Curious Cat

1: Welcome to the family

"Momma!" A little girl with light brown hair exclaimed. "I want kitty!" She pointed to the pet store window and there curled up into small balls were some kittens.

The mom had dark brown hair, pulled back into a low ponytail and she wore small oval shaped glasses. "You want a kitty? I don't know Ami..."

The little girl started to cry, throwing a tantrum. "I want kitty!"

The mom fell for her daughter's tantrum and told her she could get a cat.

So the next day Ami went with her family to the pet store to get a cat. She had her mom, dad, and older sister Amu with her.

"Now Ami, you have to agree with your sister on the cat."

Ami nodded her head in agreement to her mom and dad. She grabbed her older sister's hand and pulled her to the kittens.

There were so many different kinds and colors. Some were orange, some black, Some white, some brown, and some multiple colors. There were fluffy ones with long hair, and some with short hair.

The one that had caught their attention most was a little black one with one white spot on his left paw. He was jumping around swatting at a fly, trying to catch it.

"That one." Amu said pointing at the black cat.

"That one!" Ami exclaimed jumping up and down, pointing at the same cat.

The family walked out of the store all of them with wide smiles on their faces.

Ami was jumping up and down with excitement. "I wanna hold the kitty!"

"Not right now Ami, let's wait till we get home." Momma said petting the kitten's head.

Papa held many items such as toys, food, a bed, litter, and a litter box.

Amu walked beside Ami, holding her hand so she wouldn't run off.

"What do you guys want to name it?" Momma asked.

Ami looked down in thought. "Hmm... Fluffy!"

Amu shook her head no. "That's too common of a name for a cat."

"Well then what do you want to name it Amu?" Momma and Papa looked at Amu, waiting for a reply.

Amu thought for a moment, lightly tapping her pinky against her chin. "Ikuto?"

The rest of the family nodded their heads.

"Ikuto it is!" Papa wheezed due to the weight of all the items.

The family laughed at him. Amu ran up to him and took the bag filled with cat food and litter.

Papa re-adjusted, making it easier on himself. "Thank you Amu! You are the best daughter ever!"

Amu blushed lightly and looked away, a small smile on her face.

"Papa, you're embarrassing Amu!" Momma exclaimed.

Amu blushed more. 'No, they are both embarrassing me!'

Ikuto's POV

'Family... Mother... sister... where are you?'

I am only a few months old and cats, unlike humans, can remember things from only a month old. I had a mother, but she was taken away by the bad people with the white suits and the large white monsters that they go into that they use for transportation. My sister and I had to fend for ourselves on the streets, but being the eldest I made sure to take care of her. My sister was small and pure white and very fluffy while I am mostly black and my fur is smooth. It was not very long before we were captured by the bad people and taken to a place with many animals and very loud people looking at us and making strange faces. My sister was taken by a family of humans not long after we were put here. They named her Utau, what a pretty name. I, however, have been here for much longer.

For entertainment I try escaping the box that traps me, everyday a new plan. Today I was going to try and convince the fly that has been flying around all day to get me out.

"Mr. Fly?" I ask walking up to him.

The fly looks at me frightened. "What do you want kid?"

"I want to escape this box! I need your help! Is there any way out?"

The fly looks at me strangely. "I aint trusting no cat!" He then starts to fly off.

I chase after him and start swatting the air trying to get him to come back.

"That one!" I hear two human girls say.

I turn around slowly to see a large head with huge eyes and brown hair looking at me through the box. I jump back in fright. 'Alien!'

Then I find myself getting scooped out of the dreaded box. 'Finally my freedom!' I start to struggle in the bad man's hand, but I am still too small.

"Here you go ma'am." The bad man says, his voice booming in my ears. I am handed over to a woman with brown hair and some weird things on her nose.

We leave the place that I have been trapped in for a long time and I let out a small content sigh, I am outside again. My attention is brought back when the humans start talking about me.

"What do you guys want to name it?" The woman asked.

The little girl from before, who now no longer looks alien, looked down in thought. "Hmm... Fluffy!"

I hiss at the name. 'Fluffy?! That's the stupidest name ever!'

A girl with pink hair shook her head no. "That's too common of a name for a cat."

"Well then what do you want to name it Amu?" The woman and a man with short light brown hair looked at the pink haired girl, waiting for a reply.

Amu, the pink haired girl, thought for a moment, "Ikuto?"

The rest of the family nodded their heads.

"Ikuto it is!" Papa, the brown haired man, wheezed due to the weight of all the items.

The family laughed at him. Amu ran up to him and took the bag.

Papa re-adjusted, making it easier on himself. "Thank you Amu! You are the best daughter ever!"

Amu blushed lightly and looked away, a small smile on her face.

"Papa, you're embarrassing Amu!" Momma, the woman, exclaimed.

Amu blushed more.

I laughed at the group of humans, they were going to be a fun family. 'Family, I have a family! I wonder how my real family is?'

End Ikuto's POV

The Hinamori family arrived at their house and Momma placed Ikuto on the ground.

The kitten stumbled at first, but then started running around exploring the house.

Papa placed the stuff on the ground, then started setting things up as soon as he had the food and water in the food bowls in the kitchen, the little kitten came sliding into the kitchen before running over and eating.

They all watched the kitten explore the house for a while before they all departed, except Ami, who laid on the ground and rested her chin on the palms of her hands watching the curious kitten.

Ikuto came to a skidding halt infront of Ami. He turned to her and then sat down looking at her curiously. His head tilted to the side, his ears twitching around.

Ami smiled widely she reached out her hand to pet him, but when she did, Ikuto bit her fingers. Children, at young ages, cry not because it hurts, but because of shock, and that is exactly what Ami did, she started to cry.

This scared Ikuto, the noise a high pitched noise that hurt his ears. He ran off, up the stairs. He scurried through Amu's legs and into her room, under her bed.

Amu walked up to Ami and picked her up, resting her on Amu's hip. "What's the matter?"

"M-m-my f-fingers..." She held up her fingers to Amu showing the red marks on her fingers.

Amu took Ami's fingers and kissed them lightly. "Now they will heal!" Amu said smiling at her little sister.

Ami giggled and hugged her sister. "Yay! Thank you Amu! Ami loves you!"

Amu put Ami down and she ran off up to her room. Then, Amu walked up to her own room, where she saw Ikuto dissapear to. "Ikuto?" She called gently. "Where are you?" She looked under her bed to see dark eyes staring at her. His ears pressed against his head, scared. Amu reached under her bed and grabbed Ikuto by the scruff of his neck.

Ikuto hissed and struggeled to get out of her hands.

"Bad cat." She said, flicking him on the head.

Ikuto let out a small squeak.

Amu let out a small laugh.

Ikuto looked up at her confused, his head tilting from side to side.

Amu then placed him on her lap and started stroking his head.

Ikuto rubbed his head into her hand, telling her he likes it. Then she started to pet his back and he arched his back into her touch. Finally she started to pet his belly. Ikuto streched and purred causing Amu to laugh in delight.

1 year later...

"Ikuto come back!" Ami shouted chasing after the cat.

Ikuto, now fully grown, weighed about six pounds and was about twenty two inches long, from nose to tail. He ran around the corner, dressed in a pink fluffy doll dress. When he saw Ami run by him he started to attempt to take the dress off. He tugged at it with his mouth, but he was only successful in un-velcrowing it.

"There you are!" Ami exclaimed.

Ikuto ran out from underneath the couch and up the stairs, into Amu's room, his safe haven from the rest of the family. What he saw though made him come to a sudden stop making him slide into Amu's legs.

Amu and a boy around her height, were making kissy faces at each other.

The two broke their gaze when Ikuto ran into Amu's legs.

Amu bent over and picked up Ikuto. "Poor Ikuto, did Ami try playing dress up with you again?" Amu cooed as she took the doll dress off of Ikuto. She then rested him against her chest and started to pet him.

Ikuto rubbed his head against her breasts, purring.

"So Tadase, what did you want to talk to me about?" Amu asked.

Tadase looked at the cat with jealously for a moment before turning back to Amu.

"Oh, um, I was wondering if you would like to come to the Sophmore dance with me this friday night."

Before Amu could reply Ikuto attacked Tadase, scratching him across the face. Ikuto crowched down hissing at Tadase. 'That should teach you to stay away from my Amu!'

"Tadase! Your face is bleeding! Here let me help." Amu ran into her bathroom and pulled out some antibiotic cream, some gauzes, and a bandaid. "There, all better, sorry about my cat, he has not acted out like this in quite some time. Not since he was a kitten."

Tadase laughed. "Thats okay, but only if you say yes to going to the dance with me."

Amu's face lit up. "I would love to!"

Ikuto hissed in disgust. 'Darn it! That backfired! If he wants to play rough, well then hes going to get rough!'

From that moment on it was Ikuto's goal to get rid of any other man than him in Amu's life.

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