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Short drabbles about the relationship between Esme and Carlisle.

Eternity is Merely another Day


It's often said that the key to a human heart is forgiveness. We have no right to choose whether one person is guilty or not. Nor to know the weight of a crime. A soul's weight is to be determined by the deeds they have done by a higher authority.

I may not be human and I may not have the right to judge but forgiveness is still key to the weight of my soul, or so I believe. At least this is what I tell myself as I stand next to my wife of a mere year, who in turn is hovering over a human body.

I'm not sure how to address her as she quickly stands and rubs the blood off her lips, as if trying to hide the evidence. I stare at her with wide topaz eyes, feeling altogether furious. First Edward takes many human lives in our previous town and as soon as we move my Esme does the same.

She winces at the cold look in my eyes, not really cold because I could never act like that towards her. I wonder what the poor man was doing in the depths of the forest, where he'd distracted Esme while she was hunting. I'd believed her to be safe on her own, miles away from the main town. I guessed I'd have to be more careful and remember she was just a few short years old.

I start to walk back towards the house. It's a slow pace as I always feel uneasy leaving her on her own, even though I know she is more dangerous than any other creature in the forest. I guess it's just a part of the love I feel for her, our inexplicable bond. However, I don't trust myself to remain near her without making some shaming comment that will hurt her.

"Carlisle," she calls desperately.

I turn slowly on my heel to look at her. She reaches a hand out for me; her now burgundy eyes are terrified. Terrified at my reaction. I don't move closer to her but watch as she desperately reaches out for my embrace. I catch her shoulders in my palms to keep a distance between us.

"He had a family, Esme!" I exclaim lividly.

She nods at me, her eyes wide and sad. I have a feeling that she would be crying if she could. "I know," she whispers, "I couldn't help it. He was bleeding, I could smell the blood, I didn't think."

"You should have," I reply weakly, knowing that it's a particularly unhelpful argument but I can't help it as I finally welcome her into my arms.

She slips her arms around me neck and holds me in a tight grip. "I'm sorry, Carlisle," she says, burying her face in my neck.

I kiss the crown of her head in an attempt to comfort her, my lips tender. I feel guilty for not being there to stop her. She was too young, would never be able to resist fresh blood.

"It's okay," I promised, we were together, it always would be. She could perfect her control, things would get easier. "You'll get better at it," I tell her simply. And she would, because she had all eternity to do so.