Isabella Swan is a loup garou or werewolf. She loves the feeling of the change, changing from human and wolf under the silver moon. But since she is forced to hide in the small rainy town of Forks, Washington, the only times she can change is the full moon.

When five of her pack mates, infamously known by her pack as The Five, arrive at Forks High School, they won't stop until Bella is the girl they became friends with. But with a vampire as her boyfriend, that won't be so easy. Not to mention the fact that she has a psychopathic redhead on the loose.

Not to mention her whirlwind romance. But who will make her howl once more? Her vampire boyfriend, her shifter best friend or the werewolf who broke her heart five years ago?

I didn't hate the full moon. No, I love it. If it hadn't have been for my ancestors, I wouldn't be what I am now. I wouldn't be a loup garou or werewolf as humans call it. A ripple went through me as the change began. My knees buckled and I fell to all fours.

A few more spasms and I had paws instead of hands and fur all over me. I was no longer human. I was a wolf. If only Edward could see me now.

I felt a grin cross my lips before I threw my head back and let out a joyus howl.


My entire body froze at the sight. Edward, being right next to me, seemed to notice but I refused to let him ask me any questions. Out the corner of my eye, I caught Renesmee stiffen as well. What's wrong with her? I thought to myself.

They came out slowly. Two were leading, a man and a teenage girl. The male was tall, around the age of twenty-four with dark colored hair and blue eyes. The girl was blonde, blue eyed and beautiful and by the way they held hands, they seemed to be together. Deep down, I was smiling.

The male took one look at me and a smile crossed his lips.

"Bella," he spoke. Seven pair of gold eyes all looked at me questionably. Ignoring them and stepping away from Edward I waltzed over to the male, not caring that Jacob was growling at me, thinking it was a trap. This man wouldn't hurt me.

"Gabriel, Vivian," I spoke to the both of them. "It's good to see my brother again. And my childhood friend as well."

Vivian gave a smile. "Actually, I'm your Queen Bitch now."

I only smiled more.