A/N: I'm a yaoi fan girl, but I always do appreciate several decent hetero or normal anime. El oh el. Enjoy this very short-constructed ficcy~!
Summary: She dropped something and realizes late at night, it goes completely forgotten as she watches in admiration to his flawless movements. |Short-story. IchigoxKashino if you squint.|
Extra notes: By the way, I made up the keychain. I need an excuse for Ichigo to lose something. Italics means thoughts.

~Lovely Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Simplicity~

Ichigo slipped on her jacket and sneakers, she kept her bed from creaking or making any further noise from waking Vanilla or her partner – why would it be any good to wake them when it was her own fault she lost something? Her slim fingers pried open her cabinets in an attempt to find her little lost item: an old keychain approximately the size of her pinky, all it was is a piano hanging on a silver chain – compliments from her sister's gift to her. She sighed in desperation and headed to the cold night, her flashlight in hand but yet still it felt breathtaking to intake the moon's light and the radiance of the stars gleaming down on a nearby pond.

The flashlight flickered upon the wet grass—much earlier there was only a light drizzle—the wonderful aroma of wet grassland soothed her from the previous relentless feeling of the dark. Her vision grew accustomed to the night horizon stretching across the school and beyond, she blinked twice in surprise to see a light. She advanced further and as if her keychain has been long forgotten, Ichigo's curiosity drew her closer and closer. Her hands flew to her mouth to release an muffled gasp.


Ichigo took a hiding spot near the bush residing by the window, revealing the large kitchen and the blond teen working with chocolate. She could faintly hear the clinking sound of the mixing spoon hitting the bowl at a smooth but rapid pace. She felt her cheeks warming up, her brown eyes fixated on his beautiful and simplistic hand movements. The way he made and used chocolate was like…


The brunette peered from the bowl to Kashino, he appeared heavily concentrated on the chocolate and never once missing a beat. Out of nowhere flew his sweets spirit to his shoulder, Chocolat yawned lightly and said something inaudible to her partner. The little spirit regained her gentle smile when it seems he asked her to retrieve something for whatever recipe he might be baking. Placing the bowl down, Kashino swiped a rag to wipe off the bullets of sweat hidden behind his bangs, his golden orbs looking around until he caught sight of the window.

Ichigo squeaked and rapidly looked around.

Before Kashino made his way to the window, Ichigo has already been stumbling in a hasty dash to run away, shutting off her flashlight in the progress. The brunette felt a strong disappointment she could not watch any longer – the simplicity in his movement, the grace of skills.

It was still a nice night, she admits with a grin.

The girl steps into bed with sign of content only to frown and purse her lips.

I'll find it tomorrow.

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