Chapter One: Not Good

"You're not good for me, Bella."

The words spun in her mind as she tried to wrap her thoughts around them. Not good... Not good... ahhh, not good enough for him. She should have known. She had known, in the beginning, that he was so far above her, but she'd let herself believe... how silly. Of course she wasn't good enough, she wasn't for anyone, let alone a god like him. How could she have thought someone so plain and boring could have something to give to someone as dazzling and spectacular as him.

She didn't hear what he said next, only caught the last part.

"It will be as if I'd never existed."

She stood, frozen, as he bent his beautiful head down and kissed the tops of hers. She felt numb, like the coldness of his skin was being absorbed by her body and spreading to make everything ice. Her mind was frozen in place, making her unable to say how much she was sorry she had been such a burden to him, how she had wasted his time. She couldn't form the words, because her lips were numb. And her heart! There was a ragged wound where she thought it had once been, but now, blissfully, there was a wall of ice.

But already he was gone from her sight and the wall was crumbling, melting. "Ed-ward." Her breathing hitched like she was about to cry, but no tears flowed. Maybe they were trapped as ice, because she felt so cold...

Without realizing it she started stumbling forward, trying to get away from the cold and the pain that started to throb and tear at her insides. She started to go faster and faster, trying to outrun the tears that were tearing at her throat and chest now. When would the pain end?Why couldn't she stop crying? She tripped over a log and lay there, sobbing, wondering how she could ever have been so in love with a star so far above her she could never have really touched it in her wildest dreams.