Curious Cats Can Fall In Love

Chapter 10

Last time:

After finishing my sport practices I ran out of the school gates and behind a tree.

I blew the whistle and then...


I turned into my regular cat form.

"I knew it!"

I got out of the heap of clothes and looked up to find our principal, Tsukasa Amakawa, also my human guardian.

Tsukasa picked me up off the ground and I let out a small, 'mewl'. I looked at him freightened of what he might do to me now that he knows my secret.

Yoru flew over to me panicked. "Ikuto-nya! I'll save you!" Tsukasa grabbed Yoru and looked at him fasinated.

"My god! This is a first! An animal has a chara!" He exclaimed.

Yoru tried to struggle from his grip. "Let us go!"

Tsukasa brought Yoru and I to his apartment and then set us down. "How? Why?"

I told Yoru to explain the reason why I transform into a human and how I do it.

Yoru turned to Tsukasa, "Ikuto-nya told me to tell you that the reason he can turn human is because of a special whistle that I made for him, allowing him to transform between human and cat when he blows the whistle a certian number of times. He is in love with the human girl of the name, Amu Hinamori, he just wished to get closer to her."

"I never knew that cats could actually feel an attraction towards humans... This is amazing!" He said intrested.

Yoru floated over to some cookies that were on the table and dunked them into some milk. "Most cats can't, infact Ikuto is the only one who can actually feel an attraction towards humans and the only one who has ever had a chara, he is not an average cat."

"So, Ikuto, you live with Amu?" He asks.

I nod my head yes.

"Amazing! You can understand human speech!" His voice held excitement. "So during the day you transform into a human to be with Amu, and during the evening you transform back to your original form to a cat."

Now he is getting it.

I bite the whistle and blow on it, transforming back to a human, naked. Yoru quickly hands me some clothes that I change into. "Sir, I need your help and I need you to keep this a secret." I beg.

He laughs, "Of course I will keep this a secret! This is too amazing to tell anyone else about."

I smile in gratitude. "Thank you so much, so I can stay at your house half the time? Is that okay?"

"Yes, that is okay, besides I need some company. This will be good for the both of us." He says in a happy manor.

I run back to Amu's house and then transform back into a cat, then I hop up onto her balcony and scratch at her door.

Amu opens the door and picks me up, rubbing her against her cheek. "Ikuto!" She cooed. "You are so cute!"

I purr in agreement.

"Guess what? So the new guy, well he has not been doing well in school lately, so I have to help him." She said letting out a small sigh of disapointment.

I rub up against her in encouragement.

She smiles and strokes my fur. "You're right, I should give him a chance, right? You always know the right answers." She gets

under her comforters and then turns off her lamp. "Goodnight Ikuto."

I curl up next to her and fall asleep.

I arrive at school to find Kukai jogging up to me, waving. I wave back at him smiling.

"Yo man, wassup?" He asks.

I look at him confused. "Wassup?"

"It is short for what is up." He explains.

I nod my head in understanding. "Oh! The sky!" I say smiling.

"Haha, no, not literally, its more like how are you." He laughs.

"Oh, I am good how are you?" I reply.

He shakes his head laughing. "You are so awkward, that is why it is so funny."

I laugh with him, not understanding why though. I notice Amu though and soon I am by her side. "Hi Amu-koi." I say grinning.

"Its Amu, just Amu." She says glaring at me.

I look at her worried. "Did I upset my Amu?"

Amu's face turns light pink. "I am not yours... and no, Its not a real glare, more of a joking glare."

"Joking glare?" I was very confused, I thought people only glared when upset.

"You have so much to learn." She says rolling her eyes. "Speaking of which, is today okay to come over to your house to tutor you?"

"Yes!" I say a little to excitedly.

She laughs, "Okay, well I will see you at your place after school." Then she walks off to her class.

Kukai runs up to me with a big goofy grin on his face. "Dude! She is going to your place! You going to tap that?" He asked nudging my side.

"Tap?" I had not expected what he told me next.

"To have an intimate relationship with someone, but not so intimate that you would actually care about their feelings." He explained in the nicest way possible, but when I still did not understand he looked upset that he had to go in full detail, causing my face to turn green.

"I have no intentions to tap Amu! We have not even kissed!" I exclaim.

He laughed, "So innocent. Well maybe tonight can be the night of your first kiss." He joked.

I smiled at the thought of being able to get a kiss from Amu. All I could think of the rest of the day was about the possibility of kissing Amu.

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