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When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to brush her teeth with the water from the hot tap when she thought her mum wasn't looking.

When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to turn the heating up whenever she was home alone.

When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to detest one of the very few cold, wet days in Phoenix. They just made her sad, and she would do anything to stay inside, and would close all of the blinds to block out the view of the rain.

You see, she always preferred the warmth.
She loved how heat could make an unfamiliar place into a secure haven, banish any insecurity, and make a place homely ('To Washington's own little Taj Mahal', she toasted, seeing him grin. It was so simple here. They could just be themselves, with no complications. It was probably her favourite feeling – and place- in the world).

To her, warmth was safe and soft, an incomparable feeling (Just like when she lay back into Jacob's arms in the back of the rabbit).

When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to hate the sprinklers set up around the parks, spraying her with freezing water.

When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to detest ice-cream (She always preferred hot chocolate).

When she was younger, Isabella Swan used to never wear flip-flops. She always favoured converse and fluffy socks.

She used to hate the cold, it's strange way of penetrating your body and leaving you at its mercy. She hated how it could make her flinch at the first touch (She sometimes shied away from Edward's embrace, simply because she couldn't bear another layer of icy marble on top of the freezing Washington climate).

She hated how it could make her so uncomfortable (She tried to shiver discreetly whenever she was cold, surrounded by cool marble skin; after all, Edward tried so hard to make everything perfect for her).

So it came down to this.

She never, ever, believed she would decide her own life by choosing a temperature. She groaned, and turned up the dial on the heater; she would need it when Edward came through her window later. Edward, she sighed. Perfect, loving, god-like, cold Edward. And it wasn't just the temperature. She sometimes wondered why he was so detached. She knew he loved her, but why couldn't he just let go, and show her? His kisses were so... reserved, so careful it drove her crazy. His cautiousness frustrated her, and for once she hated how he treated her like his mother's favourite china vase.

But Jacob was Edward's complete opposite. He was young, wild and well, she thought naive too. He was passionate, and sure, he wouldn't dream of hurting her, but he let her feel alive. He was secure, and would protect her; but what if that was all wiped away with one look at another girl? It worried her, and she resented people like Jared & Kim's perfect happiness, how they were destined to be together. Why couldn't there be some freaky magic that told her who to pick? She flopped down and closed he eyes.

She knew Edward would soon be visiting her, so she slid out of bed and strolled past Charlie, engrossed in some game on the flat screen.

Because Bella Swan had decided, and she was going to live with the consequences.

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