for a couple hundred miles. When they got to top they looked down to a scenic view of a lake surrounded by trees.

"What a view! If that lake has any fish in it, I could see myself retiring here in a few years." exclaimed Jack. "What do you think Teal'c? Is this a good place to live or not?"

"It's a fine place Sir. It would make a good place to live." replied Teal'c.

"Yeah, I think maybe in ten years if the fishing is good, maybe I'll come back." smiled Jack.

"Will you be retiring here with Major Carter?" asked Teal'c with a smile.

"Are you kidding big guy? I don't think she has what it takes to live here. She would have to rough it." replied Jack with a smile.

"But she is an excellent soldier. She has roughed it many times with us." replied a confused Teal'c.

"Yeah, maybe for a few days, but eventually she ends up back in her lab. We really don't spend that much time out in the field, maybe ten to fifteen days a month." smiled Jack.

"That is true Colonel. We do not spend enough time in the field." replied Teal'c.

"And you know how much she loves her special coffee. And you know how much she likes to talk about everything. If we were here alone then I would never have any peace and quiet." responded Jack with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, I know what you mean Colonel. Major Carter and Daniel Jackson are alike in that way. They like to talk about their work." agreed Teal'c.

"That's right, they're perfect for each other. In fact I think Sam may have a thing for Daniel." smiled Jack.

"Is that why you put them together?" asked Teal'c.

"Yes, for one thing, but I also wanted to give her the opportunity to be in charge and be the protector instead of feeling like we're protecting her all the time." expounded Jack.

"I see." replied Teal'c as his right eyebrow rose higher than the left.