I'm redoing this story. The lemon just happened too soon.


It had been fifteen years since Gon, Killua, Kuraprika, and Leorio had parted ways. Fifteen years since he had returned home to take over as the head of his family.

Many things had happened in that time, Kuraprika had finished his task of collecting the eyes of his fallen clan and settled down and became a school teacher, Leorio had married and had three kids, and the last thing anyone heard anything of Gon was when he had found his father.

And there was'nt a single day that passed for the young assassin when he didn't think of his friends when he went out on a job, or when he was sitting in his fortress of a home waiting for something intresting to happen; because it got really boring.

Febuary.3, 2010-

It was pouring rain when the three figures stepped off of the bus and made their way to the massive gate. Leorio glanced up at the sky, letting some of the rain drops fell onto his face, mixing with the tears that had finally made their way down his cheeks. He had thought that this day would never come. No that wasn't quite right, he had known it would come; he had just hoped that he would be better prepaired for it.

Kurapika glanced at him, his scarlet eyes taking in everything with disterbing clarity. Just like he had used too.

God his heart hurt.

Looking over his shoulder at the smaller figure standing just with in reach he felt the insane need to reach out and touch her, just to make sure that she was really there. He had been horrified when Leorio had shown up on his doorstep with the girl, and told him about what had happened to Gon, and why she was there.

Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that he was now living in a world without the precious little kid that he had become best friends with.

To think that he was still alive while Gon was dead. It was as scary as it was sickening. But Gon was dead. His vibrancy and kindness and warmth had been taken; snuffed out by the father he had wanted so much to find.

It was cruel. Leorio was handling the grief about as well as he was. Not very well at all. What made things even more difficult is the girl. Gon's daughter. The daughter that he had had in secret, to protect her from his enemys. Like Gin before him, he had abandoned the girl to live her life blissfully unaware of all the people in the world that would hurt her to get to him.

And now that he was dead, there was no real way to know if any grudges held against him had died too. It was very possable that Gin might even come after her now that Gon was dead. Which was part of the reason that Gon had left instructions for her to be taken to Killua and for her to be given into his care. Kuraprika doubted that Killua would turn her away once he spoke to her.

They say that blood tells. Gon's blood pumping through her veins spoke volumes. She was just like him.

He and Leorio had often had to stop themselves from calling her Gon when she did something that would remind them of him. Like when she had started talking to a rabbit that had been wounded, and nursed it back to health in just a few days using her nen. It was amazing. But then she was the child of the most amazing person that they had ever met.

"We should get this over with. I dont want her catching a cold." Leorio said as he reached out and took the girl's hand, and started walking to the gate. The man in the booth was the same guy that they had met all those years ago.

"Mr. Leorio? Mr. Kurapika? What are you doing here?" The man sounded shocked to see them at such a late hour, but they had thought it was better to move at night to keep her identitiy safe.

Leorio did his best to give a warm smile, and Kurapika cringed in horror. He looked like a deranged phycho killer! "We came to see Killua. Is he here?" Kurapika asked as he quickly forced Leorio's head to turn, and heard a loud popping sound followed by Leorio's yelp. Crap! He hadn't meant to hurt him.

The man's face brightened as he grinned and picked up the phone and dialed the number that would go strait to Killua's main rooms.

Killua had been walking out of the shower, with a towel around his hips. He stopped by his dresser only briefly to look at his reflection. He still looked the same way he had fifteen years ago. Just taller, a bit more muscular.

His hair was a bit longer and just as wild. His skin was a bit paler than it used to be, mainly because everytime he tried to go out on a job, his father or brother or grandpa would do something to stop him. He hadn't seen the light of day in years. He was haunting his home with his whiteness. Ha, like a ghost.

It was fitting since he had practically become a ghost since coming back home.

Frankly Killua still thought he was the only normal one in the famly of circus freaks. He sighed and was about to pull on his pants when the phone rang, the sound startling him and making him jump nearly out of his skin. What the hell? He wondered as he half walked half hopped across the room to the phone before losing his balance and falling to the floor with the reciever in hand. His yelp made the guard on the other end flinch.

"Master Killua?"

"Ow, yeah. What is it?" Killua asked in a rough tone as he lay on the cold stone floor rubbing the back of his head. Well that hurt.

"Master Leorio, and young master Kurapika are here to see you sir. Do you want me to send them in?" Killua froze as his heart started to beat franticly in his chest. Holy shit! They had come to see him.

"Yes! Send them up! I'll meet them at the butlers quarters in ten minutes!" He practically yelled into the phone as he jumped up. Zipping his pants and forgetting to slip on some shoes, and grab a shirt he threw open the door to his room and nearly crushed his poor father and sister as he took off running down the hall as fast as he could.

Gon, Kurapika, Leorio. His friends.

They had come to see him!

He was so happy that they were there. He had missed them so much. How had they been? Had they changed a lot over the years that they had been seperated? Had they settled down? Did they have wives and kids? He wanted to know. He wanted to know everything that they had been up too. He had to hear the sound of their voices, their laughter, his heart ached to hear everything. To commit it all to memory so that he wouldn't feel so lonely when they left.

He reached the butlers quarters in record time, and stood there in the pouring rain watching the path as he saw Canary leading them up to right where he was standing. A smile on his handsome face.

"Leorio, Kurapika, Gon! I've missed you guys so much! How have you been? How long can you stay? I want to hear everything that you've been up too." Killua said excitedly as he hugged all three, not regersting that the smaller of the group was'nt the one person that he wanted to see the most in the world. Gon.

Leorio looked like he was going to be sick the second Gon's name left Killua's lips. The young man and Gon had been almost inseperable since the day they had met at the hunter exams. So it shouldn't have been a suprise just how much Killua had wanted to see Gon again. But it was. And it made the pain in their heart that much greater, because they now had to break the news to Killua. And the news about Gon's murder would break the young man's heart.

Killua blinked, then opened his mouth to speak but couldn't. His hands started shaking, as tears slipped down his cheeks. It wasn't true. It couldn't be true.

How could these men come here and say such a terrible thing to him? How could the two men he considered his friends say such a thing about Gon? They were lying. They had to be, Gon was indestructable. There was no way that he would die so easily!

"Killua, I know it's hard to take. We...loved him too." Leorio said inbetween shuddering breaths. Killua narrowed his eyes at him. No one loved Gon as much as him. No one. Gon had been the first person to accept him, even after being a witness to his blood thirsty nature. He had never looked at Killua any differently, no matter how bloody his hands got.

"Is that the only reason your here?" Killua asked coldly. His finger nails legnthening to claws. He wanted to kill someone. To vent his rage and grief.

Kurapika, and Leorio exchanged looks. "No, there is something else." Kurapika said gently as he pulled out a letter with Killua's name on it. Killua's eyes went to that piece of paper, as he snatched it out of Kurapika's hand and lightly traced the letters of his name. A whistful smile crossing his face.

Gon had wrote to him. A letter just for him. He wanted to run back to his room and read it over and over until the letters faded so much that he couldn't read it any more, and even then; he would read it and cry.

"Gon left you that letter, and something else." Leorio said as he wiped away his tears and tried to compose himself. Killua looked at him, another murderous look crossing his face as he looked from one man to the other. The question in his eyes shining through. Where was it? The other thing that Gon had left to him.

He wanted it, now. Whatever it was- it would be his treasure. The last gift he'd ever get from his best friend. He would lock it away from the dangers of the world outside and protect it with his life!

The two men looked at each other again, then over at the other person that had come with them to see him. Killua watched them glance at the third person and abruptly got to his feet and walked over to the small hooded figure and grabbed the front of the cloak and lifted the mystery person off of his feet and glared at him.

The guy made a strange sound, and tipped his head back to look at him. Causing the hood to fall back away from the face, Killua's eyes widened a bit as he stared at the eyes of a young woman who looked almost exactly like- "Oh my god." Killua breathed as he stared into the violet, unwavering stare.

She had his eyes. The shape of her face was similar to his, she was small, delicate, and fragile looking; just like Gon had been as a kid.

He set her back on her feet and turned to look at the others, he needed them to confirm what he suspected was true. The two men just smiled sadly and nodded. A daughter. Gon had had a daughter. His hands were shaking again as he lifted them to touch her face, and run his hands through her long black hair.

She was beautiful.

"Whats your name?" he asked in a husky voice. She stared up at him with those same wonderful eyes, so much like her bloved fathers and smiled the same cute smile that Gon had alway had on his face. A bemused smile that tore at his heart is was so much like Gon's.

"Uzu Killua Kurapika Leorio Motoko Freeces. Who are you?" Killua blinked then loked at the others and pointed to her.

Had Gon really named her after them? Kurapika and Leorio smiled again and nodded. Killua looked back at the girl and was torn between laughing and crying. Gon, his precious Gon. Had left him and the others a wonderful gift, a small piece of him that continued to live after his death.

Oh Gon, I love her. Killua thought as he shook her small hand. His heart beating so hard in his chest that he thought it might tear through his chest. "I'm Killua Zoldick. And it looks like you'll be staying with me from now on. Think you can be happy here with me?" he asked gently as he placed one of his hands on her head. She gave him another smile.

"Sure." She said happily. Killua gave her a gentle smile and looked back at the others. Maybe he could forgive them for telling his about Gon's death since something of their friend still lived and bound them together.

Sitting back down across form Leorio and Kurapika he watched Uzu curl up on the couch across the room out of the way of the butlers and go to sleep before speaking again.

"He left me his daughter, huh?" He mused out loud. Kurapika and Leorio both sighed and settled in for the long talk ahead.

"Yeah. He knew how lonely you got here, and he knew that if anything happened to him, that the three of us would come together to do what was right for her. I think he decided ot do things this way for several reasons. 1) he worried that whoever killed him would still hold a grudge against him for some reason or another and go after her once he was gone. 2) he hated knowing that you were here alone, without a companion. And wanted to give you someone that he knew would care for you, and vice versa." Kurapika said gently as he glanced across the room at Uzu.

"He really did think of us often?" Killua asked curiously.

"He thought of us everyday, and night." Leorio said with a smile. He recalled the last letter that Gon had sent to him. It had been a thousand pages long and had nearly taken him forever just to read it. In it Gon had spoken of everything, anything, and nothing at all. And the letter had begun and ended with the same words.

I miss you, and wish you well.

Leorio blinked back tears. Kurapika smiled sadly. Killua sighed and glanced back at the girl. Jesus christ, she even slept like Gon! She had one arm flung over her head, and a leg dangling off of the couch.

It was like she was a mini Gon squared. He snickered despite the fact that he still felt like crying. Leorio and Kurapika both stiffled their laughter behind their hands as she fell off of the couch and continued to sleep.

It took a moment or two but they finally sobered up, and started speaking again.

"We thought it would be best to bring her to you to take care of, considering who her godfather is we definately made the best choice." Kurapika said as he took a sip of the herbal tea that one of the butlers had brought to him. Killua had a curious look on his face and before he could ask who her godfather was Leorio blurted out.

"Hisoka." There it was said! The full horror of Gon's mind was out in the open! Killua spat out the tea he had had in his mouth and starting coughing. Oh my god! He thought as he recalled the deranged clown.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Hisoka, would eat her alive!" Killua nearly yelled as he jumped ot his feet. What the hell had Gon been thinking?

Kurapika wiped the tea and spit off of his face with a disgusted look. That was gross, but Killua had a point. Hisoka would have slit her throat as soon as he figured out how strong she was.

"Your right. She would have been a gonner if she had been left in Hisoka's care for long." Leorio said. Kurapika didn't agree with him there. Uzu was just like Gon, and as such could and would amass a great deal of super human stregnth in a very short time.

She had already mastered Nen after three days and could switch from one type to the other, and combine them without effort. In his opinion she would perhaps become even stronger than Gon had been in just a few months.

But still, Killua had been the obvious choice out of Hisoka and himself; Killua was the far lesser of the two evils. That and Gon had wanted to leave the most fragiel of them soemthing to keep him from breaking. Killua in many ways was more fragile and breakable than they were. He cared more about others outside their little click, it was something that Gon's presence had dregged up.

It had been a quality that Killua had'nt been aware that he had. It had been buried so deep inside of his damaged heart and soul. But Gon had known that it was there since the begining. It was part of why he had befriended the young assassin. He had sensed the kindness that he had hidden deep down inside along with the loneliness, and despair and had thought that maybe he could ease the older boys heart and mind enough for him to gain confidence in himself and break away from his families expectations.

It had worked. He had built Killua's confidence in himself. Had patched up the wounds in his heart and soul, and helped them heal. It was because of Gon that Killua had become the kind and considerate person he was now. Despite his job as an assassin.

"So I really get to keep her here with me?" Weren't they worried about what his mother, and two brothers might do to her?

He was. Maybe he could ask his father and grandfather to help him keep an eye on her.

Leorio smiled at him. "Yeah man, she's your companion after all. And we plan to come and see you more often, so that we can get to know her better and visit with you more. If thats okay with you." Leorio said as he set his tea cup down, and looked over at Uzu again and nearly cringed.

She was going to catch a cold if someone didn't get her up off of the floor soon. Kurapika snorted and hide a smile behind his hand as Killua made his way over to the girl and picked her up bridal style in his arms. A comical expression on his face as she snuggled against him in her sleep.