It had been five months since Remy had agreed to stop pestering Rogue. The first two months where he wasn't allowed to bother her at all were bliss. He generally stayed away from her, afraid to make her angry by doing something seen as "against the policies of the agreement." But in the month after that, Remy had reappeared. And now, Rogue had endured three whole months of Remy being a gentleman by pulling out her chairs, and opening doors—even if he had to hurt himself getting to them. And not once had he tried anything inappropriate. It was starting to annoy Rogue. Sure, this was what she wanted, but…

Flopping gracelessly onto the bed, she shivered. What she really wanted was for him to kiss the back of her gloved hand, or catch her elbow to help her through the crowds at the movie theater on Friday nights when he agreed to drive there. What she really wanted was for him to show her the same affection as before. Rogue couldn't touch. So she knew the value of the slightest bit of contact. No one but Remy ever dared to get close to her in that way.

A sudden knock on her door brought her attention back to reality. "You in dere, chère?"

A small smile came upon her face at the sound of his voice. "Yeah, Swamp Rat. Come on in."

He opened the door and walked into the room as if he owned it. But that was Remy. Sitting beside her, he asked "You feelin' alright? You ain't been actin' yourself lately, and Remy's worried."

"Ah'm not actin' myself? That's funny. You're the one who's been actin' all weird." She informed him.

Laughing, he said "Remy's just doin' what you asked, chère. He's been tryin' to reform himself jus' fo' you. Why? You startin' to wish de old Remy was back?" He finished with a wicked gleam in his eyes and a mischievous smile on his face.

"No." she scowled. She was not discussing this with him. She didn't know how to tell him what she wanted, because she wasn't even sure she knew what she wanted.

Yet again, however, Remy surprised her. As only Remy can. "What do you want from dis Cajun, Rogue-chère?"

"I…" She paused, unsure of how to proceed. "Ah guess Ah just want you to be yourself, Remy." There was no other way to put it.

"So, if Remy were to do dis…" He picked up her hand "And dis…" He interlaced their fingers. "And dis…" He brought her hand to his face, placing her palm against his cheek. He then turned his face into her palm, and kissed it.

When he had first touched her, Rogue's breath had caught in her throat. Now, her heart and lungs were racing, trying to burst from her chest. And he hadn't even really done anything.

"You still want Remy to be himself? Even if dis is Remy?" His knowing eyes peered into hers. Suddenly, she realized that she had been wrong. All she really wanted was Remy. Just Remy. But she looked away, realizing that he was probably still toying with her. And she really didn't need anyone to pity her. She did enough of that on her own.

Trying to retract her hand and becoming frustrated when she couldn't, she glared at Remy.

"Remy has loved you for a long time, chère. If you want dis ol' Swamp Rat, you'd make him very happy."

Startled, Rogue blinked at him. And then, his face was coming closer. When their lips were almost touching, she pulled back. "No." she croaked

Sighing, Remy stood. "As you wish, chère."

When she realized he was walking toward the door, probably to leave her life forever, Rogue shouted. "No!"

Turning, confused, Remy was startled when Rogue's arms latched around him. He was momentarily stunned, but immediately wrapped his arms around her when he noticed she was trembling. "No what, chère?" he asked

"Ah didn't mean for ya to leave. Ah just meant don't kiss meh. It's dangerous."

"Remy ain't scared."

Looking into his eyes, Rogue knew that to be truth. Remy had never been afraid of her, or her powers. Even when she had threatened to use them against him.

"Ah just couldn't stand it if Ah hurt ya." She replied.

"You won't." he assured her. "You have to learn to control your powers, chère. Just don't concentrate on dem. Remy ain't scared." He breathed the last sentence as his lips neared hers. She tried to not focus on her powers. Instead, she breathed in his smell, took in the feel of his coat under her fingertips. She was aware of every movement as his lips came closer to hers. The last thing that went through her mind before his kiss took away all thought was Don't hurt him. More of a plea than anything.

His lips on hers felt so wonderful. Just a short gentle kiss at first, not much contact really. But then his lips returned. More forceful. They captured and molded hers. Rogue felt the pull of her power, but it wasn't demanding, merely questioning. It asked her permission this time. She stamped it down with a firm NO. Her arms circled around his neck, drawing him closer. Her power fought her for a minute, drawing his power. She pulled back sharply, frightened that she had hurt him. He smiled at her.

"You know what I'm thinkin', chère?"

Concentrating on the miniscule amount of feelings she had gotten from him, she realized he really wanted to kiss her again. And do more, if his thoughts were any indication. With a blush on her cheeks and a small smile on her lips, she also realized that she hadn't hurt him at all. She could, certainly, if she concentrated. But a tiny pull from her powers wouldn't hurt Remy as long as she wasn't frightened of him. And then, the facts finally hit her. She could kiss. Or, she could kiss Remy. But that was fine, she decided as she drew his head back down and used his memories to deepen the kiss. She didn't want anyone else anyway.

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