This is really an author's note, but I'm chosing not to label the chapter so because that's just how I roll. Anywho...

I started the sequel to X-Men Sprouts: Cougar yesterday for me writing this, probably eons ago for most people reading this. The sequel takes place two years after this story ends, when a mysterious man named Victor shows up at the mansion, claiming to be Logan's brother, and, thus, Kat's uncle. At the same time, Storm finds out that there's a mutant school in England, jokingly called Hogwarts. Storm invites the school to visit Xavier's, since it's just a small school, only about one hundred students. Meanwhile, Logan is struggling with his feelings for Gena and his irrational anger at Victor. Kat has to deal with a new uncle, a new school, and Ashton hitting on her again. All this is taken from Kat's view.

The sequel is How to Be A Wildcat. Check it out, if you would. And leave reviews! They help me write faster and better, plus they give me a big happy-jolt.

Love Always,