Hey guys! :) This is my first fanfic for about 5 years, but I've been dragged back into the world of fandom and have a nice little blot bunny at the back of my mind - so here is a little one shot drabble that I wrote as a warm up to ease myself back into fanfic writing. This is my first ever who fic, so be nice :P


Another day, another place

Anything could be out there. Anything, anyone, anywhere, anywhen.

This could be another one of those days that were full of laughter, where his eyes would light up and you would look up at his smiling face and realise that you have never been happier.

This could be another adventure, another civilisation to save, another mystery to solve and a stupid amount of running.

Or this could be another one of those tragic days, full of desperation, tears and the bitter taste of unavoidable death. One of those days that would end in silence, avoiding each other's glances for fear of having to relive it all again.

And you didn't need to be psychic to work out what was on his mind when he was quiet and averting your gaze. Companions past, companions lost, and the endless damage that seemed to follow him. Guilt, sorrow, and fear. Reminders of the past bought on by those terrible yet inevitable days.

These were the times when he needed you, but he would never admit it. When he needed a friend. When he needed someone to show him that everything would and could be alright. When he needed someone to hold his hand. When he needed someone who would hand him a cup of tea with 2 sugars and an affectionate "Here you go, time boy" reminding him that there was still everything worth living for.

And you needed him, more than you would ever tell. Because when you were with him, all those insecurities, all those niggling little thoughts that you just weren't good enough, all your mother's criticism, and the fear that you would never be more than an insignificant temp didn't seem to matter anymore.

You never knew what could be behind those doors, but with his skinny fingers intertwined with yours, a flash of a smile towards each other and an enthusiastic "Allons-y!" you could face anything. Anyone. Anywhere. Anywhen.

The spaceman and his earthgirl. Onwards, always.

It was almost as if it was destiny.