I know I said I would not write another Slash-story until I finished "Falling for him"… but I just HAD to write it. It came to me a few hours ago when trying to take a nap… inspired by another Fan Fic I read today and the tweets from Ted. It is supposed to be a Two-Shot, but might also become a Three-Shot, depending on the reviews I get.

Warning: SLASH! You don't like it? Too bad for you... though it won't get really slashy in the first chapter.

I do not own anyone... not Cody, nor Randy, nor Teddy... oh the things I could do to them :)

Cody's POV

Just back from a house show and we are in yet another hotel-room, me meaning Ted and I. Randy is out to get something to eat for us. It is not even midnight by now; Ted is on his laptop while I am bored to death. Yeah, I forgot to bring my damn laptop and every time I would ask Ted or Randy to lend me one of theirs, I just got a glare and a plain "No"… I do not know what is wrong with them. Sure, I am a bit clumsy at times, but I did not crash Ted's laptop willingly the first time… or Randy's. It were accidents. I promise. Well now that we are here and I have nothing else to do, I decide to spy a bit, glancing over Ted's shoulder while the TV's running, seeing that he is using that Twitter-thingy once again.

My eyes move from the TV to his laptop, to his beautiful face. Shit yeah, I just said it. He is beautiful… no… gorgeous. For almost two years now I am having a major crush on him, one of my co-workers… not only one of my co-workers, but my best friend… my MARRIED best friend…It is weird. The day I found out that I am gay was the same day I realized that I am attracted to him.

Anyways…. Next thing I know is he's typing in… "Me! Randy's crazy and Cody drives like a grandma." I blink, looking at the screen again, this time more obvious to him and before he can react, I smack his arm… hard.

"You asshole!"

He rubs his arm, staring at me as if I have grown a second head.

"What the hell was that for?"

I fume, letting out a long, very long sigh and point at the screen.

"I'm driving like a grandma, huh? First that duck-comment a few days ago… then you tell the world that I spent way too much time in front of a mirror… on TV…" I emphasize that last word, of course. "…and now THAT!"

He blinks and shakes his head, letting out a short chuckle as I get off the bed and start pacing around the room.

"God Codes, calm down! You're behaving like a little drama-queen."

I snap my head back towards him and huff.

"Drama-queen, huh? Now I'm a drama-queen! I fucking thought we're friends… but all you can do is make me look stupid in front of the world… you make jokes about me to everyone. How's that supposed to be friendship?"

Okay, maybe I am overreacting a bit now, but… okay, I AM overreacting… It is just… that hurts. He blinks again and tilts his head slightly, smirking at me.

"You know Codes, with all your whining and bitching it's no wonder that people think you're gay at times."

That sat… that really sat. I glared at him for a moment before storming over to the bathroom and slamming the door behind me, making sure to lock it before sliding down against it… and I started crying.

Yes, DAMNIT, I started crying. He does not know that I am gay. In fact, no one knows, well, no one but Randy and that was only cause after almost 2 years I needed someone to talk to and he was there. Burying my face in my hands I sobbed heavily, letting the tears flow down my reddened cheeks. Why is it hurting so much? I mean, I am used to people thinking that I am gay. But Ted… I do not want him to think it; I do not want him to know it. He'd probably hate me for being gay and he'd hate me even more if he knew that I love him… and that I tried to get him out of my head a million times… by letting strangers fuck me, suck me off, or by fucking them. Yeah, I am not an angel, okay… I got that, but somehow I hoped that sex might help me to forget those feelings for him. It did not. It did not work. Shit, when will it ever stop?

Normal POV

Ted sat on his bed, staring at the bathroom-door in disbelief. He did not really know what just happened, nor did he know why Cody had reacted like that. It wasn't the first time he joked around like that… so what was it that had set him off? However, he did not have enough time to even ask himself for the reason, next thing happening was Randy walking inside with bags in his hands. He placed them on the nightstand before shrugging his jacket off and looking around the room before narrowing his eyes, hidden behind sunglasses, at Ted.

"Where's Cody?"

Ted was still in his own world, trying to figure out what was going on.


He blinked and shook his head, looking at where Randy stood, at the edge of his bed.


Randy arched a brow, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Where's Cody?"

Ted nodded his head towards the bathroom.

"He… uhmm… I think he locked himself in."

Randy shifted a bit on the spot and moved his right arm to take off his sunglasses, glaring at Ted.

"What did you dumbass do this time?"

Ted frowned a little, biting his lip and shrugging his shoulders.

"I dunno… I was just…"

Randy grew slightly impatient, raising his voice while his arms went back to his chest.


What barely anyone knew, besides Ted and maybe John and a few other co-workers was that Cody was like a little brother to Randy. Whoever hurt Cody, had to deal with him… and that is why Ted right now became slightly scared. He knew how Randy could get when Cody was upset and seriously, he did not know what would have been worse at the moment: having to deal with Randy or being in a Hell in a Cell match with Taker.

"I… well… I was tweeting and wrote something bout Cody and next thing I know he's smacking me on the arm and I told him not to behave like a drama-queen and that it's no wonder that people think he's gay at times."

And WHAM… he never saw it coming. Randy had smacked the back of his head so hard that Ted almost thought his head might explode.

"Fucking shit … WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"

Randy growled and shook his head, still glaring at the man who was now rubbing the back of his head.

"You told him that it's no surprise that people think he's gay?"

Ted swallowed and nodded.


Randy took a deep, long breath, clenching his fists, now hanging down at his sides, un-clenching them again, clenching them, unclenching until it seemed to work and he calmed down a bit. He spoke through gritted teeth nonetheless.

"That's cuzz he is."

Ted blinked at him a little confused.

"Is what?"

Randy sighed, looking at the bathroom and back at Ted, lowering his voice, his body now relaxing again.

"He IS gay, you idiot."

Ted's eyes widened as he got off the bed, well, almost FELL off the bed.

"Whoa whoa whoa… since when… I mean… not since…"

He could not even form any words at the moment, yet alone a complete sentence. Randy just shrugged, watching Ted run a hand through his dull hair.

"I dunno when he found out, but he told me like two months ago. God Ted, you should have realized that by now. I mean… did you ever see him with a girl? Ever heard how he was talking about a girl? Ever heard him saying more than "I had fun last night"? Come on… even you can't be that blind. You're practically attacked to his hips. You guys are like… I dunno… twins… and yet again you didn't realize?"

Ted did not even dare to look Randy in the eyes. His head was lowered the whole time, trying to take that all in, thinking about the countless times that Cody didn't sleep in their room, that he disappeared in the clubs all of a sudden, in the bathrooms, coming back 15... maybe 20 minutes later and always without any real explanation.

"I… well… no… I mean…"

He was visibly stunned. Randy sighed and shook his head, putting his sunglasses on the nightstand as he struggled out of his shoes and let himself drop onto the edge of his bed.

"And then something like this coming from you… out of all people."

Teddy's head shot up, meeting Randy's eyes.

"What do you mean by that?"

Randy bit his lip, realizing that he might just have given away a bit too much information. He needed a plan… an explanation… fast.

"Well... You… uhmm… you're his best friend in this biz, if not even in his whole life."

A short nod from Ted let him breathe out in relief.

"You know… you better talk to him about this… the whole situation."

Ted chewed the inside of his cheek, glancing back at the bathroom before lowering his head again and then meeting Randy's gaze once more.

"Why didn't he tell ME?"

Randy shrugged. He knew exactly why, but it was not up to him to tell his friend that Cody was deeply in love with him.

"Ask him… he needs to come out of there anyways if he wants something WARM TO EAT."

The last words Randy almost yelled out, wanting Cody to hear them, having the slight hope the young boy would have gathered his emotions together by now to come out and eat by them, but nothing happened. He let out a disapproving grunt and shook his head, staring at Ted.

"Make him come out of there… apologize… promise him to use your lap-top… do whatever you need to do… but do it now!"

Teddy breathed in, deep, before nodding his head at Randy and swallowing down the lump in his throat as he headed towards the bathroom. He glanced back at Randy whose eyes had not left him for one second, before looking back at his task and carefully knocking on the door.

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