Title: Lost in Another World

Author: red rooster dawn

Disclaimer: Don't own them, make no money on them.

Summary: Daniel and Sam get separated from Jack and Teal'c. They are gone for five years before returning with a surprise.

part nine

At the Jackson house Samantha was finishing up with the dinner preparations before she had to get Sabrina ready. They had decided to have a buffet style dinner. She had prepared roast beef, potato salad, coleslaw, garden salad, and some chips and spread.

There was plenty of beer in the frig. She knew how the men liked to drink their beer, especially whenever someone else was buying. There was a knock at the door. Daniel went to open it and let everyone in.

"Come in everyone and grab a seat. We will be ready to eat in a half hour. What would everyone like to drink?" asked Daniel.

"Beer!" replied Jack and the General. Teal'c asked for ice tea along with Janet.

"She wants to see you in the bedroom Janet." whispered Daniel.

Daniel came back with their drinks. Everyone grabbed theirs. All of a sudden JJ came running into the room jumping into Daniel's lap.

"Everyone, this is my son JJ. His name is Jonathan, we named him after you Jack." smiled Daniel.

Jack beamed a smile of appreciation that Daniel would name his first born son after him although his name was Jack and not John or Jonathan.

"Why don't you go over and see Uncle Jack."

"Okay." replied JJ as he got down from Daniel's lap and ran over to Jack.

"How are you big fella?" asked Jack as he picked JJ up.

"How old are you?" JJ held up three fingers. They all smiled.

In the bedroom Samantha was getting ready to feed Sabrina. But Janet wanted to. She didn't have any small children of her own.

"May I feed her Sam?" asked Janet.

"Sure, I don't mine. That's why I have the bottle. I usually nurse her. But I thought you might like to feed her." smiled Samantha.

"Why don't you take her into the other room with everyone else. I'll be out in a few minutes." smiled Samantha.

"Who's that Janet?" asked the General as Janet walked into the room to sit down.

"This little girl is Sabrina. She a little over four months old." smiled Janet.

"She's so adorable Daniel. When's the little lady coming out of the bedroom? Have you knocked her up again?" asked Jack with a smile.

"She was changing Jack. She'll be out soon enough." replied Janet. "Don't be so crude."

At that moment Samantha came striding out of the bedroom and sat down in Daniel's lap. She gave him a big kiss. She was dress in a pair of blue hip hugger shorts with a red sleeveless blouse tied at her waist exposing her well tan legs and ripped midsection. Her long blond hair was tied in a pony tail that ran down to the small of her back.

They were all in a state of shock when Samantha walked into the room and sat down with Daniel except Teal'c who smiled. He knew Daniel Jackson would have taken care of Major Carter.

"When did you get here Major? I don't remember you returning. Where have you been Major?" asked a confused General.

"She was with me Sir. We came back together." replied Daniel.

"Carter is that you?" asked a shocked Jack.

"It's nice to see you again Major Carter." greeted Teal'c.

"Hi guys. It's nice to see all of you again. By the way I'm fine, thank you very much." smiled Samantha.

"I didn't recognized you either Carter. Why were you hiding from us?" smiled Jack.

"She wasn't hiding from anyone Jack. We both had adapted to the culture we were living the last five years. She had been condition to cover herself in the presence of strange looking men." replied Daniel.

"Why are you speaking for Major Carter, Dr. Jackson?" asked General Hammond.

"Sorry Sir. Like I said before we have adapted to the culture of the people we were living with. They were descendants of the Mungoli people here on earth."

Daniel began to go into a long detail story about what happen, the people, and their history. Jack closed his eyes and shook his head. Why couldn't Daniel ever be brief when explaining things?

Samantha laugh softly to herself. She always enjoyed listening to Daniel's stories. She usually found them interesting, but the Colonel never seemed to have any patience for Daniel's or her explanations. He always wanted yes or no answers.

She leaned over to Daniel and whispered into his ear "Daniel, you're boring the Colonel. You know he doesn't like long explanation." She gave him a kiss on his cheek. Daniel smiled in returned.

"Sorry Sam." replied Daniel.

"It's good to see you again. We've missed you." apologized Jack.

Then Samantha began to speak. "We were held as guest during our time there. Strangers are held in high regard. They bring prosperity to the village. Suffice it to say Daniel and I are together."

"I don't understand Sam. If you're here with Doctor Jackson, why didn't anyone know? When did you get back?" asked Jack.

"Sir, I believe everyone at the SGC but the three of you knew that I was back from P236458. Sir, do the math. It's not hard to understand." replied Samantha.

"Major Carter is correct O'Neill. Daniel Jackson came through the event horizon with a woman with long blond hair, a small child and a baby. The woman was Major Carter." responded Teal'c.

"Thank you Teal'c." replied Jack a little annoy.

"Why didn't you let us know it was you Sam?" asked Jack.

"Sir, Daniel and I had been living on another planet for the last five years. We were living in a village of five thousand people who's culture subjugates women. After a few years of living in that environment one sort of loses one's identity and becomes one with the culture.

When we returned last month to the SGC it was my duty not to show my face to strange men. It has taken me most of the last month to slowly reacclimate myself to being normal." smiled Samantha.

"Now I understand how Daniel Jackson's wife name is Doctor Jackson." exclaimed Teal'c nodding his head.

"What are you talking about Teal'c?" asked Jack a bit confused.

"On the ride over here you asked me what Daniel Jackson's wife name was." replied Teal'c.

"Jack, Daniel's wife is Samantha. You know her as Major Carter, but she's was also known as Doctor Carter to many of the research personnel on base, now she is Doctor Jackson." explained General Hammond.

"I knew that." answered Jack before heading out to the kitchen for another beer. Jack was smiling. Daniel and Samantha had name their son after him. Wow! What an honor. Though he was surprised that Samantha had gotten together with Daniel.

Samantha was bright, intelligent, and very logical. Daniel was intelligent, but he wasn't exactly normal. He was more zany and often weird. He wasn't very discipline since he wasn't in the military.

"With that revelation let's go into the dining room and eat." offered Daniel.

Daniel went to the kitchen for refills for everyone. Samantha relieved Janet of Sabrina before showing everyone into the dining room. Before joining everyone, Janet took a picture out of her purse and placed it on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

After a nice dinner of good food, good conversation, and good company, everybody went back into the living room. Samantha went out to the kitchen to make some coffee. As Teal'c sat down he saw a picture on the table that wasn't there before dinner.

He reached over and picked it up to look at it. He studied it for a moment before asking "What is this?" He then watched as Samantha walked into the room with coffee. He smiled and nodded his head.

Jack was curious to know what Teal'c was looking at. He reached over to take the photo away from Teal'c.

"What are you looking at big fella?" He looked closely at the photo before saying "Carter?" as he looked at her.

"What Sir? Do you want some coffee?" asked Samantha upon hearing her name spoken.

Then she saw what Jack was holding in his hands. She looked over to Janet who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Janet, what did you do?" asked Samantha as she grabbed the photo from Jack before he could react.

"What's going on?" asked the General, who was out of the loop.

"It's a photo of Carter in a rather revealing outfit." smiled Jack in response.

"I'm going to kill you Janet." offered Samantha as she joined Daniel in his chair.

Daniel took a look at the photo and smiled. "Nice souvenir Janet. Thank you." smiled Daniel as he gave Samantha a hug and kiss.

"What are your future plans Major?" asked General Hammond.

"I'm looking forward to returning to work Sir. If you will have me Sir." replied Samantha.

"Welcome back Major Carter, Dr. Jackson. You both have been sorely missed." smile General Hammond.

The End