Killua didn't sleep much that night. Uzu kept moving closer and closer to him in her sleep until she managed to chase him right out of his bed by forcing him to roll over the edge and hit the floor with a dull thud. Jarring him from his semi doze to wide eyed wakefulness in 0.2 seconds flat.

After that he wound up seated on a lounge chair over by the window with a small quilt thrown over his long legs, alternating between looking at Uzu still sound asleep on his bed among the many silver and scarlet colored pillows and sheets, longingly. And looking out the window for a while and watching the sky for falling stars until the sun started to rise over the tree line in the distance.

Painting the sky in hues of pink, purple, orange, and pale yellow. God it was beautiful.

On the bed Uzu groaned and shifted under the covers, curling her body so that her knees were drawn close to her chest, and put one of her hands on his pillow as some of her dark hair slipped along the curve of her cheek. Killua turned his head back towards the bed and felt his lips quirk slightly in amusement as he took in the sight. She looked so cute.

He leaned forward a little bit in his seat and rested his elbow on his knee and propped himself up. His semi long silver hair falling in his eyes a little bit partially hiding the deep teal colored orbs from veiw. Uzu stirred a little bit and made a soft mewing sound that had him tipping his head to the side a little bit in curiosity.

Gon had used to make such a sound when he started to first wake up. It was something that Killua had noticed one morning when he had stepped out of the bathroom while brushing his teeth after he'd first become friends with the dark haired boy.

Gon had explained to him later on when he was more awake that he used to have a kitten back home that he would mimic the mewing sounds, so that he could talk to it and make it feel less lonely. But the kitten had gotten sick and died while he'd been out looking for someone to help it.

Still even as Gon had grown from a young boy to man, he'd continued to make the mewing sound when he first started to wake up out of habit.

Had Uzu had a kitten before coming here? Or was the sound merely something she'd picked up from her father when she was younger? He'd have to ask her once she was wide awake. Maybe over breakfast. Or when he took her out for a walk around the garden later to let her get the lay of the land a bit.

She made another mewing sound and he smiled as her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him. "Killua-san?" She murmured softly as she rolled onto her back and stretched her arms up over her head and arched her back a little bit making the sheets fall away from her shoulders and slip down around her waist.

Killua sat there in stunned silence as his eyes noted the way her breasts strained against the top of her dress, causing his mouth to go dry. Dear god, he was starting to get the impression that Gon's wide eyed innocent little girl was trying to seduce him.

She said his name again and he opened his mouth to reply but nothing more than a strained inaudible sound escaped him before he shut his mouth and convulsively swallowed a few times before trying again. His voice coming out as nothing more than a hourse, "I'm here Uzu."

She stopped stretching and rolled back onto her side facing him and just lay there staring at him for a second before asking, "Why are you over there?"

Killua snorted as his lips twitched. Why indeed. He mused before replying, "Because you sort of chased me out of bed."

"I did?" She asked in a shocked tone as she propped herself up on her elbow and blinked at him. He nodded his head and she frowned then pushed herself upright and sighed as she pushed the covers around her hips, off and muttered. "Sorry. That's a bit of a bad habit."

"Not a problem. I'll grab a nap later." Killua said kindly as dropped his arm and leaned back in his seat.

Uzu got a strange look on her face then dropped her head a little bit so that her hair hid her expression. But Killua had already seen the guilty look on her face and quickly threw his quilt off and stood up and walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge and leaned in until his forehead kind of bumped against her own. She jerked back and looked up at him wide eyed as she lifted an arm to rub at her forehead as he said, "Don't look so down over such a small thing. I'm used to going without sleep."

"But you shouldn't have too."

"Uzu, I'm in the business of making people disappear. Sometimes going without sleep isn't such a bad thing. Now, how about we both get dressed and go eat something. You didn't do more than push your food around last night so I know that you must be hungry by now." He said coaxingly as he ruffled her dark hair affectionately.

Uzu sat there and let him ruffle her hair then when he dropped his hand from her head. She moved to get off of the bed and quietly slipped back into her room as he stood up and walked across the room to his dark oak dresser where he pulled out a clean pair of briefs, some socks, a pair of black pants and then moved to his closet and grabbed a white button up shirt. Then made his way to the bathroom and disappeared inside.