Saving Grace

Rogue was sitting in a chair near the foyer, away from the rec. room so that she could have some peace and quiet. Not much, she thought, frowning as she could still hear the blaring music. She would have been in her room, but Kitty and Kurt were up there making out. Yeah. Let's remind the untouchable girl that she can't ever do that…

Sighing as the front door slammed open, she looked up from her book only to find Gambit, the most recent addition to the X-men, bolting the door. As Logan walked into the room, undoubtedly to check out the loud noise, Gambit put his finger to his lips, asking them to be silent. Rogue didn't have to wait long to find out what he was hiding from. A sudden pounding on the door made Rogue jump.

"I know you're in there!" an angry female voice exclaimed

Gambit slowly walked away from the door. Rogue frowned. He had broken another heart and he was just going to walk away.

"Remy!" a different voice called "We all want to talk to you!"

"Please," Remy pleaded with Rogue, "Make dem go away, chère."

"Why should Ah?" she questioned

"Remy will never bot'er you again."

"You'll stop flirtin'?"


"Stop tryin' ta kiss me?" This was his most recent type of aggravation.

"Oui, chère. Remy will do anyt'ing."

Quickly thinking about her options, Rogue finally decided to help him out. After all, he would leave her alone if she did. That was all she really wanted from him.

"Alright, Cajun. Ah'll do it if you swear that you'll leave me alone."

"I swear, chère." He replied, putting his hand over his loudly beating heart.

Sighing as she closed her book, Rogue stood. "Alright. Just stand over there." She said, indicating the wall that would not be seen from the door. "Ah don't want to be mauled if they see ya, and try ta catch ya."

Rogue noticed Wolverine was chuckling quietly to himself as she steeled herself and opened the door.

"Where's Remy?" one of them asked without preamble

"He ain't here." Rogue said "And if he was, I wouldn't tell ya."

"This must be Remy's woman." One of them wrongly assumed

"Get out of the way, girl." Another said, "You aren't woman enough to handle Remy."

"Ah handle him just fine." Rogue retorted, smirking when the women were taken aback. She could just imagine Remy and Logan's faces.

The cries of "Well, I never!" and "What a tart!" were lost to Rogue as she imagined months of Remy-free moments where she could read or relax in peace.

As the women walked off in a huff, Rogue closed the door. When she turned, she motioned for them to remain silent. When they were sure the women had driven away, she turned to Remy. "Remember your promise, Swamp Rat."

She picked up her book and prepared to leave. As she turned to walk out the door, she noticed Remy's crestfallen face. Suddenly, her heart and mind began to question how much she really wanted him to leave her alone. After all, she really did kind of enjoy his attentions, annoying as they could get. He was the only one who even showed any interest in her, after all, even if he was just playing a game.

Sighing again, Rogue said, "Listen, Swamp Rat. Since Ah really didn't do much, Ah'll let ya off easy. Two months of not bothering me, and after that ya tone it down. A lot!" she emphasized when his smile threatened to break his face in two.

"Of course, chère." He replied, walking toward her and catching her in his arms. As he dipped her, he said "After all, you de only one who can really handle dis Cajun."